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  1. Lest we forget. Respect to those who served. also i just made up the operation name lol helicopters and soldiers by @Piegon99
  2. Trinity shipping Cargos to their Allies
  3. This is a pack that comes with some Modern Day Soldier's from some countries USA Soldier: South Koran soldier: Japanese's Soldier: Japanese's Female Soldier: Israel Soldier: Israel Female Soldier: Indonesia Soldier: Indonesia Female Soldier: HECU Soldier (from Half Life): German Soldier: Russian Soldier: Give credit when using pls https://www.mediafire.com/folder/orn1bytx43wbv/Country_Soldiers Credit for the face: Credit for the Vest Template: The Camo for the soldier's I made More From Me Here: USA Police: Natural Guard Soldiers:
  4. The guy that teleports bread and does rocket jumps (and he might be lead poisoned) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  5. Welcome to my collection of WW2 Rigs! This "Stockpile" has equipment from all over the world. Make sure to select one nation or faction at a time as each one contains many items. Enjoy! === If you have pink textures, there will be a skin to use in the Archive with the Rig. All of the Infantry rigs use surface images, so make sure to replace the missing textures found in the Archive. Infantry have problems bending body, Officers have problems bending body and legs. All files in the Archives are important, including .txt documents. These include bug fix information. ================================================================================ Third Reich - Nazi Germany - Germany ================================================================================ Red Army - Soviet Union - USSR ================================================================================ Allied Expeditionary Force - United States Forces - USA ================================================================================ Imperial Japanese Army - Imperial Japan - Japan ================================================================================ British Commonwealth Forces - Commonwealth - United Kingdom ================================================================================ French Army - French Army - France ================================================================================ Finland's Army and People's Resistance - Finnish Army - Finland ================================================================================ People's Resistance + Army of Poland - Polish Army - Poland ================================================================================ Royal Italian Army - Italian Army - Italy ================================================================================ Chinese National Revolutionary Army - Chinese Army - China Please do not redistribute without credit.
  6. "That was a Hell of a Campaign son"
  7. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. Here's a simple wallpaper that showcases some of the stuff I'm working on. Namely: A new realistic model (will do some finishing touches before uploading) Add-ons for my M4A1/AR-15 rig (cartridge & sights, will upload too) Posing. I really need to work on posing. Set and camera work. Whatever the correct terms are. Any feedback, be it kind or harsh, is appreciated as long as it helps guide me on what and what not to do. Edit: Forgot to add credits Piegon99 for the Humvee and M2 machinegun (background) Me for everything else
  8. credits: @TheRealMariobros1045 for the muzzle flash @crustyjpeg for weapons 11mr_k11 for the armor
  9. Haven't touched this video game in a while and same goes for Paint.NET, and i have nothing better to do today, so why not go back to the good ol' days of making rigs I know this is like the 100th rocket launcher made in the forums but i used so much time in making this don't be mad plz Rocket Launcher Download I'll probably make more TF2 Weapons if people want. and if not i'll just die i guess idk
  10. Hello amazing Mine Imator Community! I'm back (after figuring out how to create a topic) and I bring you the Team Fortress 2 Rigs created by me! (Textures too). Right now I don't have all of them since I'm busy with things in life (Homeworks, etc) so Instead of giving the rig's straight away. I'll be posting pictures of what I call a normal game in blockfort. Enjoy! (I'm only missing the engineer, medic, heavy, and pyro). The rig's are still in Beta state Click Here to see the picture.
  11. Download Includes: One Wehrmacht Soldier, One M1935 Stahlhelm, One MP 40 Submachine Gun, One Spade, One Knife, One Canteen, Two Hip Pouches, One Backpack, Two Mod.24 Stielhandgranate Download Features: Four Openable Pockets, Six Openable Pouches, One Openable Backpack, Movable Helmet Chin Strap, Movable Anti-Jam Lever, Movable MP 40 Ammo Clip, Movable MP 40 Stock. Removable Pin Cap, Detachable Charge, Pullable Pin. Download Version 1.0.0 WARNING THIS RIG CAN CAUSE LAG PROCEED WITH CAUTION Please do not redistribute without credit.
