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Found 8 results

  1. If you having a hard time to search any sound effects but still can't find it, you can try and use this website : https://www.sounds-resource.com It has almost every sound effects from almost every video games It's also has sprites, models and textures site that you can access for free
  2. I always hated the look of the other Sonic rigs, they looked too out of proportion. So, I present to you a decent looking Sonic rig! I currently have basic arm, leg, and head movements done. I intend to also add finger articulation, a mouth, and possibly eyelids. I made this rig by ripping the Unleashed Sonic model and putting that into Binvox. I then accordingly coloured the eyes, shoes, fur, gloves, and skin. Let me know what you think!
  3. I spent two days on this. So, please share your thoughts. And you'll probably want to see un-edited: Feel free to use it. just don't claim it as yours, K? Thanks, Bye. Foxtrot, Out.
  4. I apologize for the sizes of the weapons, the Sniper may be to big and the Magnum may be too small. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?hc3ron9fvpiz662 Image:
  5. Mine-imator log, please paste this into your bug report! 2:41:17 PM version: 1.0.4 (official) 2:41:17 PM gm_version: 1.4.1542 2:41:17 PM build date: 11/19/2015 2:33:35 PM 2:41:17 PM YYC: yes 2:41:17 PM LAA: no 2:41:17 PM OS: Windows_NT 2:41:17 PM USERDOMAIN: JACI 2:41:17 PM USERNAME: Dragonkid2004 2:41:17 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Dragonkid2004 2:41:17 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Dragonkid2004\AppData\Roaming 2:41:17 PM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 2:41:17 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 655378 2:41:17 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 2:41:
  6. The Xbox One Rig By KoolkidAK is Finally here Pics: DOWNLOAD Plz like the post and my profile follow me for latest content
  7. So i have a team and it would be nice if you guys could make rigs for my team
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog Rig Body Part Rips - iChibi Sprite Editing - iChibi ~~~~~ http://download1505.mediafire.com/4lgnngsp5pag/p9yl7punftsftg0/%5BSprites%5D+Sonic+the+Hedgehog.zip
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