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Found 108 results

  1. Here is one of my old animations from 2019, a remake of the SFM video Two Evil Eyes Fnaf 3 map by Darkdragonpro Springtrap Rig by Mephilis 12
  2. Hey Guys. If you Watch my past video,You might tink that my video are being blocked by Disney. so Here is the video that I Make it Not Public. so Just people that got the link will be able to watch it. I just don't know why Disney Blocked My Video. But The Other Video is not. So Here's the link. AND I SHARE MY VIDEO FOR MOTIVATE MY ANIMATIONS SKILLS. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT. Give This Topic An Upvote,So My New Update Video Will Be Show Up In The Showcase Tab. Thanks.
  3. A FULL MOVIE ANIMATION,CREDIT,NO MONEY. Hi. I need Help some of my project's. That is Modeling. Visual Effects. Editing. Animation. Your Guys Will Be Credited,But No Money Needed For This Project. That Is For My Full Movie Animation's. The movie is Inspired By Iron Man Movie,But I just take Half Of the movie element,But Not with the Story. the story I was made by my own Story Design. So Your Guys Can Choose Your Class Here: 1.Modeling. 2.Visual Effects Editor. 3.Editing. 4.Animation. And After That You Guys Will Be Credit On The End Of The Movie. Bonus Just for Indonesian,Or Malaysian. Nah,Just kidding. you can choose this one If you want.. 5.Voice Actor. So just that for today,I hope you guys Can Choose your own class. and have a nice day,And Thanks. And Yeah I Almost Forgot to Tell You About My Done Animations. i already done a half of an animations by my own animator. here's the link: But I Already Make The Video Animation,ALMOST DONE. I just don't want to spoiler you. but anyway,If the animation done,I will Tell you Guys. Thanks..
  4. This animation preset I made with learned on youtube,But this is not a copyright. Well if you want to see my Youtube Channel:LacaMenDRY. Just Type that name/Copy it. READ THIS:if you want a more realistic movement,you can also make a little animation. It's not that hard to make it,just choose how long you walk,and then make a up,and down body while the character walking. just like in real life. you will not see,or never see people who just walking straight to the front where the person want to,without any special movement. you know what i mean? ok so I want you to walk on your house,just a couple minute's,and then you will Realize that your body is go up,and down. Now You Know What I mean Right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC-Yd4LZe74&feature=youtu.be Well The Download Link Is Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn2ff3fi3vivpgb/Walk_Cycle.miframes/file Please Notify Me if I have a mistake on the Animation,or something else. Sorry For The English Language.
  5. UPDATE 2/18/20: Entries have been reopened! There is currently no due date at this time, but when it is announced you folks will have 2 weeks to finish it. I am now accepting art as well, if you folks don't like animating (But I still encourage that you animate your entry). I also replaced the announcement video with the 2 trailers I created. Also another thing to note, the release date has been changed to TBD. Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming for me to finally host a collab! Trailer 1 + 2 Here is a Google Doc containing general info and the rules! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vo3-1proRZufZA6ec53nUwcs6zp7YUY1-fXAGHseg3A/edit?usp=sharing But to help save time for some of you, here are the more important bits: My rig I'm providing does make use of these other assets: With that being said, thanks for reading! I hope to see some of your creative and/or insane talents! Oh, and if you guys have any questions, don't be afraid to pm me on here or on discord.
  6. I know the Bill Nye swearing thing is dead, but after hearing melodysheep’s song on the topic, I just had to make this. (Here’s a link for it https://youtu.be/iubpN72D6AI) As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated. Oh and credit goes to @mbanders for that dancing keyframe.
  7. I figured I should make something before I go on vacation in a couple days. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  8. This Bundle Pack Is 100% FREE! I Made No Changes To The Teen Girl (But Wen I Come Out With A Part 2 Is Ween She Will Be Updated I Hope You All Enjoy This Pack For Mine-amater Wen You Create A Animation With The Rigs Post Them On YouTube Ill Find Them," I Cant Wait To See What Kind Of Animations You Make With These Rigs Download : Download RigPack Bundle Features: 1. Custem Thumbnails 2. New Teen Boy Rig (Reskinable) Please Give Me Credits Wen Using This Pack So I Know Who Used The Rig And I Can Find Your Video Easy By: CleverDamon584
  9. The following contains some swearing and a couple sexual references, VIEWER DESCRESION IS ADVISED!! (If the Mods want me to take this down I will gladly do so) As always, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is appreciated!
  10. this took me 3 weeks. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXAzCsHsPVc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUq3jJunuJI&feature=youtu.be Audio: Da Coconut Nut by Smokey Mountain Program Used: Mine-imator 1.2.0. Handbrake. Vegas Pro 16.
  11. MobKiller Animations Presents.... THE DIMENSION DASH COLLAB!!! Video Link: Rules: Map Download: Mine-imator- Minecraft Map: Send me finished entry either by message or discord!!
