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Found 7 results

  1. I'm not saying it's not art, I'm saying i want to set it on fire ! -Dedicated to a great duo of my childhood.
  2. Just remade my first poster ever made using Mine-Imator with the skill i gathered since then !
  3. This is my first scene render using Mine-imator, i wanted to go for the style of the promo art of the official Minecraft but i don't know how to get the outlines. Helps and tips are welcome !
  4. This SCP this time not Fnaf And yes I am getting better at making Animation
  5. V.3 V.2 Want your skin to be in the Rig pack? Simply in the comments say I want my skin in your rig also your youtube channel And how many Subs you got V3 Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/r2l2celgzq2gsn4/Youtuber_Rigs.zip Got a youtuber I missed? tell me and It has a chance to be featured! (Youtubers To Add) Skydoesminecraft V.5 PopularMMOs V.4 Stacyplays V.5 Thnxcya V.4 Sethbling V.4 Hinphu V.4 Protected22 V.4 AnimateTHIS V.5 Preston V.6 kopi V.6 syndicate V.6 /TheMineIGamer / V.6 IBallisticSquid V.7 AshDubh V.7 KashYT V.7 Sethbling V.7 Hinphu V.7 Wow many request Im Kinda Shocked Really!
  6. Hey! I'm Bishop Hall, and I'm hosting a new Youtube series on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Bhall12able and I'd like some suggestions. I have an idea of using Youtubers (BajanCanadian, SkyDoesMinecraft, and the best of all known, DanTDM.) If you have any rigs, please tell me or email me at TheMinecraftAnimates@gmail.com. I also need a Deadlox rig and an EnderSteve rig, and an Entity_303 rig. Thanks, and peace and love to you, God bless you!
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