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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, guys! Itz Rise! And today i wanna show you the SkyBox Template for SkyBox makers in Mine-Imator! Default Minecraft SB Template has different structure, that looks not perfect in M-I... I cound't find normal Template for me, so i make this one. I don't know, who needs it, but i want to make job easy for you, guys. Here it is! UPD*: • N - North; • S - South; • W - West; • E - East; • T - Top; • B - Bottom. Here's a link to download Template: Press here!
  2. Have you ever looked at the default Mineimator sky and said "My, this isn't nearly low resolution enough for my tastes." Well then you need this handy-dandy Skybox pack! Download Pictures Disclaimer and Credits (I feel like I could've created a like farm simply by uploading one of the pictures I took for this every day)
  3. Here's some skyboxes for your stuff. I had no rigs to share today... ? Images: You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  4. Okay first, This took me all day! Literally, from 8 am to 6 pm... Second off, for some reason, my computer can no longer render in 2K. And here she is! Skybox rig by @ÜberKiller
  5. Hello fellas, Im here to bring a pack of SkyBoxes! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6m1ajltizvzh2xw/IsaacDavid-Skyboxes.rar?dl=0
  6. This is my first time making skybox so hope you guys like It ,Oh and there are few bugs that I didn't fix It so beware. If you gonna use my rig please don't forget too leave a credit download in description.
  7. So I created a 360 camera rig and took pictures from all of the cameras and stitched them in paint.net. (I think I have the FOV slightly higher than it should be. It's at 90.)
  8. Now, I've been asked numerous times after my Village HD release: "How do you get the skybox to work so well? Other images I try are either too stretchy and don't loop well or it has black boxes everywhere. There are so many errors and I don't know what to do!" - An example question Well, there are easy methods to pull off a skybox. And Mine-imator supports three variants (However! Only two if you are using a version before 0.7 beta) Variant 1: The panoramic variant. (A single image that loops, available in both versions of Mine-imator) Now typically these images are a wide-screen l
  9. this image is an example of how would the sky with a custom texture. and think it would be right, improve a little the custom sky. I think they should improve the Skybox and Skysphere ... well.... the picture is just an example of heaven on Skysphere: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well ... depart from the subject .... I think Mine-imator 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 would look something like this: (with custom sky) (
  10. Hi Guys, Thank you for reading I really NEED a HD skybox for my animations, anyone know a picture or have a picture? Help will be greatly appreciated
  11. Mine-imator skybox: The texture is repeated on all sides of the skybox. looks a bit wrong. New skybox: in this case. the texture is different on all sides. allowing a more comfortable scenery to encourage. is best explained in the following image:
  12. What if you could set a different image for the top bottom left right and back?
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