  12. Whew! Haven't posted or visited the site in a while! A showcase of my recent model. Just wanted to make something. Made in around 30 minutes. 2K version 4K verion Credits: UH-60 - Piegon99 Model, Rifles, Helmet, Rocket Launcher, & Backpack - Me
  13. Another wallpaper. Done in less than 5 hours. And it's pretty lame. But, meh, practice. Also, it's kinda a promotion for that Call to War thing, which will probably come in a year or so. (don't mind the tail rotor) Imgur Album (has 1k version) Credits Piegon99 - UH-60 Black Hawk THEJESTER & 30+ other people - Greenfield City Me - Soldier, Vest, Goggles, & M4
  14. A rig of the rig I usually use in my animations that I'm too ashamed to post. Includes an M4A1 by me. I'll have desert and forest alternate skins some time later. In case: http://imgur.com/a/IFtwv Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?9keaqqi9y58g9e1
  15. Hey guys! Another set of pictures of my creations. This time, it's a game concept. Left to Right: Special Ops Soldier (USA & PHL), Soldier with vest (Any Other), and Normal Soldier (Base for All) Left to Right: Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle (EU), M40A3 Sniper Rifle (USA), M16A4 Assault Rifle (USA), and M4 Modular Weapon System (USA) Left to Right: Ground Mobility Vehicle (USA), M151 (US Vietnam-era) Jeep, Unfinished UH-1H Iroquios (USA/PHL), M1 Abrams (USA), Type 89 IFV (CHN) A little bit of the GUI and stuff Might seem a little patriotic/nationalistic of me.
  16. doctorfaker

    Soldier Rig

    Download Here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/zz7kd7pjs99sc3u/Soldier+Rig.rar i love this
  17. Download includes: One SS Lieutenant, One Binoculars Download features: Four openable pockets, Two Iron Crosses, One Ribbon Bar, Two Assorted Medals Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit. I do not praise the actions and atrocities committed by the SS, these rigs are provided as a source of education and historical knowledge. That being said, this rig is historically accurate.
  18. Download Includes: Soviet Soldier Summer Camo, PPSH-41, PPSH Drum Magazine Download Features: 2 Pockets, 2 Pouches, Pullable Trigger, Movable Anti-Jam Lever Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit.
  19. Generic SS Officer from [ Jojo's Bizarre Adventures : Battle Tenacity ] Download Includes: SS Officer Green Uniform Download Features: Four Openable Pockets, One SS Officers Cap Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit. This Uniform is historically inaccurate, use with caution. Uniform needs some tweaking(Nazi Eagle on right breast) but besides that its good to go, I will fix all the visual problems later on.
  20. Download includes: One Wehrmacht Soldier, One M1935 Stahlhelm, One Karbiner 98k Rifle, One Panzerschreck, One Mod.24 Bündel Stielhandgranate Download features: Four Openable Pockets, Two Openable Packs, Six Openable Pouches, Movable Helmet Chin Strap, Removable Pin Cap, Detachable Charge, Pullable Pin, Removable Bayonet, Toggleable 7.92x57mm Mauser Cartridge, Pull Back Mechanism, Movable Sights, One 88mm Rocket Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit.
  21. Download includes: One Wehrmacht Soldier, One UV Shoulder Cannon Backpack Download features: Four pockets, Goggles, UV Light Backpack Download link Please do not redistribute without credit. These guys are background characters in the anime; Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Battle Tenacity. There isn't much information on them besides being grunts to senior officers in the Wehrmacht. The Vampire Killers made their appearance towards the final battle of Stroheim V. Kars, fighting and vaporizing an army of vampires. The Shoulder Cannons on Stroheim are different than the ones on the soldiers, the difference being more power and a more durable chassis.
  22. (Warning: contains a quite loud gun shot sound; please tone down the volume!) Hello mates! So i'm planning a project where two teams of soldiers are fighting each other. I need to make animations for every kill (headshot, body shot, multiple bullets, etc) So i'm doing tests. This one is, as you guessed by the title, a headshot animation. It's so short i'm gonna cut this greeting. PS: the animation surprisingly didn't needed any transition, all linear. Tell me if you liked it, or if you saw something strange. (Before anyone comments on the left arm going down at the last second, i did animate it like that) -Stay testing!
  23. This is a rig that is a Robot Space Soldier. Like the title says. Pictures: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4azaawprqorrue5/Robot_Space_Soldier_Thing.zip
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