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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, guys! Itz Rise! And today i wanna show you the SkyBox Template for SkyBox makers in Mine-Imator! Default Minecraft SB Template has different structure, that looks not perfect in M-I... I cound't find normal Template for me, so i make this one. I don't know, who needs it, but i want to make job easy for you, guys. Here it is! UPD*: • N - North; • S - South; • W - West; • E - East; • T - Top; • B - Bottom. Here's a link to download Template: Press here!
  2. Have you ever looked at the default Mineimator sky and said "My, this isn't nearly low resolution enough for my tastes." Well then you need this handy-dandy Skybox pack! Download Pictures Disclaimer and Credits (I feel like I could've created a like farm simply by uploading one of the pictures I took for this every day)
  3. Here's some skyboxes for your stuff. I had no rigs to share today... ? Images: You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  4. Okay first, This took me all day! Literally, from 8 am to 6 pm... Second off, for some reason, my computer can no longer render in 2K. And here she is! Skybox rig by @ÜberKiller
  5. Hello fellas, Im here to bring a pack of SkyBoxes! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6m1ajltizvzh2xw/IsaacDavid-Skyboxes.rar?dl=0
  6. This is my first time making skybox so hope you guys like It ,Oh and there are few bugs that I didn't fix It so beware. If you gonna use my rig please don't forget too leave a credit download in description.
  7. So I created a 360 camera rig and took pictures from all of the cameras and stitched them in paint.net. (I think I have the FOV slightly higher than it should be. It's at 90.)
  8. Now, I've been asked numerous times after my Village HD release: "How do you get the skybox to work so well? Other images I try are either too stretchy and don't loop well or it has black boxes everywhere. There are so many errors and I don't know what to do!" - An example question Well, there are easy methods to pull off a skybox. And Mine-imator supports three variants (However! Only two if you are using a version before 0.7 beta) Variant 1: The panoramic variant. (A single image that loops, available in both versions of Mine-imator) Now typically these images are a wide-screen like image that are rectangular. The width must exceed the hight for this to work! Typically these images should be over 1920x1080 for the best results. Here is a proper panoramic skybox: And when looped in mine-imator it looks like this: What to tick: Skysphere - yes Stretch to fit - optional (I've seen that this does no effect to it whatsoever) Pros - Easiest one to use, and good for beginners. Cons - This annoying bug, harder to find on the Internet. Variant 2: Cubical Skybox (Only available in versions (0.7 beta and up) This one actually takes an image and loops it around in a tile square fashion. Best used for images of clouds or single color skyboxes. Make sure the image is x by x long (Whereas x is the size of one side of the image. Meaning it has to be square. Like 20 x 20 or 512 by 512. Pros - Seamless. No bugs. Cons - Not a great effect if used with the incorrect image. Variant 3: Single image skybox (Available in all versions of Mine-imator) This is a rarer used skybox variant, mainly because it's like a sprite. No matter where you look the image will always appear the same way in the viewer's line of vision. Best images to use for this one are clouds or simple sky colors. You can use any image with this and it will be bug-free. But it doesn't always produce the best effect. Pros - Best version of a skybox for beginners Cons - Using the wrong image produces a bad effect. FINAL TIPS - Be sure the lighting matches with the skybox. An orange-y skybox should have the world's lighting to have an light orange tinge in certain areas. (Preferably the center light) - Don't use really large images or use tiny images. These make the skybox either stretched out or pixelated. If it's what you want, go for it. Otherwise leave it be. - Use a different resource pack in the animation. Better skybox means better textures. Try searching for some resource packs here and see what works the best. - Keep the skybox in a constant location. Never leave it on the desktop. If you move it or accidentally delete it after cleaning some files, it could be lost forever. Unlike most files in mine-imator, this one does not keep a backup for the skybox. This is as far as I know how to skybox. If you have any questions, list them below with a reply! Remember, if I helped you. Leave a +1 behind on your way out. It doesn't hurt. Not at all. (Okay it might a bit)
  9. this image is an example of how would the sky with a custom texture. and think it would be right, improve a little the custom sky. I think they should improve the Skybox and Skysphere ... well.... the picture is just an example of heaven on Skysphere: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well ... depart from the subject .... I think Mine-imator 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 would look something like this: (with custom sky) (
  10. Hi Guys, Thank you for reading I really NEED a HD skybox for my animations, anyone know a picture or have a picture? Help will be greatly appreciated
  11. Mine-imator skybox: The texture is repeated on all sides of the skybox. looks a bit wrong. New skybox: in this case. the texture is different on all sides. allowing a more comfortable scenery to encourage. is best explained in the following image:
  12. What if you could set a different image for the top bottom left right and back?
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