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  1. The Largest Weapon Rig Pack ever. Watch this video all the way to know weapon rigs in this pack. For more information, go to YouTube. This pack includes: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Machine Pistols, Battle Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Anti-Material Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, Grenades, etc. This rig pack is voxel-based weapon rig pack. Download List of weapons: List of Equipments: Miscellaneous: Magazines: Updates: Models are coming soon: Models will be redesigned: ※ Bold text = Models are started production or preparation of production.
  2. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. Every Halloween, I'm going to add at least 1-2 characters. Soon enough there'll be a bunch of Halloween Models for you to play and pose with. Happy Halloween Everyone! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Support + Contacts -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Update Log -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- This Rig Pack contains -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vv Happy Halloween Pictures + Downloads vV ** If any of these Rigs are used in your Images / Videos, Make sure to credit me ** -- The Grim Reaper -- -Pumpkins- (These 2 Pumpkins are based of of me and my sisters pumpkin we carved) Vv Click this button If you want to download the entire Happy Halloween Rig Pack vV [For Future Use] Hope to see you again soon.
  3. Hello guys, I'm making a new rig for now, it is minecraft story mode rig pack. The rig I had complete at here were Zombie Pigman, Villagers (I'll make Nurm later), Jesse (season 1, 2, & my own creation (Admin Jesse)), and the hardest rig at here (for me), Axel. I hope it'll be a good rig pack. If you have any rig suggestions for me to make please tell me, I'll make it if I can.
  4. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. WELCOME TO THE I'm proud to announce that my Trevor Henderson Rig Pack Is now out for everyone to use. This Rig Pack has over 90 Trevor Henderson Creatures for you to choose from, all which have their own unique styles and is guaranteed to give your Minecraft Character(s) a scare of a life-time. I've been working on this pack for months, just to make sure you get the best quality Rig Pack out there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Support + Contacts -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Update Log -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- This Rig Pack contains -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vv Trevor Henderson Pictures + Main Download at the very bottom vV ** If any of these Rigs are used in your Images / Videos, Make sure to credit me ** -- Anxious Dog -- -- Banana Eater -- -- Bell Head -- -- Big Charlie -- -- Bonesworth -- -- Bridge Worm -- -- Cartoon Cat -- -- Cartoon Dog -- -- Cartoon Lion -- -- Cartoon Mouse -- -- Cartoon Sheep -- -- Cartoon Shin Demon -- -- Costume Man -- -- Country Road Creature -- -- Forgotten Baby -- -- Funny Fear -- -- Ghost Chicken -- -- Ghost Pig -- -- God of Roadkill -- -- Good Boy -- -- Highway Worm -- -- HMSAM -- -- Hole Man -- -- House Head -- -- Humanoid Rabbit -- -- Hush -- -- Kuasar -- -- Light Head -- -- Lil Nuggets -- -- Living Building -- -- Long Horse -- -- Meat Horse -- -- Milk Walker Ambassador -- -- Moth Man -- -- Nervous House Guest -- -- Nurpo -- -- Old Detective -- -- Peeping Tom -- -- Ribbit -- -- Scribble Head -- -- Siren Head -- -- The Smile Room -- -- Smile Room Host -- -- Starliner Cinema -- -- Strange New Life Form -- -- Street Horse -- -- The Angel -- -- The Extra Slide -- -- The Hugger -- -- The Imposter -- -- The Lamb -- -- The Man With The Upside Down Face -- -- The Meatball -- -- Thomas The Train -- -- Thumper -- -- Train Eater -- -- Turn Off The Lights -- -- Yoyo -- Vv Click this button If you want to download the entire Trevor Henderson Rig Pack vV Hope to see you again soon.
