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Found 6 results

  1. Aayush Saji


    To me Help me hit 350 + subscribers by Subscribing to me Sharing my videos to other (so that they subscribe) Asking for anything once you subscribe (the things I could possibly do) Featuring me to your channels Once you subscribe to me you can Do not send the things made by me and claim it is yours. It is copyright How to get the models
  2. I've recently reached 100 Subscribers on YouTube, so I made this video and Decided to post it here cause, why not.
  3. *sheds one, singular, tear* I'm so happy! By the way, made some new channel art. Like? http://i.imgur.com/X6WEo2M.jpg
  4. Why didn't i start off with the countdown on the cornucopia remains a mystery until the next episode comes… Like & Subscribe 4 Cookies! (Show your dedicated support) Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_q-Tle9zvOBe1oOjC4t5wQ For the next episode i promise it will be longer, more action packed and starting off in the cornucopia! That Skype call though, haha!
  5. Hey guys Michael here, I will be making a Hunger Games Project and i'll be requesting Tributes so basically i will tell you to fill out a application that decides your attributes. Application: Skin: Skill (Example: Stealth): Why you want to be in the animation: This project will take over 2-3 months or even longer if i decide to put a lot of effort into this. There will be 16 tributes (including me) and many will die. It will be a series consisting of episodes at least 3-2 minutes long! Of course there needs to be a victor and the victims to make this fair i was thinking of whoever gets the most likes on there comments (including myself) will be the victor. If the finding the winner is hard i'll randomly select one. I'm also looking for a Hunger Games Cornucopia Scenery! (Consisting of 12 Slots or more!) If anyone wants to team comment below! Credit for competing is given to all competitors. The deadline is when i reach 11 Volunteered Tributes 1. [Metalletron / Strength] 2. [TheWingedDemon / Sword Fighting] 3. [Aronan / Sword Fighting & Traps] 4. [x3j50 / Demolition] 5. [ÜberKiller / Marksman] 6. [MrSpecialjonny / Traps] 7. [It_Is_Snippie_Da_Cat / Sword : Fire] 8. [Michael Pham / Hand To Hand Combat] 9. [blockerlocker / Bow & Flee] 10. [Jamberss / Bow, Stealth (Camo)] 11. [MrChicken / Swords] 12. [Hesmiyu / Intelligance] SPOTS ARE ALL FILLED!!! This will be my first project that actually exceeds a minute video (if you seen my videos) . Click to Support me! P.S Free cookie (See what i did there) to Subscribers! It's safe to like my Post just not my comment below if you don't want me to win (I want to acknowledge the post)
  6. This video does not relate to the Poll it's just cruelty. The project I'm currently working on does: Video: Pigs were hurt during the making of this film. As you already see in this video there is betrayal and death. Free Cookies to Subscribers Click on it, I know you want it
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