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Found 42 results

  1. Minecraft Cinematic Animation Its kinda fun making this, Give critics and advice pls
  2. Ok An entry for Make A Pose Collab 3 by Square To Dare Give advice/critics, if anything's bad Because im not a rly good animator. (even if i joined since 2 years ago. or 1 idk) No Edits (because After Effects, takes 3 hours to render hue)
  3. Craftindiedo

    My 2D intro

    Hi this is my new 2D intro. boi making 2D intros are hard My old 3D intro succ, sooo i made another one do u liek it? My old 3D intro Ok... . Program k, vote if u want pls.
  4. So i was making a project... then it crashes But i don't really care since i already saved it, since i keep on saving the project every minute (idk i have like an OCD of saving games/project etc.) Then i loaded it again annnddddddddd I cant play the sound, the project has to sync with the music, bla bla bla, so how do i fix this sound bug pls. (the music still plays when i'm rendering it...) so HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SORRY BAD GRAMMAR SINCE ENGLISH IS MY SECOND LANGuAGE BLA BLA BLA
  5. Im bored as Feck, so i made this. Non Edited Edited Yeah sorry for my shitty photoshop skill Program used Im ready for le critics
  6. Hello guys, i just made a run cycle I don't know if its bad or not. Give me advice or critics, if there's anything bad! Ok. here's the video
  7. Hi guys i just made another walk cycle, and its better now (except for the hands, i'm too lazy to fix it) So heres the VIDEO Yes, no sounds, im a lazy a$$ B**** (sorry for cursing, i just dont rly like this video btw) KTHXBYE
  8. So i finished my entry of MIDSA (Mine Imator Doesn't Suck Anymore) 2 Collab Its a bit bad, and i dont really think i will be verified in the collab. Sooo, thanks for watching leave a like if you like it. (and yes i read all the rules)
  9. So i made an entry to Bone Collab 2 idek why i upload this music, programs, etc. are in the youtube description Hehehe bye Fun Fact:it can loop (a bit)
  10. Craftindiedo

    Glock 17 Rig

    Craftindiedo's Glock Rig So i was RLY bored today, nothing to do, so i made a rly Lazy made Glock 17 rig Sorry if its bad, cuz i am rly lazy to make the rig. (And i dont know much about guns) Picture
  11. So this is just an intro i made for a friend called GRE0022, its not a rly good intro, cuz this is my first time sooo its a bit bad. Music: TheFatRat - Xenogenesis Hope u liek it heheehe also anyone want any into?
  12. Craftindiedo's Rig 2.0 I was bored, SO i upgaded my rig, and i think its pretty nice! Features
  13. So i was trying to make a 3D weapon, but i dont know what to use. So i use my 2 favorite keyblades from my fav game called "Kingdom Hearts" Pics Hope you like it, If u like it, Hit that like button and subscr- wait this is not YT... :/
  14. Just a quick drop cuz i realized my profile pic of recolored frisk is rly bad its a bit small cuz profile pic Le Lightroom is made by SKUBBAZ kthxbye
  15. This is much more like me testing a walking animation. I'm actually IMPRESSED by Mine-Imator's 1.0.6 lighting, and etc. HERE IT IS Weird the Lighting, when uploaded to the Youtube is a bit.... Off. | EDIT : Nevermind its just the thumbnail Credits: -SKIBBZ: For the Smooth Frame By Frame, and effects video
  16. Please Help, i cant open my Mine-Imator the Crash says Plz help (i censored my name lel), i want Mine-Imator 1.0.6 in my Laptop T_T T_T T_T
  17. wth Forums, the forums said my picture for signature is too big, i know cause its 320 x 240, so i edit the picture (via forums ctrl + right click) and then its still said its too large, THEN i made it very small, but STILL doesn't work, whut? please help. and yes, i reload the signature like 100 times Picture Yes its too large... :/
  18. CRAFTINDIEDO'S ADVANCED MCSM JESSE RIG PSST... This is the old rig, please scroll down to find the new 2.0 rig Hello guys its Craftindiedo here. I FINALLY MADE MY OWN JESSE RIG!!, THIS IS MY HARDEST CHALLENGE OF ALL TIME, sorry for that caps i was excited... (this is also my first advanced rig) (also i made this in MI 1.0.0 Beta 5, please excuse bugs in older version, i cant download MI 1.0.+ cause it errors when i launch it Includes How to Change the Emotions/Expression of the mouth Pics (cuz no pics no clicks) So... do you like it??? If you like it, consider liking this topic! WARNING:This rig is still beta means a bit buggy, Sent your bug in the Comments below! Next Rig:Wither Storm Rig! Download
  19. Ello, im just testing my updated jesseh rig -More emotions -Better skin -and mowre plz like Yes no scenery and anything its just a test
  20. Im bad at animating... Srsly I think the volume is too big, i'll fix it later. BEWARE Headphone users!! Here ya go, leave a like, cause this takes me 5 Hours Special thanks to Me: for making the intro Notch:For steve skin David:MI, Scenery, EVERYTHING Peppa Pig:For helping me making the pun RIP. Steve rest in PEPPAroni.
  21. I placed it here cuz its MINECRAFTY I know its bad, i'm a beginner of Photoshopping videos Here it iz
  22. Wow actually Blender is very useful for making fruit juices if the C looks a bit like E, dont blame me, blame the lighting HAere it izzzzz, prepayreee to beeh amazed
  23. HELLO GUYS! i made a new video (again) WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS BAD ENGLISH AND WHATEVER. however this will help you a lot if you dont know this shortcuts Hope you enjoy... PLS DONT FORGET TO LIKE IF THIS HELPED *cough* and dont forget to subscribe if u want moar of my video i used camtasia in this video, and this is my first time using it so yeah, excuse bad things
  24. HELLO GUYS ITS CRAFTINDIEDO'S HERE and u dont care so i discovered you can make a map wall with item frames, sooooooooo i got something on my head and *drum rolls* GLOOOBE Stop complaining about the video performance, framerate, etc. JUST DEAL WITH IT. And this is only a tutorial video KKKK? can u like and subscribe if this help plss??? and also JUKEBOX DISC NOT PLAYING ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!
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