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Found 6 results

  1. FA DICE Presents: Steve Has A Gun 2 (a sequel to Steve Has A Gun) Additional info: Rigs made by @crustyjpeg. This wallpaper is a parody of @-StickyMations- animation "Steve Has A Gun" . It's a great animation and I totally suggest checking Sticky out. He's a cool dude. :3 FA is a real thing, and it is owned by the legendary dad @Rollo! It's a fun little server to hang out in and I get most of my inspiration from there! Come join us!
  2. Hey! After the release of the new version Mine Imator 1.2.3 developer changed standard textures grass, leaves etc. How to return old textures? Please help! When loading other textures packs program crashes....
  3. A Youtube Banner Promotion for my upcoming series... Not gonna lie, it looks good. And apparently my first 1.2.3 render without any other programs used. MGB? Nope. It's rather... a reverie. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGcbgb11l4tiU5ojvwIzZ0Q?view_as=subscriber Also advertising coz y not. /shrug
  4. Hello, everyone! It's me Phupha! Well... I might not be familiar to some of you guys because I haven't onlined for whole entire 2018. (bc... y'know, college and life.) Basically, I miss playing with Mine-Imator and I just heard that Nimi just dropped a new version of Mine-Imator. So, I downloaded it and have played with it last 2 days. I also created my 2019 OCs rig and this greenish girl. (inspired from this girl) I have to say: this turned out not too bad! I really like the result and I'm so excited because there are so many new features in this version. I also want to try Modelbench in the future. I just knew about Modelbench not long ago... I know it has been released for ages already lol where have I been this whole time? Anyway, here's the pic: This is my phone wallpaper btw. Hope you enjoy this artwork I made!
  5. So, like. 1.2.3 came out and I made this. Also contemplating making a comic based around the redhead dude. Leave your opinions on that idea in the replies if you want to see me fail at making a comic.
  6. When I import a piece of the End all of the chorus branches disappear. All I have are floating chorus flowers, the branches absent. It doesn't display the chorus branches in the import from world window and I have filters off. Even the already imported scenery that I imported in an earlier Mine-imator version. This is a problem for me because I have scenes in the End for my current project. Please see if you can fix this.
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