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Found 6 results

  1. TexasTony04


    This ain't a terribly detailed rig but it's decent. You got an oven with three baking racks, four small burners and one big one. There's also a few display messages on the screen. Hope you can use this somehow, thanks for viewing. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/nm51dklmw9s774w/Oven.miobject/file
  2. TexasTony04


    I know there are a lot of refrigerator rigs out there, but I thought I 'd try my hand at one and see if I could make a decent product. So here it is, the beautiful result of one long hour of strenuous sitting at my computer, pressing buttons. In the fridge section there are two bottom drawers, and two shelves. In the freezer section there are just two shelves. Both sections contain a fluorescent light. The fridge door has two slanted shelf slots on the inside, and the freezer door has one. Hope you can find a use for this. Thanks for viewing. Please upvote if you like it, and comment if you have any tips, they are very much appreciated. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/11cn484s753zwu4/Fridge.miobject/file
  3. I made something random... I guess it's okay. Rate 1-10 http://gph.is/2iSftDD
  4. Hey, all! Here's well, technically my first rig, not of an animatronic or anything, but a simple scenery item made for my new animation coming soon. This wasn't necessarily a hard thing to make, so I don't expect a lot of praise, not that I would anyway, however the hardest part was probably the preperation. I will note that the rig does not include the player. Download should be up when I figure out how to use this forum.
  5. Heyo! So, i have made a new wallpaper. Bet ya can guess what it is... And of course, i will provide the download link here of course, if you decide to use it, give me some credit. So, if you like my art, if i helped in any way, or you are just feeling generous, click dat ! So yea, dat's about it. Bai! link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sg4xzpxch2umo39/Forging.rar
  6. Guys. I Need Some Volunteers. I Need Textures, Items, Some Food, & Some Ppl. Forms
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