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Found 8 results

  1. this is my first mine-imator animation sub to support me if u want
  2. This is a tutorial for COMPLETE BEGINNERS in Mine-imator. This is my first tutorial ever on Mine-imator. If you're new to Mine-imator, then stick by my channel because I will be making a new tutorial every day!
  3. So I'm making my first series: So, it's about new players, that JUST STARTED playing Minecraft, and a mysterious voice teaches them how to play I am thinking about 10 or more episodes So there are these jobs: Animators (I need 2 more to help me) 2 Editors Voice Actors Scenery Builders a Co-Writer Voices and stuff: Steve Alex The other guy Steven A mysterious voice that teach dem how to play The usual Pro More if i need any Wanna join? fill out this form: Name: Job: Experience: Skype: So i hope stuff YEY So let's start makin the series! Sorry is there are many mistakes, I just started making this and is gonna be my first series.
  4. Hey! i didn't see you there... ... No seriously, i can't see you, your behind a screen reading this ... or maybe i can? no jk, or am i? wanna learn how to not be a noob? as you saw, this wallpaper, is a picture of a noob, what is he doing wrong? Ugly skin of course, you cannot be a pro if you have a ugly skin (if you have this skin, ur ugly, noscope 360 on ur fez) I will give you 5 Basic Steps on how to be pro! Im not saying im pro, but atleast.. im, better then your dog #UltaiamBurn2014Xx Step 1: Be pro That's a boat it, TANKS FOR WACTING! SUBSCRIBE PLZ! PS: DurRubinRux did not write it, cause his a noob, and im not typing this in and pretending to be ProSwagger, his a real person, search him up on google, i'll wait... so your back? oh you didn't search up his name? well, his to pro for you. #UltaiamBurnPart2Xx2014 - Are u eye pro now? Any noscope is appreciated, thanks for reading, brofist, i mean profist OMG GETTIT, GEEZ THAT WAS A GOOD ONE RITE? RITE?... RITE? are you leaving me? hello? - xXProSwagger22Xx
  5. So I was working on an animation and theres this cool looking part in it so I made a wallpaper out of it, I guess its also kind of a teaser for the video. Im giving the credit for the facial rig to zuexs for his amazing rig Here it is:
  6. I need a car with any color and must be advance, so as the police car, Thanks
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctgAlE7asF4&feature=youtube_gdata rig by me
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