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  1. Aayush Saji


    To me Help me hit 350 + subscribers by Subscribing to me Sharing my videos to other (so that they subscribe) Asking for anything once you subscribe (the things I could possibly do) Featuring me to your channels Once you subscribe to me you can Do not send the things made by me and claim it is yours. It is copyright How to get the models
  2. SO I started to: SO I decided, I can be your partner Tell me what to do I'll tell you that If I can do that or not If it is a yes You must subscribe my channel (seriously.....) with a screenshot Then only will I start making model If I fail you can unsubscribe me. And If I failed and you want me to make another model then stay subscribe Also follow me on scratch (optional...) Cuz A very few people are following me on scratch And I am making a mine imator-kit It will take a long time okay my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWN4KoM1Kkl6wzrTyrz-xg My scratch account : https://scratch.mit.edu/users/aayushsaji133/ (BTW scratch is a 2d game maker in case you didn't know)
  3. Enderknights skins from the song of war (blackplasma studio) DOWNLOAD
  4. Netharans skin pack all netharans skins from song of war: Chronos, Pythus and five other +no eyes version for eyes animating +marking for glow effectes DOWNLOAD PNG weapon pack from song of war (104 weaponds): Enderknights skin pack:
  5. So I will be doing an animation on "Change" cover by Jakeneutron. I have TME helping me with Spinel, but here is Steven's skin! I still need to shade & model, any opinions?
  6. The final product will premiere on YouTube on (American) Independence Day at 3:30pm CDT Video: I am currently working on the next animation that will be out on the 4th of July (hopefully), and you, the reader, have an opportunity to be included! Those who want to be in can send me their skins, and they will be mentioned once the final product gets released into the wild! Good luck, and thanks in advance!
  7. I need skins. That's it. I am making a thing with zombies and living people and zombie stuff here are the things you can be a zombie a living person You can't choose what you are, I do. If everybody did choose who they were, there would be only one zombie and all the rest is living people. ok here is the peoples who are volunteering to be a zombie/living dude/background character ME ok that's it I can make you a zombie if you don't want to edit it yourself. Rules: No blood No gore No disgusting stuff Here's an example I don't know how to resize images sorry
  8. Land of terra used to be roamed by dragons. But not anymore. 3 sniper rifle i made but they are same kind of rifle. So took at they are 3 different skins enjoy ASIIMOV Some say it was dragon of earth some say it is dragon of sky some even say it is dragon of lava but we don't know which dragon it is Crimson Flower One that ruled mast majority of hills of South was Slain by hired Legendary Samurai . It said the fight made grounds to shattered, sky to fell . After it slained surrounding land turned crimson red Ender Dragon's Breath Made by legendary Hero of terra. It said this weapon shoots and powers by dragon's blood. . Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/7p7789rihjksvr5/Dragon_Breath.zip/file Subscribe and follow me. also upvote this post share to others . aand thanks. sorry for not posting. School here is horrifyingly hard
  9. So I'm making a wallpaper/thumbnail for my future animation, and I need skins for random dead bodies in the picture. If you want your skin in there for some reason just drop it down in the replies, thanks for helping me out (if I use your skin in the picture I might use it in the animation, if that's ok with you of course).
  10. So, I've been making some rigs for an upcoming animation ( Call to War (I scrapped the first attempt of this and renamed it from Call of War because life) ) and I need some skins to add in diversity among the characters. If you want to submit your skin, you gotta make sure that: The mouth and eyes are cleared 3 pixels of the hand is removed He/She/It is wearing the standard uniform ( could add it in myself, though (we changed from desert to gray) ) I might need some voice actors too later on Rigged Sample Uniform You guys in? Please? So I can work with the animation already?
  12. I'm trying to animate using the McMojang Texture Pack from here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/mcmojang-version-10/ But when I bring in an Enderman, the skin is messed up: Does anybody know how to fix the head? I'm sure it isn't meant to be like that.
  13. I am new here, and I came to present my project "fad 2 animatronics rigs" is virtually a copy of Steve rigs, but with the skins of animatronics, the project now has the animatronic have eyes and eyebrows for messing the will, more improvements are coming, and also there is much here on the site that I do not know how to write that has spoiler, but not knowing how to put more on his side, still learning a lot here. Images: necessary __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://www.mediafire.com/download/tg4fk3b1vmjzv2w/RIG%27S+fad2.zip <<< DOWNLOAD
  14. Ey, so, yeah, I think I uploaded my previous post in a bad time given that most of the active people here live in the west. So, here, some sort of promo screenshot of a scenery! If you wanna have your character in the animation, just go - - > click here < - - pls? BTW for those who saw the previous topic: couldn't find a good enough desert map, so we're going urban.
