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Found 4 results

  1. This is just a Preview and a scratch save, you can answer and give Feed-back, but still don't ask for Skins! More, coming soon! But as promised: Skin maker Studios 2.0 is here! I make Skins! Just ask! Details:
  2. I have started an animation team with some people who are good at animating(idk if they are on the forums, but on discord.) and in this team there is no owner (but there are leaders including me ) . and M calling it Skysphere Studios If u are interested you can join this Discord server https://discord.gg/ZJVg6up and u need to show your work at the server. :DDD
  3. Assassinator Director: Martin Lorentzon (Click image to view trailer.)
  4. hei, so I wanted to make some building rigs one time.. so I thought "why not just use no schematics " soooooo, this came out of it :>>> Shoppers Drug Mart: This is a canadian pharmacy/market that has a post office, a photo center and more :>> since I live close to one, I thought to make it :DD Nickeloden Studios: This is an old attraction at Universal Studios Orlando, I saw this at the end of alot of Nickelodeon shows growing up, but I never actually went there :'< WARNING: The sides of this and inside are empty, since I couldn't find enough photos t
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