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Found 30 results

  1. Credits: @jakubg1 for his skin @Phyre for her skin @Hozq for smooth steve/alex model @SKIBBZ for the face rig @TNTRaptor for rendering this Now to say this: Jakub was like a friend to me. He's always friendly and awesome, like many other users in this server. I heard he's gone through nasty stuff in Discord and been banned because of pedophillia, and I messaged him about that thing. He admitted he's been careless, but now he's more cautious. Therefore, he said he has planned leaving the MI community for life since the rendering and animating is beginning to bore him. This left me a mark, and it seems no one had made a mention or appearance of him, so this may be the last render he may appear(maybe not), so...may you rest in peace, old friend.
  2. It was night. The forest steadily groans with rustling bushes and tumbling logs, and the flowers pitched themselves to sleep. The wind soothes the ears of Nick, who's outside by his father's mansion with his cigar, and he patiently walks around. Quiet, he thought. Too quiet. He had been outside here for almost an hour, and his friend hasn't arrived at all. Plucking his IPhone out of his pocket, he dialed his friend's number, and raised it to his left ear. "Yo Max, where you been? I can't keep on standing around much longer, the pizza's get-", and he was cutted by some crackling noise. More like a mechanical snarl. Confused, Nick turned off his phone and stowed away. Gotta get back inside, he thought, something's off, and he entered the mansion, unaware that 100 meters in front of the entrance, there is a unknown figure that's anxious to meet him in person. CC is welcomed god help me i am now f n a f dude
  3. The rigs are to ShotUAnimations! She's impressive at the rigs, especially to herself!
  4. Well here i am with another fad rig! Withered Clyde: Now before you download, you need to know that i kinda screwed up with the left leg (the broken one). When you grab the lower half of the leg and rotate it, it will rotate from the wrong direction. So you're gonna have to move it everytime you rotate it. Man, lotsa "it" 's Anyway here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v7w2reuxtrg1cjf/withered+Clyde+rig.rar Bye! And i really hope to see some wallpapers, animations and pictures with my rig if you make em then you can post them here
  5. I am back! With more adventure animatronic rigs! Including: Freddie F0xy Ch1ca Withered Ch1ca Withered Bunny Pictures! Leave which animatronic you want next! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ww480hc6xfxef/Adventure_Animatronics_Pack_1_by_Supah.exe.rar
  6. pingulopi

