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Found 54 results

  1. So I have this optifine resource pack that has randomized stone textures, and that made me think: "I wonder if this works in mine-imator". It obviously didn't, so I came here to ask if there is some other way. I know you can make singular custom cube textures, but that would take forever.
  2. Hello guys! So, i'm having a little trouble with a TARDIS rig... As some people should know, the tardis from the real series have the "outer circular lights", these lights are around the console room, and when the tardis is on flight, it keep rotating around the console room... You can see it in the gif below To recreate this effect in my tardis on mine-imator i thought in put the light holes on the wall and rotate a cube with full brightness in the back, it should make the effect that we want, well... Almost worked. In this print you can see that we have a light working great: But, when we rotate de central point to make the light make the turn to the other wall we have this... Yeah... Basically it's happening because the walls aren't curved, they are straight pieces that together makes the curve of the TARDIS walls. However the light makes a perfect rotation and a perfect curve, this makes the block of light overcome the wall. I want to know how to fix this... If there is a way to make the block light go straight ahead and the make the right curve on the wall and then go straight again... I really don't know how to fix it, someone help me pleaaassee!!!
  3. This is a parody art of Roblox. I called it Raw Block beacause you pronounce Roblox as "Raw Block". This is a picture of 2 steves that are hungry but their food is raw. https://imgur.com/gallery/D9JRK
  4. Um, yeah. It glitches
  5. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to ask if it is Possible to Import Custom Blocks made in Mr. Crayfish's Model Creator. Thanks. -Thomas
  6. Hey! I'm Batıkaan. And this is my first rig experiment. It's just a 3D basic texture object. (Chemical Barrel Rig) For preview: Click here For download(MediaFire): Click here Thanks for your attentions
  7. i was kinda bored so i made this simple rigs,i dont know if its already exist in this forums because Mine-imator were growing pretty good and Gaining more and more users for a quiet long time....(Hurray...) This is useful for users who like to make something different on their animation, But to be honest,its just a block,with hands,this is the first version so as u can see its quiet ugly in some ways so if any of you who want to remasterized it,feel free to do so Keep in mind,the rigs used only few materials,so it can be quiet tricky to do the expressions,watch here if you want some reference if you have any question,feel free to ask and i apologize If i unintentionally stole someone's idea Rigs were alot and theres a chance some people make a same stuff,Have fun Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdhqvu0bdcndjdv/Blocky+buddy+Rig+1.0.6.rar
  8. TopNotch5K

