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  1. It was just a normal day in the village.. Until Villager n°14.. Showed his complete distaste for our laws.
  2. PLEASE LINK BACK TO TOPIC IF USED World Download (Never know when you might need to edit something!) Alternatively, Schematics Download I will try my best to keep updating this.
  3. This Villager's prices were maybe overpriced, but it's not a reason to punch him in the nose. If the Golem gets you, you're gonna need to serious medical care.
  4. Rigs made by me *Last line: He was shot with a bow
  5. DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Primitive-Mobs-Filch-lizard-763760777
  6. Riftjaw


    Download Based on the 1.14 lantern from the current snapshots, this model is fully animatable featuring a toggleable chain and manually animatable flames (there are three overlays that you can toggle using keyframes). You don't need to credit me if you use this; however, I'd love to see what you make with it! I originally made this model for my own personal use in my WIP Diverse Pilot Episode (the same story for the Illager Beast [a.k.a. Ravanger] that came with the pillager and crossbow that I uploaded previously). But I think you guys could make good use of i
  7. Testing the new features of the 1.2.2 update with "New Villages" by Adri526 in 4K. 100% Mine-Imator. Enjoy !
  8. Sooooo..... ya, another model for 1.14. This a fully animateable mob, and I've included walking, biting, and headbutting .miframes in the .zip folder. I've also included a .miobject with a pillager mounted on top with a crossbow (the crossbow is animateable using visible/invisible keyframing). Download You do not need to give me credit, however, I'd love to see what you do with this!
  9. I made a thing and edited it. Some might enjoy this. Some might not. Use this as you like, just don't say you made it or else I'll hunt you down and eat your liver. Just kidding. (Or am I?) Also, here's a download because Imgur sucks. (screw Imgur's compression)
  10. I've made a Wallpaper: Confrontation between Steve and Herobrine. Herobrine may be a glitch in the code, so he's flying. The image is in 4K
  11. just made some wallpaper when im bored why i said bored when im acttually not bored that it bye
  12. hello meanwhile steve found a villagerand he want to trade with villager this what he trade 3 emerald=1 enderpearl that it bye you can vote what your favorite mob in the polls i vote for villager
  13. hello.. so i made this new wallpaper and my laptop was start lagging when making this wallpaper good thing is my laptop is not so heat so here the wallpaper that it bye you can rate this wallpaper in the polls
  14. Hellooo, blingirl here! I was making an attack on titan wallpaper but it didn't look too good sooo... I made this. (also, I had no clue what to name the wallpaper)
  15. I put this together but i feel like it needs something, i'd love some suggestions Once I come out with a final render i'll try to add a dusty effect
  16. Whipped this together cause I was bored Any suggestions?
  17. I need a simple village!! I cant find a good enough seed!! And im makin a villager news animation soo I need a shematic!! Anyway, thanks to whoever can find one and post it
  18. Hello everyone! i do a new animation, I thougt what happens to them , if they don´t trade. their life.... :´) , Look the video! If you like my animation subscribe and put a like ......don´t forget comment too My channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2RZX6oG-_HAp2-fBX1yjQ Bye bye my friends Edit: i´m trying to do more smooth my animations, is smooth?
  19. Here is a new wallpaper from me: Enjoy Skins: CreeperAnimations Juffy PastTheMidnight Almost200Ninjas DurRubinRux Peanutbutter Timelord Anbu Evan Deminu
  20. This is actually one of my old animations.. I have just recycled it, hope you like it. If you like it.. don't forget to subscribe to my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
  21. This is my second wallpaper : In memory of a village in my survival world...
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