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Found 18 results

  1. Time Lord Hypercube

    This cube is a way of sending messages throughout time and space. The cube works by telepathically saving and sharing a Time Lord (Or Ladies) thoughts or voice. I decided to make this because I was bored. Also, I haven't posted in a while.I know the image is a bit blurry (I made a texture for the first time! I'm poud of myself! :D) but that was the best I could find. Though I love how it came out! Oh! Humans can use them too! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwkl0lpywjnzjdn/Hypercube.zip
  2. Portal 2 Companion Cube Rig Pack

    Portal 2 Companion Cube Rig Pack Includes: Download The Companion Cubes Here
  3. How to Invert Cube?

    SSo I recently saw this post and in the comments I noticed something about an "inverted" black cube? How would I go about inverting a cube in mine-imator? Thanks in advance
  4. inverted cube depth

    soo when i put my camera on high quality mode things that have inverted and 5% alpha cubes look weird so they look like a hole with no end or a 100% bright block with a black ting also i know this might be a noob question but screw it i dont know anyways thanks who answered my question
  5. Rubik Cube Rig by BBruce7815

    GOTTA GO FAST!!! here's the showcase: Rig Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xq3qqdqsrdt2gh9/Rubik+Cube+by+BBruce7815.rar Doing this fast so i can run from @-StickyMations- AAAHHH HES HERE!! how to RUBIK select an entire face with shift and rotate it in 90 degrees scales. THAT'S ALL BYE. AHHHHH pd: concept by@-StickyMations-, i hope he stops following me after this.
  6. Chance Cube in Mine-imator

    I want to make a chance cube in an animation i'm working on but no matter how hard I try I can't create an image to browse for and load in over a block that comes out looking anything like a chance cube. I've tried net layouts first and found out it is apparently bitmapping instead so I made a bitmap of the sides of the chance cube with 2 rows of 3 making the last two blocks on the bottom row top and bottom while the others are the sides. 6 is the top and 1 is the bottom. Even in doing that I tried to change the size of the image multiple times because it was apparently not loading properly (appearing to be too large an image everytime) I really need help with this for my youtube channel thumbnail art.
  7. Smashing a cube (Blender)

    I used Cell Fracturing to do this. It took 75 minutes to render.
  8. Advanced Steve Rig!

    You may of seen a quick sneak peek of my facial rig... Well im releasing it! Pic: Features: Extremely Smooth mouth Eyebrows 3D Hair! Lips Eyelids Controls: Click the Mouth Parts on the timeline (folder) then use the Z scale to move them Use the Z movement (arrows) for the Eyebrows c: To extend the teeth, Use the Y scale then move them up Use bend controls for fingers Coming Soon: Eyelids Fingers Foot Accessories Or
  9. CUBE HEROES REVAMP! Hello guys! I'm finally back, and our team is back too! We have more members and we are working toggether on a lot of stuff to show to the forums. We are working now with RPG, FPS, CREPPY PASTAS, and SHORT! Hoppe you all will like our future projects Here's our Intro PS. This is only a pré-intro used before our channel intros
  10. Hello there! I just created rats mod Mo'Creature through forms 1.0.0 provides us but I can not seem to export it .object or .mani ... I click on the little button "save" when I click on the main cube but its not open the window to save me, you have a solution? Even to save it .mani please?
  11. Heyy guys, Here is a test video of a rig of a person I created using the spheres and cube found in Demo 3. Enjoy I created this rig which is inspired by the character model in Toribash.
  12. Wheatley With His Companion

    I found out how to export Portal 2 models into C4D, took me ages, but I did it! The first picture I ever made? This! I don't care what you do with this, edit it, put it as your background, do anything, but please do not redistribute this as your own.
  13. 1 - Texture by faces the idea is that the object "cube" (of white color) you can Customize all sides with different texture. (customized cube) something like this: 2 - Light texture this idea is that in the texture is formed a one Aura bright around the object. (if this is added, would have to have a choice of: density, size and color) this effect is very striking for animations. 3 - Option of: fusion of projects: This really would be useful for the animations. example: if you created an animation. and want to add a Rig in that animation. (this tool would be totally useful) would be a dream come true if this option would be in Mine-Imator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well... This always depends on The Glorious David.
  14. CUBE HEROES - Chapter One: The Evil Big Opening! Only for Beta Testers, i will give a pre release of the game for the first 5 peoples that comments. Be Faster and earn you beta tester Version of Cube Heroes! The Game is in 2D for now, i will make 3D and multiplayer soon! Trailer Game Controlls: This game have few bugs, for is just a Test version Dont cheat and Have Fun! The Game[Test Version] Will be given to you Download at day 23 of February(Tomorrow). PS: Members of Cube Heroes Team will earn this beta version without comment. Thank you all, Bye! NEWS 02/23/14 Beta Tester list [REMOVED] Now all can test the first version of this game. May contain some bugs so take a print and show to me in PM. The game is not done, this is only a Pré-Release(Beta tester) Be ready! The game will be done soon . (Not 02/23/14) ALMOST DONE! NEWS 03/02/14 Game Launch! http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/15830-elements-the-evil/ The Game is done!!!!!!!! Let's Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
  15. OctoCubeBot rig 0.6.2

    Size Features: Eye Legs Hatch Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7kq26owdn2ycjjn/OctoCubeBot.rar I got inspired by this: http://www.robugtix.com/octopods/ also plz tell me what to ADD,CHANGE or FIX
  16. Game Cube Rig! [Nintencraft]

    I'm calling the project that inspired me to make this Nintencraft, where its just rigs for nintendo stuff in mine-imator. To download, Click me! Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFqASCPajuU
  17. Hello Mine-Imator Forum Users! Today I've decided to share with you my first ever Shared rig! (Ive made plenty of rigs, but for personal use) Companion Cube and A Bot Maker (don't know what they're called ) Downloading Info. I wont be 'Publicly' sharing the Rig Download on here till its Fully done. Emphasis^^ Its Just a Start, I just want to know if i should keep going! Currently doing: Sentry turret|Gun Holder What this will have at the completion of this rig. *A personal Build of a Portal 1/2 Map *Companion Cube *Bot Maker *Sentry turret *Proper Glados Rig (the one I'm using isn't technically a rig ) *Portal Gun *Portals! *Portal Gun Holder *Stability Portal frame *Wheatly (Special plans for him) *Potato OS? -And any other suggestions i might add them to the list. Leave your feedback! P.s- I only going to be using blocks. I'll do custom textures when i done them all or feel like it.
  18. this is my first youtube intro video made using mine-imator and i just wondered what you guys think and if you had any suggestions on how it could be improved