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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I am currently recruiting an animation team or individual that is capable of animating an adventurous space exploration video for my server network Hylight Network. This Minecraft server network is due to release in late June and we're trying to make our server as professional as possible. If you think you're able to animate a roughly 2minutes and 30 seconds server trailer for us within one month, please contact me via DMs on this forum or on discord (iStudLion#3414). Please include a portfolio or link(s) to your previous project(s), and the price you'll charge for the 2:30 mins video. If we do decide to continue working with you, the first half of the payment will be sent before you start working on the animation, the second half will be sent afterward. We'll send you all the details and information, including a script for the animation. And we expect to receive frequent updates on the animation [and it's progess]. Thanks for your time, and I hope to receive some positive response soon. Best regards, - iStudLion.
  2. Ether: Adventure Beyond 1916; an era of new technology and discovery around the world. While the Great War continues to devastate people from every corner of the earth, in the background there’s groups of explorers as far and wide as the eye can see, from all countries; trying to make a living exploring places that no man has seen yet. You probably forgot, but a fellow by the name of Scott Fellman, great visionary, you meet ‘em at the local bar; he invited you to an expedition. He was probably inspired a bit too much by alcohol, but the vision of going around the world seems grand. Will you accept his invitation or go work at the factory for dirt-poor salaries? Rules -The roleplay takes place in 1916, consider creating a character that fits in this time period. -You can only create two characters, and you can only create a new character if Scott is explicitly inviting new people, or if a new humanoid specie is found. -If a character dies, that’s it. Said character cannot be brought back to life. -Friendly firing is possible, but strongly disadviced; if you kill someone and there’s enough evidence to support it, you can be shot and killed without penalty. Fill-in-Form Name: Age: Gender: Equipment: Appearance:
  3. Download Version 1, 2016/10/22: Added Llama with interchangeable decoration(Comes with template.) and bending. Added "Illagers", Evoker, Vindicator, and Vex(w/ charged form.). Along with the Evoker's 'Fangs'. Added "Observer" and "Shulker box" blocks. Added '1.11' item sheet. Don't forget to give credit if used. Previous rig pack:
  4. The long awaited sequel is here: Keep up to date on the blog. Note: Jack pointed out there were texture bugs. I DON'T know where they came from, but it started from unreadable.avi files. I can try to fix those scenes and reupload it when I can, but I cannot promise I will tonight.
  5. Hi ! Here is my first 3D animation : Be indulgent please
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