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Found 8 results

  1. https://streamable.com/a1xwfk Yes I know, it looks a little sloppy. Im a noob to mine-imator lol. Just want to know what I need to improve on.
  2. not really a DQ fan, just enjoying the games since DQ8, not into the story... n i love toriyama art style on DQ series not really good at background colouring, at least its still looks good.. what'd you think? hope you guys like it.
  3. Pic : - Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qe4zqwz2a8u2ee/Super_Saiyan_5_Goku_(Updated).rar/file Update: Bugfixes If You Want To Use This Rig In Render Or Video Please Put My Credit Into Your Video/Render (Also Sorry For My Bad English)
  4. After three years of not making something on Mine-Imator I've finally decided to make something! Within three hours I made....Super Saiyan Hair! However, it's not based on any Saiyan, and is just my custom design. If it gets enough positive feedback, I'll release the rig
  5. List of Auras: None - Normal Powered Up - aura is showing Kaio-Ken - Used by Goku against: Nappa, Vegeta, Ginyu and Frieza Super Saiyajin - Used by Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Kid Trunks, Goten and Gohan Super Saiyajin God - Used by Goku against: Beerus Super Saiyajin Blue - Used by Goku and Vegeta Super Saiyajin Blue Kaio-Ken - Used by Goku against: Hit and Merged Zamasu
  6. Pictures:SSJ and SSB(SSGSS) Hair Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ie7bc2qcoe7eqaw/SuperSaiyanHair.object
  7. (For all of the following scenarios I will create custom skins for all characters that need a good skin.) Frieza Versus Goku Goku in his Turtle house fighting position that he learned in Dragonball from Master Roshi and Frieza in the same position he was in when he cut himself with his kienzan disc on Namek about to face off at the scene of Frieza's ship landing on earth. (Random fight with no backstory) Vegeta Fights Seriously This time Vegeta is not fooling around. He takes Kakarot seriously from the very beginning and he lets Nappa fight Goku to the end instead of killing him. Vegeta Centric Universe Who's the Protagonist? Vegeta is the protagonist. See an all new story for Dragon Ball Z starting with Vegeta killing Goku and experiencing confrontations with the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Dabura and Babidi, and finally the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Xenoverse Experience adventurous thrills based on the idea of Dragonball Xenoverse. Watch me fight alongside Goku and the other Z fighters to fix the timeline, BUT I end up changing it in more ways than I expected and create a future very different from the one we are used to. (My fighting style in this would be Wing Chun and my clothes will be very different.)
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