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  1. All I want is some player animations that are true to Minecraft. So basically just the simple non-realistic movements that the player can do like the hitting animation or the sneaking animation. I want somthing as close as possible to real default Minecraft. Thanks!
  2. This rig is made of other rigs, compiled for simplicity: Face Rig: RedAnimator Body Rig: Default Mine-imator rig Weapons: Sharpwind Hand Rig: Hosq I made this not to try and claim other people's work, but to make something that's easy to use for beginner animators (like myself). Picture! (Thank you Fox Miner): https://imgur.com/a/9YvgUNv Download without weapons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vdum1aw3rzfc57/Personal_MC_Rig.miobject/file Download with weapons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/waw3qol79hzb4im/Personal_MC_Rig_No_Weapons.miobject/file If you want to change the skin to your own, just upload your skin of choice, then click on the rig, go to the texture, and change it to whatever skin you want. Happy animating!
  3. Yea a simple desktop computer there are 3 variants of colors black rainbow and Rasta but you can always add you own colors I hope you like it and have fun ? https://www.mediafire.com/file/j81jfazmfsix4c7/desktop_computer_by_skates99_deq2ybk.zip/file
  4. Hey everyone, this is my own character rig, It is not so good but this was my first rig ever! Take a look please... OVERALL LOOK (BASIC VERSION) 3D SHOES AND HAIR (ALSO OTHER EXTRUTIONS) OVERALL LOOK (ADVANCED VERSION) FINGERS REALISTIC FEET NOTE:- All features in 'Advanced Version' and 'Basic Version' are same except for "shoes" and "fingers". Comment for download link...! As said, this is my first rig and not that good. Also, the textures are simple as I am not an expert of that. Suggest me some ways to improve it! *_|...|_* Thanks For Visiting *_|...|_*
  5. Hey guys! I made a waving steve keyframe! Tell me what you think! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ty9xbtuymukbrcc/SteveWave.miobject [WOULDN'T LET ME SAVE THE KEYFRAMES! I TRIED SELECTING THEM AND IT WOULDN'T WORK ;-;] Video of how it works:
  6. One of my first Models DOWNLOAD
  7. A dude on discord wanted a Paper and Pencil rig, and I was all like, "Sure why not?" --Discord-- @DarkZ#9538 Now I never made a Pencil rig, but I don't think it was that hard to make to be honest. Don't judge if they are bad, this was made in under 5 minutes. DOWNLOAD HERE
  8. Sweet Dreams! The pillow can be moved and rotated, and the blanket can bend on the x, y, & z axis. Also, it can be switched to any of the bed colors if you import the texture for it. Download
  9. I made a wallpaper, I really do love dragons anyways. And there is no edit in making this. Wallpaper: Cool, I guess. Sorry for those different dragon textures but I guess that's what the concept is about. Lol. Oh and yes, that flare isn't from edits. It's pure Mine-imator. B.T.S (Behind The Scenes, not some hot Koreans.) : (right side.) Hope you like the illusion. Heh.
  10. Completely made by me. Simple humanoid rig I made from scratch that I call "Slimp." The rig was heavily inspired by UnmuteChannel's humanoid rig that he has made in the past. Added my own original look and made everything from scratch. Made within one sitting and is planned to be used in a big project in the future. Tell me what you think about it. Fun fact: I struggled for about 3 hours trying to get the fingers to work and look how I wanted them to.
  11. So I've always wanted to create an animation that has episodes and a story line evoliving around an apocalypse. And to prepare myself for that I've decided to make couple of tests (the other ones will be uploaded later seperatly because I make like 1-2 a day), hope you like it and of course criticism is appreciated! : D
  12. Made another wallpaper with the same filters but much more minimalistic (as in I used no rigs), hope ya like it and ofc criticism is appreciated! : D
  13. Hi guys! Today I made two new rigs! They feature a wooden chair and a wooden table. Why? I was searching for a rig of a wooden chair, but all rigs resize the planks block (and it seems a bit strange), so I made this. Then I also made the table. Chair ? Features The back is rotable The legs are rotable The cushion can change his color By using the blend color option ? Photos Table ? Features The legs are rotable ? Photos Download Click me :3
  14. Tutorial Video An easy-to-use Rig inspired by MCSM, the Swap Rig is a rig with a swapping mouth with multiple pre-made expressions and annunciations, ideal for easy lip-syncing. The eyes can open and close by changing the Y-scale and have eyebrows that automatically close with them (and can also be animated separately). You can change the colors of the mouth easily, and the eyebrows and pupils, being single objects, are simple to change color as you would anything else. Though it is easy to use, it may or may not be a little confusing at first, so I suggest you watch my quick tutorial in the link above. This rig is being uploaded in it's 2.0 version, as it is easier to use then it's original version. If you would like to see the older version in action, please see Power Animation's Channel as he has frequently used the older version. At the time of this upload, however, no one has used this 2.0 version of the rig. If you use this rig please give credit too me, and I'd love to see anything you make with it! Download Swap Rig 2.0
  15. Had trouble with the hassle of changing many different textures just to get someone's hair to stick out? Let alone a multi-character animation? No more! This is a rig that requires no extra work, it simply turns the hat of your skin 3d. And it works with any 32x64 skin (before 1.8). Download URL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8njee29v3ony1ay/auto3D-steve.zip
  16. Now, I hear you saying, "BUT THIS IS SO SIMPLE?! WHAT THE ****?!" And my response to that is: I know.I know this can be made in, like, 5 minutes, which that's how long it took me to make it. I know I'm very uncreative, as you'll see in the animation. But, who cares? Honestly, it's good, not EVERY THING is perfect, just as you "perfect" creators' rigs are. Besides I was bored. So here: Use as you like, just link THIS PAGE ONLY, NOT the download page. ~Snowy
  17. I have created a blade with extended reach. Download link: Download (Click Me!)
  18. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lrn4ap5evglrh/Bird_Rig_By_Wolfie A simple bird rig. This is my first post on the forums and if you downloaded thanks for downloading No ned for a bird when you have a bird idk
  19. Rzk

    Simple Beacon Sword

    Simple Beacon Sword I am Noob : Download Rig : https://www.mediafire.com/?goq2r8ia7ziad4y
  20. So, I haven't posted a single thing for the past weeks. So I thought I posted this simple pose from my 2nd upcoming animation. Before we continue, please be guided with the following ; Flat Land Mine-imator Gladiator Battle Cringe Pose No Edits K. Bye.
  21. Zombite232

    Rig Requests

    SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my Topic on Rig Requests, and the requests have to be simple, thats right SIMPLE. Im not a very good rigger so they HAVE to be simple, Thank you!!!
  22. I made a simple wallpaper, with the shot of Ashu my Original Character. (I know, nothing special. Just glowing eyes and that shade dark thing. Wew.)
  23. Frost

    Wooden Plank Rig

    So here's my Wood Planks Rig! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE
  24. Frost

    Bricks Rig

    So here's a VERY simple rig, gonna let you guys download anyway. DOWNLOAD HERE
  25. Oxidium's SIMPLE Steve Rig! Features Double Bends Fingers 3D Hair Smooth Mouth DOWNLOAD
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