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Found 9 results

  1. Ender man

    Puffie's Mech

    This Puffer fish is More dangerous than POISON Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/xuddgucc0uuv5vd/Puffer_Mech.miobject/file
  2. My first ModelBench creation: 1.13's new Dolphin mob! Download Here!
  3. I got so inspired by the Aquatic Update that I couldn't help myself but do a render of it! Made within 3h using MI and Photoshop. As a fun side note: Here's a "behind the scenes", It looks so goofy I thought it was worth sharing how I did this render: P.S: After several years of doing Photoshop, for the first time the Filter feature in PS came in handy.
  4. In celebration of the release of Update Aquatic next Wednesday for Java players, I made a wallpaper consisting of my second favorite addition to the game: Dolphins. (I know there is only one in this wallpaper.) I took inspiration from the Jaws poster for this wallpaper. I don't know why, but it kinda fits for me. Texture Pack Used: - Name: Rodrigo's Pack 8x8 - Author: @Rodrigo_Al_ (twitter) - Download: planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/8x8-rodrigos-pack-pvp/ Dolphin Model by @TheIanPlays88 As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated.
  5. Rytaur

    Shark Pack

    I finally finished all the sharks I was working on. Also whenever i try to map a texture another on the block side ends up looking worse and I don't want my models to completely lag out the program if i cover every stretched part with a mapped block Find fish here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/rf28l3t1sje8wuv/shark+pack.zip Listed from biggest to smallest. 1. Megalodon 2.Whale Shark 3.Helicoprion 4.Edestus 5.Great white 6.Tiger shark 7.Thresher shark 8. Mako Shark 9.Stethacanthus 10.Goblin shark 11. Orthocanthus 12. Reef Shark(also try to find the reef shark in the shark cluster) I don't know how my mine imator program survived all these sharks in one file. How it looks in the dark Megalodon Decided to make the megalodon resemble a reef instead of just great white for different ideas Helicoprion made one a few months ago and it didn't have proper rotation. Edestus basically looks like it has scissors for a face. Goblin shark horror from the deep Orthocanthus the early freshwater shark Mako shark the speed demon Great White one of the favorites. Looks very similar too mako cause i got a little lazy. Update comes out tommorow. Tiger shark the shark that will eat anything. Thresher shark the kinda derpy shark with the crazy long tail. That early shark with the weird fin Reef shark smallest for I don't know how many-eth time doesn't count for find reef shark challenge. Whale Shark the gentle giant Also equipped with an excessive amount of teeth i don't think it ever uses
  6. I'm working on the megalodon. Here is what I got done so far.
  7. Rytaur

    Crocodile Pack

    I created different prehistoric crocodiles. List biggest to smallest: 1. Sarcosuchus 2. Deinosuchus 3.Machimosaurus 4.Dakosaurus 5.Metriorhynchus 6.Geosaurus Get gators here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fc5mwsasan0i28i/crocodile+pack.zip Just noticed the sarco tooth error. :/
  8. MagicMation

    Fish Rig!

    Fish rig coming soon! update: download available here: Here's a preview.
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