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Found 15 results

  1. This is the last video from "Shades" motion posters, focused on Nex - another character from Protectors comic book.
  2. This is the fourth video from "Shades" motion posters, focused on Blink - another character from Protectors comic book.
  3. This is the third video from "Shades" motion posters, focused on Omen - another character from Protectors comic book.
  4. This is the second video from "Shades" motion posters, focused on Red Dragon - another character from Protectors comic book.
  5. This is the first video from "Shades" motion posters, focused on Volt - the first character from Protectors comic book.
  6. Protectors is a Minecraft/Mine-imator comic book we've beeen working on for a while now. It's too soon to go into release dates, however we think we can start posting some of the Protectors related content. We already released those posters back in 2021 on Twitter, but we thought it would be nice to add them here as well. VOLT: RED DRAGON: OMEN: BLINK: NEX:
  8. My second released animation. I worked a bit more on this one. RIP MARVEL SPIDERMAN. Worked with Mineimator + AE CC 2019 + PR PRO CC 2019 Story: Spiderman stops a museum robbery killing the thiefs. The world thinks Spiderman is changing. Living the nightlife, Spidey finds a strange meeting. A man dies accidentaly and drops a drug. Peter Parker takes it home.
  9. WARNING: Before you begin I just want to say that... Anyone who signed up but didn't get featured in this episode will appear in a future episode. You may either appear as cameo or a side character, it depends on the story so please don't rage against me. This episode is 60 pages long (twice the amount of pages from last one) so there will be a ton of images, if the page is lagging, let it load for a few minutes. PREVIOUS EPISODES: EPISODE #2 "Experiments" END OF EPISODE #2 I really hope you liked it. A like and some feedback would be nice since this took A LOT of time to make. Next episode will be hopefully up in 2 weeks. NEXT EPISODE...
  10. Watch The Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiE3nwb2FJ8&feature=youtu.be The Justice League Of America has been Terminated. It is up to you to save the Planet. Your Job: -Edit your current skin and Customize your own Super hero suit. -With your new skin create a Stance in mine-imator -Save as .png file and on the toolbar select "Export Current Frame into .png" -Photoshop as much as you like and make your own Poster to advertise for the role -In the description write what powers you have -Give yourself a good Origin Story (Keep It Classy) Who Will be selected: -A User with a Decent Costume -Super powers that aren't OP - Good Poster -Decent Origin Story Note: -Winners won't be selected upon the Superhero name. -4 winners and one Runner Up will be selected. -No Cloning/Duplication Powers will be turned down Immediately --Cape and Mask are Optional Prizes: -4 major winners will have their custom superpowers and their skin for the Animation. - 1 Runner Up will be selected with only their Custom Skin not their powers. Example Layout: http://imgur.com/zqhcqX7 Name: Teco Abilities: -Able to Teleport as well as teleporting Other People within 50m range. - Strong Senses - Super Strength Origin Story: A kidnapped soldier used as a test subject for the Germans who had created the first Teleporter. After a malfunction in the machine mid teleportation Teco was stuck in the void. After a certain amount of time stuck in between Teco gained massive side effects and was able to teleport out. Then he teleported the Germans into the void for all eternity for what they have done to the abuse towards the Subjects. Freeing the other kidnapped soldiers Teco then lead on to Teleport places and help others in need. Template: http://imgur.com/xOTcntM Entries Close On the 13th Of February. Winners will be Revealed in the Trailer Coming On the 16th Of February Final Product released in between 19-23rd. Good Luck People!
  11. Thor's Hammer Rig By Ryano This rig adds Thor's Hammer. This is a very simple rig but I think it worked quite well. Feel free to use it in animations etc. (No credit needed). I hope you enjoy it everyone! . Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?3i04bcsnbgj91rq . Pics: http://imgur.com/6jwdJ3E,EIvxa3d#1
  12. I've done it again...ANOTHER AWESOME RIG POST! This time, it's a DC SUPERHERO RIG! Includes: Batman, WonderWoman, LexLuthor, Green Lantern, & HawkMan! Also if you use this rig in a video or anything else, give credit to me and put my channel somewhere. ENJOY WARNING: IF YOU PUT THIS RIG TOGETHER WITH ANOTHER IMPORTANT TEXTURED RIG THE TEXTURES WILL COMBINE! Wonder Woman https://i.imgur.com/8RomjYh.png HawkMan https://i.imgur.com/Lc9f1Q2.png (I didn't add wings because there are plenty of wing rigs to add) BatMan https://i.imgur.com/panybSN.png LexLuthor https://i.imgur.com/C2MJLn5.png Green Lantern https://i.imgur.com/c1QqVlW.png Download HERE http://www.mediafire.com/download/b5z7k5m863vxbh0/DC+SUPER+HERO+RIG.zip My Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheYojo66 My Website http://theyojo06.wix.com/taco
  13. Super Hero Roleplay! heres how this works you can be a bad guy/good guy with 5 powers max Name: Rock Power/s: is a mutant can switch forms and bend those elements Good guy/bad guy:good guy! Suit: Toga has lots of wisdom brown hair green eyes Other: has a band that makes his eyes grow white and he turns into a mutant Note: if you have more powers they have to be related to your character (please like if you enjoy this roleplay )
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