  15. DrakonProductions player skin (me) Cornelius Grif the rig i use for my players face can be found here in the description:https://youtu.be/uf9D4WmAsdg Just right click above the skin you want and select save image as.
  16. *clear throat* NO RIGS I'm looking for skins for my animation Darkness Falls! I will pick randomly to those people who comments there skin below and might get pick! There's just some rules... The skin should be slight plain and can be easily edited with Paint.net for expressions. The skin should only have one face... (if you know what i mean) Plus, put some sort of description so I could add in the animation! (No OP descriptions, NO POWERS, No unicorns or anything made out of cookies marshmallows and cute. jk. but seriously, NO POWERS) Notice, your character might only be shown ONCE , OR TWICE , OR ALWAYS during the series!
  17. Hello, its be cool if you give me some skins for my server animation, give also nicks.
  18. There could be a lot of uses for this, but the big one for me is animating the face. Maybe a texture has its own layer system (ideal) or even just being able to keyframe one skin to another in order to swap out expressions or clothes or something. Additionally, it'd be great to have an expression library to contain all the expression options. Hopefully I'm explaining this well: Laika uses the replacement process for their films (Kubo, Coraline, ParaNorman, etc.)
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5sadyQArwS9R1dUdTA3MGpQMTA/view A .zip containing 4,753 different skins that I mass converted from a folder in the game files. You can use it for crowd scenes with lots of characters or if you just need some average non mine-imator user skins. Let me know if it doesn't work because it's my first time using google drive for sharing stuff.
  20. I am now doing rigs for skins only. I am not that great at item rigs. I will post your rigs in the comment section of this topic. By the way, you don't have to give me credit.
  21. CANCELLED. Hello everyone! I need some help with a big project im working on, it will be from 5 to 10 minutes, and before all of you experts destroy my dream, yes, I WILL work really hard on this and I wont animate lazily like other projects I have made before, so expect something nicely made. this is what i need: Characters (Skins): If you want your OC to be on my animation, this is what you need: *No futuristic skins, it can be modern, but if its a pirate age skin it would be perfect! *Everyone is accepted, as long as it dosent break the rule above, but i will edit the Characters section when i dont need any more characters. Use this format: In-game name= BadGuys or GoodGuys?= Personality/Style= (brave, selfish, etc) Voice Actor: If you want to Voice Act any of the characters (or your OC) then PM me this format: Do you want to voice act your character (if you have one) or a random one?= Age?= (to choose you a character if you dont have one) Microphone Quality (from 0 to 10)= You will also get credits at the end of the video and youtube link on description. Helpers: @CaptainClipy = Character = Good Guys's Captain. VoiceActor= @MCBoomBox @GoldenPig55 = Character = Good Guys's Second Hand. VoiceActor= [None] @King of skulls = Character = Good Guy's Crew Member. VoiceActor= [None] @8bit Animations = Character = Bad Guys's Captain. VoiceActor= [None] @Nickolias = Character & Voice Actor = Bad Guy's Second Hand. VoiceActor= @Nickolias @Kylebirch = Character & Voice Actor = Bad Guys's Crew Member. VoiceActor= [None] @MCBoomBox = Voice Actor.
  22. How to get weopon skins. Your answers could be useful.
  23. I want to make an animation related to dragons. How to get more skins other than the ender dragon? pls reply. your answers could be useful.
  24. Hey guys, AlecAnimates here! So, as the title says (it's pretty self-explanatory), I need skins for a Dumb Ways to Die parody I'm making. If you're gonna send me a skin, PM me at youtube.com/user/EpicHomieMC or alecricaforte@gmail.com here are some special skins I need: Kate from Slender: The Arrival The people in Mythbusters The troll skin Here are the lyrics: Set fire to your hair Try to fight herobrine in his lair get a slender mod and attack kate join a pvp server and attack very late (normal chorus) jump off a cliff to get some pork do your own redstone work teach yourself how to fly eat zombie flesh that's guaranteed to make you die (normal chorus) invite the server's griefer inside scratch the server owner's brand new ride take your pumpkin off in an enderman's face use a bombing site as a hiding place (normal chorus) keep a spider as a pet give all your diamonds in a crazy bet eat some food that's not good for you I wonder what's this lever do (normal chorus) dress up like a zombie while they're eating disturb an angry creeper while it's charging stand on the edge of a minecart platform run around the fence gates of an animal crossing run across the tracks between a platform it may not rhyme but they're quite possibly (second normal chorus) Be safe around caves A message from ANARStuff
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