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Found 8 results

  1. Hexical's Mine-imator Armour rigs! All of them together Leather Iron Gold Diamond Click me for Download
  2. Hello, all! Welcome to my medieval armoury! There are now peasants' tools available to arm your expendable cannon-fodder with! Swords and blades The longsword The broadsword The Hand-and-Half Shortsword/long dagger Hatchet Polearms The average spear The short spear The pike The poleaxe/halberd Ranged weapons The longbow The crossbow Armour The cuirass The heater shield Bowl helmet Kettle helmet Great helmet Leather cap Leather coif Viking helmet Artillery Catapult Weapons of the later ages The cavalry sabre The musket NEW! Farm tools DOWNLOAD ALL Instructions! (or mode d'emploi for you Frenchies) Only import the .object file into the program, not the .mprog! Well then, why, is the .mprog in the download? ...Good question
  3. Hey! Here is an easy but good made Diamond Armour To Mine-Imator 1.0.6: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rd72nmu9yunjr32/Diamond+Armour.object Compatible to: Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, Human, Alex, Zombie pig and Zombie Villager. Limb Compatible. Enjoy!
  4. Hi Guys! Welcome to my armory. Here, you can download and install my custom made guns to your mine-imator animations. My rigs are free to use for anyone and everyone to use! To start of my armory, is my Minigun, featuring a plasma cannon, which eight barrels spin around, and at the end of all the barrels, a buzz-saw cap. Enjoy my first rig! Lukz2cool's Minigun: Lukz2cool's Minigun (Preview) Lukz2cool's Minigun Green (Preview) Lukz2cool's Sniper Rifle: Lukz2cool's Sniper (Preview) Lukz2cool's Sniper Gray (Preview) *Note: Creative ideas will be considered to create, and put into mine-imator. **Note: Most, if not all of my rigs will be used with Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 untill a new update comes out. Pre-Built Weapon Download: 1. Download from provided link. 2. Extract .Zip file. 3. Copy and paste the ,Mproj file into your projects folder. 4. Open Mine-imator, and load project. 5. Load .Mproj file. 6. Done! All rigs will usually be ready to download and use by the weekend. These rigs are free to use, but giving credit would be great.
  5. Varen's S - SUIT RIG Hey Guys! I Everyone In Amination Squad has a rig of there Skin so far And I am here to show you my Rig! It looks pretty different from everyone else's rig,that is because I just put random stuff on it Ok I was to lazy to create a video so here are a bunch of pics of it (Ignore the Big shadow in the backround) Heres a 360 nuscope Spin of it (Thanks to Blocker for turning it into a gif) Edit:Oh and those things on his leg pretty just amplify his speed
  6. download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/md2d7p5kr99mwbt/Jetpack+rig.zip
  7. HEY GUYS! WANT AN OTHER REALISTIC ARMOR/ARMOUR RIG!? HERE YA GO! I still don't have a rig. All of the snapshots I put in here my Mine Imator forum crashing it. If someone can tell me how to add those "spoiler" pictures. THOUGH, This rig consist of Gold, Diamond, Iron, & Leather Armour! Go visit my website to check out more about this rig and/or join T.A.C.O! Also SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Links BELOW US! Rig---------------------------https://www.mediafire.com/?qrnspbwvkr9nv16 YouTube--------------------https://www.youtube.com/user/TheYojo66 Website---------------------http://theyojo06.wix.com/taco
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