    Stone Block Rig

    Download:http://adf.ly/1cSWYh Images:http://imgur.com/a/TLBAg This has Side Expressions and just Expressions and Pupils And Mouth. I thought of making this while watch toy Story and gave me an idea of Block Story.so i made this rig. if anyone will take my idea and make it a reality i woulds creds of the idea and rig.
  9. Hi Guys, I haven't really seen a minecraft lucky block rig in this forum so I decided to make one. Hope you like it Link: http://adf.ly/1cOfZj Share it with your friends!
  10. I always hated the odd command block default texture, but instead of just retexturing it i made a rig that is completely pair, plus, it has working lights, i'll post a video showing it and my ultimate rig toghether to give you ideas of how you can use it. All it has in library space slots is 4 slots, it also has interchangable textures to fit it wiht the 2 new command block, changing the texture of "command block" and the lights frame in the library (the lights frame is an item that makes a frame around the grey core cube) to change these textures all you have to do is select the other cube texture in "command block" and change the item in the lights frame (also forget to name them so you'll need to find them, is, just a frame). ANYWAYS here's da pics, i toke one with every cube texture: click any image to download, they all go to the same link. like and so if you think the rig was worth it.
  11. Made by HammerBrahh (Me)
  12. Breaking block particle Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/1wngw6hsqnt4fwc/Breaking+block+particle.rar
  13. I want to make a chance cube in an animation i'm working on but no matter how hard I try I can't create an image to browse for and load in over a block that comes out looking anything like a chance cube. I've tried net layouts first and found out it is apparently bitmapping instead so I made a bitmap of the sides of the chance cube with 2 rows of 3 making the last two blocks on the bottom row top and bottom while the others are the sides. 6 is the top and 1 is the bottom. Even in doing that I tried to change the size of the image multiple times because it was apparently not loading properly (appearing to be too large an image everytime) I really need help with this for my youtube channel thumbnail art.
  14. Browse my rigs: IMPORTANT: THESE RIGS WILL ONLY WORK IN MINE-IMATOR 1.0.0 DEMO 3 AND UP! Here you can find Rigs by me. Mostly redone Minecraft blocks and items, but also misc stuff I had lying around. 3D Rail Pack 3D Rail Corner 3D powered Rail 3D Detector Rail Better Brewing Stand Better Brick Block Better Ladder 3D Vine License: You can use the Rigs in this Post for everything you want and you are allowed to modify them as long as you give credit to me as original creator.
  15. If you import a schematic, mod blocks disappear. Maybe it could create a cube with the name of the block (in mod:name format if available, otherwise with numerical IDs) if the importer sees a mod block? Then we could apply the texture ourselves. For example, if stone was a mod block, then the current system would replace stone with air. If this suggestion was implemented, it would replace them with white cubes which are named minecraft:stone.
  16. heres the pic heres the donload http://www.mediafire.com/download/uxzw7rurf568qu3/ALL+BLOCKS.mproj
  17. Hi This is the advanced block rig... WITH EYEBROWS! Courtesy Of DedSec Screenshot!
  18. Here is Simons Pic. http://imgur.com/6H18m9z
  19. I made a rig of a block monster/robot here is a picture : http://imgur.com/IhOixur It is also moveable where mainly every part(exept for on the head) is rotatable but there are some other rotatable parts. Here is the download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ah6kr1oyryfeu5c/Nether%20Monster%28Rig%29.zip?dl=0
  20. Is there any way to add modded blocks/mobs to mine-imator 1.0.0?
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sCbbBvOu9k&feature=youtu.be Thanks for Joining me!!
  22. Hi! Everyone i am new member. Today i just make animation if you like just comment ^ ^ Thank you for watching!
  23. How to change texture of a block? Seriously.. imma trying to make a rig tho
  24. MustardBlock drawn by me! A new colroing style (a little bit inspired by cryos skin coloring ) My last art topic i asked if someone wanted to be drawn, but nobody said anything, so i made a status update, and now its just Project and EnderVaren to draw Tell me what i should improve or anything, i appreciate it
  25. ALERT: MASS UPDATE AHEAD! Before: *snap* 1.0.0 magic! After: That's right. Block Mobs are back and bigger that ever! Heeding advice from @MCWarrior, the build quality has overall been improved, and thanks to Mine-imator 1.0.0 they can be released as .object files, And plus, they keep their imported parts thanks to the addition of .blocks files being created in each seperate mob's folder. Features of rig: - Move arms, legs, head and torso - Different mobs made in the same way. - Bendable arms, legs and torso - 3D parts on some mobs - NEW Oresome Steve! Mobs finished Steve - Nothing too special Creeper - The infamous hisser Zombie (not shown) - Steve's undead brother Skeleton (not shown) - HEADSHOT! Pig (not shown) - Gimme some pork! Wither Skeleton (not shown) - Spookier, scarier, skeleton-er Mobs yet to come Enderman - Good luck having a staring contest with him Spider - To a skeleton, it's a horse. Player skins - Turn yourself into a Block Mob! Cow - Don't let Antvenom near it if you value it's live! Sheep - Without them, this rig wouldn't exist Zombie Pigman - Delivering some porky death To-do list: - Make limbs bendable Done! - Add armour and Items - Start a skin donation service (Give me a skin, and I'll convert it into a block mob) - Improve the overall build quality Done! Release info: (finally) Block Mobs will be released like a toy assortment brand. Upon release, there will be a starter pack consisting of Steve, Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton and Pig. As well as that, there will also be booster packs - download links on the topic randomly chosen with the forums new "random" BBCode option. Booster packs will consist of all those currently in "Mobs yet to come" at the time of this edit, and any other mobs that get made. The new Oresome Steve will be a rare find in the booster packs and you'll have to be quite lucky to get his download, unless you don't want him, in which case you'll be terribly, terribly unlucky. If you're familliar with LEGO Minifigures and similar toy assortment brands, you'll have a clear idea of how this booster pack concept will work. Why use booster packs? Because why not? But in all seriousness, Oresome Steve is the guilty one. Anything to make him all elusive and special and-this concept makes no logical sense whatsoever! Well that concept got covered. Um, now I don't know how to end this post.
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