    Funtime Bonny Rig

    So this is based on the Funtime Mike rig made by MR Darl------->http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/62560-sisterlocation-rigs-pack/ Took me some time since it went purple for no reason but now is ok! Showcase video: (Dont judge the watermark) Also if u cba there's some images: And last but not least pls leave opinions in the comments! DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/k24afveagqrcxb3/FT+Clyde.rar For the guys new to Mine-imator, you need to extract it then select the ".html"
  7. I made some guitars for my Bon. models. I plan to finish the canon animatronics as well as FNaC and TJoC animatronics soon. As of now I have Game 1 finished, 2 from Game 4, 1 from SL, and 1 from Game 3. I had All of Game 1, 2 [Except BB and mangle], and 4 and some from 3 and SL but I hated my older models so I'm remaking them but I like I said I made some guitars so I wanted to show em off with a random render I made.
  8. I made these first 2 to test the flexability of the rigs. Also, I was bored. Stuck Here to Decay: (fad 2 Clyde Teaser, what happened to Old Clyde) I hope you enjoy!!! (BTW, sorry if not that good. I'm a bit of a noob.)
  9. So most of you asked for Clyde the bunny last time, so here he is! Hopefully you appreciate my work Functions - Movable ears + Movable ears + Movable body (like steve) - Movable torso (not bendable, cause robots?) + Movable eyes Extra pictures This rig is not available for anyone expect some people (Decided by me) so don't ask for it! but you can ask for rig + Who should i rig next Any feedback is much appreciated! =3
  10. So as you can see i'm working on a Nightmare Francisco Pizzaro rig , which I will post publicly if enough people will use it! ( I plan on making the others as well )
  11. oh my god hi well here the W.Clyde The download link here ---http://www.mediafire.com/file/h85u8vdhc4zaqd2/W.Clyde.rar---
  12. And hi again well i dont have 1 rig ... I HAVE 4 RIGS MUAHAHAHAHAHA here the download link ---http://www.mediafire.com/file/zo1ww8fmqt06xi4/Clyde.rar---
  13. Here I will post all my fad 2 Rigs, not wallpapers, but rigs, that will mean, i will still make different fad Topics for wallpapers, but the rigs, are here, if you want the rigs, you can follow to see the new rigs, I'm making this so I got all the rigs in one place, and so the fad haters don't need to see lots of fad topic from me Edit: NOT GIVING OUT THE RIGS ANYMORE AIGHT? it's that basic. Here's the rigs you can choose from. Toy Mike Reference: Toy la Niña Reference: Toy Clyde Reference: Withered Clyde Reference: The Puppet Reference:
  14. I did something for @IAmOnlyMasada's Puppet collab. The result... CREDITS: The Puppet: @IAmOnlyMasada Toy Animatronics: @Darl Scenery: @Einshine Fan Animation: @KingHerobrine876 Music: Scott Cawthon Voices: @KingHerobrine876 fad Franchise: Scott Cawthon Sound effects are not mine and belong to their respective owners. Enjoy the animation, and yes, every bit of it is completely intentional.
  15. Wow, it's been a long time since I've made a rig... So here have this! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d5wxc3913z28f4j/Adventure_Bonnie.rar I will be making more in the future
  16. I dunno wat to say The Textures from that guy are from AlexanderExodius
  17. Hey, all! Here's well, technically my first rig, not of an animatronic or anything, but a simple scenery item made for my new animation coming soon. This wasn't necessarily a hard thing to make, so I don't expect a lot of praise, not that I would anyway, however the hardest part was probably the preperation. I will note that the rig does not include the player. Download should be up when I figure out how to use this forum.
  18. Yup.. Here it is.. This is one of the animations I'm very proud of because of the way I rigged almost everything in this.. except for the Bonnie rig. I hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VRvyIDgD_k Nightmare Bonnie Rig by: KingHerobrine876 --SUBSCRIBE to be awesome-- https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
  19. [4K / HD] I know, it should be in Working in Progress but, I wanna show you the teaser. ( Spoil because 2 teasers ) Programs used: Mine-Imator Story: The teaser is for Nightmare Bonnie Rig that making by: Phupha And currently W.I.P "About to release" Extra (Event): Will anyone spot the Easter Egg on second teaser? Who spot, prize is nearly you! Thanks for seeing the teaser! Oh, spot the Easter Egg and kick that button too! | V
  20. I ported all the characters from fad to C4D, they're not identical because the rig is modeled by a fan (I6NIS). I have all 4 (excluding GFreddy, you can just change the skin to la Niña's and remove the pupils) They've all been ported by me, so if you can, credit me and I6NIS, thanks Mike Clyde la Niña Francisco Pizzaro Here is a gif I made with Mike's rig (I kinda got lazy at the end): Now let's wait till I6NIS models the fad2 characters >: D
  21. I make the W.I.P Nightmare Clyde rig! The rig is a W.I.P Version of it. Coming in Updates: More things. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r3hbsftlk7ycoft/AABsubO0SedrfIRWL09ofbD2a?dl=0 ¡Enjoy it!
  22. This is the SpringTrap version of TF2, made with some rigs. The SpringTrap or SpringBonnie rigs are made by me, Here the link: TF2 + SpringTrap = Spring Fortress 2. Credits: ElMasadaYJuegos: The items. Phupha: The bomb. FrossaProductions: The map. Me: SpringTrap and SpringBonnie rigs. Steam: Team Fortress 2. ¡Enjoy it!
  23. WARNING: Don't like fad? Then please do leave this thread now... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Darl as he created the rigs for The Five Nights! This is going to be a thread where I post image previews of "The Five Nights" series. Below is where all the images are posted under Spoilers........and until next time, I say "Peace out" Old and Toy Clyde: The Security Room with Mr.Darl: POSTERS ARE CREATED BY JjCINEMAS
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