  12. Ahhhhh.... good to post something again. So, I found out about this collab and though to myself. Perfect match for my character and whatnot. Though... I didn't animate it until the last second. I only got the run and scenery about 2-3 weeks ago (I think) and did the entire rest today in the span of 2-5 hours. (Plus I didn't know what to do for the last 3 seconds. So you get a long fade. And finally, to top it all off, @WillesFilmz helped me once again with After Effects Editing, not too overedited and not too flashy. I personally thank him for that, and we do a nice job together. Hope you enjoyed and any feedback would be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation and Sound Editing by Myself After Effects by WilleFilmz Collab hosted by Wanimation (Sorry don't know your tag if you are on here) Sounds by Minecraft and The Pepper Sound Pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. This animation was created by me (ALSO REMADE), Audio isn't mine. It's only 11 seconds with 5 rigs, 4 of them I own and created (all of my rigs are private). the other rig is @Nasiruddin Hamizad (his rig is private. don't even ask) NEW: OLD:
  14. Hello everyone , today I present you a "Teaser" style video where I show my new Face Rig and announcing new ideas and improvements. (A whole day to animated this, lol) I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  16. (The following is satire, this was not meant to insult anyone or anything) I'm a little late to the 1.2 party, but here it goes: Credits are in the description of the video As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  17. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that... Just wanted to express my emotions! Anyways, here is the official start to my new series Long Forgotten. Thanks to @WillesFilmz for doing the After Effects for me, I know it wouldn't look as best without him. I've been wanting to do this for CaZaKoJa since the start of 2015, and well, I finally got it done for him as a gift to show how much he's inspired me to animate the last couple of years and I thought that this was the way to do it. I hope you enjoy, and here is a bit of a Q@A for those questions. Q: Why did you choose Frame of Mind when it's so overused? A: Back in 2015 when I was trying to give inspiration for him for Reality and to possibly help him in other paths of life, I created a short test animation for him and it included the song. And, I though it would fit his character the most since before i learned more about Ati I thought he was a "Frame of Mind" for James. Q: Why not use some actual scenery instead of the flatlands? Also, this is just a over edited reality ripoff!! A: James in the animation as well in the series has a ability to make his dreams become Reality. And Since in the animation, he is in a CryoSleep and stuck in a dream I thought it would be a ideal way to have it on the flatlands if my character went into the dream. As for the Ripoff part.. the story that follows the Prologue or this part, has no connection to Reality besides this part. Their is no breakup or possession of my character via a demon entity of any kind. Q: How long did this take? A: Shorter than Expected to be honest. I started working on it in Late April, Early May and finished it this week. So, about a month or 2. The Animation part took around 4-6 weeks in total and the editing and rendering took the rest of the time. That would be all, see you very soon and thank you!! Here is a alternate ending for those who are curious (This ending seems a bit better in my opinion) WARNING: CONTAINS BLOOD
  18. OMG,I FINALLY GOT THIS THING DONE!!!! Uhhhhh,,,, Sorry about that. Moving on... My First of Many Trailers for the episodes in my series, note that not everything in the animations is going to look like the final version and is subject to render. (Also I messed up the date at the end, it's supposed to say 6/22/2018 not 2019) Questions and Answers: "OMG This is such a Reality Ripoff" "You're just ripping off reality" "You probably want to be like CaZaKoJa" For those of who are going to say this, let me tell you that the reason I chose CaZaKoJa for the Prologue is because without the start of his MGB Central and his Reality Series I would have not have created my character and possibly not have made the friends I do now because of him. This is more or less a tribute then a straight ripoff. And plus, the storyline besides being in the flatlands has no connection to anything with Reality besides having James. No crushes, breakups or possessions of any kinds. "Why chose flatland's and the trees instead of actual scenery?" James/ATI in Reality has a ability to make his dreams come to life, In the animation a scenario that is part of the plot occurs for him to become unconscious. Through monitoring his brain activity someone can go inside his brain and wake him up from the inside of his dream by almost any method by winning against James/ATI or losing and having him do it himself. With that,from information I have found on the old MGB Central James can only summon the 3 ATI forms into the flatlands. (Correct me if I'm wrong) "When do you think the next part is going to be?" Hard to tell, I have to figure out some more plot elements and such and to figure out different aspects of the series. I hope that answers most questions, I hope you enjoy. Also thanks to @WillesFilmz for helping with After Effects editing for me!! Fun fact: I've been planning on doing this animation for a few years now since 2015, and I finally got the courage and the skill to actually animate this.
  19. Hello Everyone!! (Random Guy in Audience: "Hi!") Just a small parkour collab entry, I couldn't find any appropriate music to fit the theme in my opinion (If anyone knows a song I could possibly add, please let me know.) I got Honorable Mentions in the collab by the fact during the start of the running sequence before the first jump (Around 15 seconds into the video) I had a foot slide, and in my opinion I didn't add enough anticipation to the start as I wanted to, like my OC went from 0 to 100 real fast. (Not to mention I made this in 1-2 days before the actual due date, kinda shocked myself on how it came out too) And, If anyone is curious about the scenery and the inspiration of my entry I did base it off of one of SKIBBZ's animations (It's unlisted at the moment and I'm not sure if I want to show the link just in case I get in trouble with him for it) So here, is my entry: And here is also THE LINK to the collab by @SharpWind (I personally loved some of the entries in it) Have a nice day or night.
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