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  1. "are you in hurry? and you need heal and ammo right now?, Don't worry WE GOT THE MINI DISPENSER" DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5j37ukew7kgb742/Mini_dispenser_and_Mini_Teleporter.rar/file
  2. *Insert Uncle Dane Intro* ehem, This inclue Red and Blu Version, and the Ammo Belt Part was actually by @crustyjpeg, Recommend Scale this model to X:3 Y:2.5 Z:3 for a better look of the dispenser, cuz it's look kinda tall to me Video: DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cf18pzofeqn360g/Dispenser.rar/file
  3. The drunken black Scottish cyclops BLU version: I will publish the meet the team finished wallpaper this weekend any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  4. I have nothing to post here so... here: have a Meet the heavy in minecraft teaser: It might take a few weeks to finish this so: be prepared i guess. (and yea i was procrastinating the whole week i didn't posted anything) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  5. The only one that can outsmart bullet BLU team version: Any type of feedback is welcome (only demoman left) goodbye.
  6. The cruel and childish mumbling pyromaniac Also, now with a BLU team version! Any type of feedback is welcome (Only 2 classes left for full render!) Goodbye
  7. The guy you can't avoid shooting at you Any type of feedback is welcome. Goodbye.
  8. "It costs $400000 dollars to fire this weapon, for twelve seconds." Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  9. The guy that teleports bread and does rocket jumps (and he might be lead poisoned) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  10. The annoyingly fast boston guy. (also: yes i added a background this time) Again, any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  11. The guy that is right behind you. Again, any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  12. Probably your favorite texas guy. Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  13. This guy dosen't look like someone with a PHD in Russian literature. Again, any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  14. "My favorite class is the Spy" - Gaben Newell ,stop lying Gaben, u already nerf My favorite item in this game Picture: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eltx84pnfgc9l8z/Dead_Ringer.rar/file
  15. "a ha, i love that little gun " - Engineer Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1sx4m7wurixyemo/level_3_sentry.rar/file
  16. this model was only made in 2 days no need to give credit, but if you do, i really appreciate that picture: note: the arrow is present for the function ye, i know this gun doesn't reload ingame, but still want it to be realistic a bit Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7wzok3el54vtnuv/windowmaker.rar/file
  17. Gunslinger Male Version: Gunslinger Female version: the hand was to difficult to made, and it's make your character hand look 2 long so didn't make it look exactly like ingame sr... Update 7/26/2020: + fix the orange wired didnt connect with the button + added Gunslinger for Female Character Hand Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xxl93wo48fqq2u/Gunslinger.rar/file
  18. "well, guess that'll do" Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x434sq5rintyplr/level_2_sentry_gun.rar/file
  20. Haven't touched this video game in a while and same goes for Paint.NET, and i have nothing better to do today, so why not go back to the good ol' days of making rigs I know this is like the 100th rocket launcher made in the forums but i used so much time in making this don't be mad plz Rocket Launcher Download I'll probably make more TF2 Weapons if people want. and if not i'll just die i guess idk
  21. Hello amazing Mine Imator Community! I'm back (after figuring out how to create a topic) and I bring you the Team Fortress 2 Rigs created by me! (Textures too). Right now I don't have all of them since I'm busy with things in life (Homeworks, etc) so Instead of giving the rig's straight away. I'll be posting pictures of what I call a normal game in blockfort. Enjoy! (I'm only missing the engineer, medic, heavy, and pyro). The rig's are still in Beta state Click Here to see the picture.
  22. RandomPr0file

    Bonk Rig

    Bonk Rig Here it is... The... Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Shut up! Today, I've made the Bonk rig! With 33% More radiations + Isotopes! If you guys are familiar with TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Than you will recognize this: Yep. I made a Bonk rig. Download Here!
  23. Just something i made, i was bored. Also i was at the time i made this.
  24. I completely understand how stupid of a question this may be as I could find them on the internet myself, but i'm just curious. It may be me, but I remember long ago that when installing Mine-Imator, you also installed a set of TF2 character skins, and you were able to have other models for the baby versions of the characters as well. What happened to that?
  25. I decided to animate the Kazotsky Kick from Team Fortress 2 in Minecraft! This is just a little test animation Hope you all enjoy!
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