  5. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. WELCOME TO THE I'm proud to announce that my Happy Tree Friends Rig Pack is now out for everyone to use! This Rig Pack has 25 Happy Tree Friends for you to choose from, all with their own style of cuteness. Don't get fooled though, they all have their own styles of stupidity along with it. Due to their clumsiness, they always seem to kill them selves each episode but yet seem immortal considering they keep coming back. Who knows, maybe these little animals may be the only things to survive the nuclear blast in Mine-Imator. I've been working on this Rig Pack for a month, just to make sure you get the best quality Rig Pack out there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Support + Contacts -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Update Log - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - This Rig Pack Contains - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Things You Might Want To Know First - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vv Happy Tree Friends Rig Pack + Main Download at the very bottom vV ** If any of these Rigs are used in your Images / Videos, Make sure to credit me ** -- Buddhist Monkey -- -- Cro-Marmot -- -- Pop & Cub -- -- Cuddles -- -- Disco Bear -- -- Flaky -- -- Flippy & Fliqpy -- -- Giggles -- -- Handy -- -- Lammy & Mr. Pickels -- -- Lefty & Shifty -- -- Lumpy -- -- Mime -- -- Nutty -- -- Petunia -- -- Russell The Pirate -- -- Sniffles -- -- Splendid -- -- The Mole -- -- Toothy -- -- Truffles -- Vv Click this button If you want to download the entire Trevor Henderson Rig Pack vV Hope to see you again soon.
  6. I'd like to celebrate 100 subs on my youtube channel by releasing this "big pack" REvO-4: Das Automodell. This pack wouldn't be released without your support, thank you to all of you who always supports my work. So what's in this pack? Well, so many vehicles! scroll down or watch full showcase: here we go... First Release 2021, July 30: Albatross Laysan Class-C | custom sedan Albatross Laysan Class-D | custom pickup Albatross Laysan Class-A | custom limousine VAZ-2107 Lada Riva Albatross Grand Laysan II | custom Rolls-Roys Cullinan Albatross Grand Laysan II Carrier | custom Rolls-Roys Cullinan and Ford F-150 Albatross Mini Shorttail | custom VW Golf GTI Mk. I Albatross J301 Ranger Alpha | custom Jeep Wrangler Albatross MV2 Quadro | custom Audi Quattro Hamatsu C250-R "Scout" | custom Toyota MR2 AW11 Hamatsu C500 GT-R "Stryk" | custom Nissan Skyline R31 (GTS-X) Albatross F10 Turbo | custom Hofstetter Turbo Albatross LD-400 | custom Suzuki Carry Albatross LD-400 M2 Angkot | custom Suzuki Carry "Angkutan Kota" Albatross LD-410 Carrier | custom Suzuki Carry Pickup Albatross LD-420 Loader | custom Suzuki Carry Box Albatross Duty R410 | custom European truck Albatross Duty R510 | custom European truck Albatross Duty R540 SuperLoader | custom European truck Albatross Duty R540E2 Tipper | custom Heavy-duty European truck Albatross Duty R540E3 Flatbed | custom European truck Peterbilt 379 DynamicWorks HD700 i6 | custom Western Star 5700 XE Update Release 2021, August 28: Albatross Laysan Class-D | custom wagon car Before you download and use these models, please read the archive commentary. Always credit me if used. *** Modification and redistribution without my permission is not allowed! (aka Steal). Such actions may result in download link become unavailable (stopped) for public download. *** All downloads go to my page * = requested model
  7. From the previous episode, the Realistic Environment Objects: Barrier Pack Today I introduce you the REvO-2 (Realistic Environment Objects 2) ROADSIDE Pack. This pack is BIG, it contains the following: Release from 2021, May 13: Billboard 1 Billboard 2 Bus Stop LHT Bus Stop RHT Concrete Powerline pole Concrete Powerline pole + Lamp Digital BIllboard 1 Digital Billboard 2 Mailbox "FlyMail" Payphone Phone Booth Street Billboard Street Light 1 Street Light 2 Subway Entrance "NYC" Vending Machine 1 "EN" Vending Machine 1 "RU" Vending Machine 2 Wind Turbine Wooden Powerline pole Image preview: Prepare your scroll wheel I can't make any Documentary files, there is too many model in this pack. Deal with it. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** *** DO NOT REMOVE ANY LOGO ATTACHED TO THE MODEL *** Downloads go to my page like/dislike, upvote/downvote. and oh, this pack shoud be worth around 25+ USD so, you're welcome
  8. Do you want to add some details to your scene? Well, I made some good models for you. Introducing you, The BARRIER Pack! This pack contains the following: Release from 2021, March 1: Concrete Barrier 1 Concrete Plate Fence Construction Site Barrier 1 Construction Site Barrier 2 Iron Chainlink Fence Iron Fence Stand Road Construction Sign Traffic Cone Water Barrier Release from 2021, April 21: Wooden Fence 1 Wooden Fence 2 Wooden Fence 3 Please read the archive's commentary and documentary file (DOCUMENTARY.txt) inside the archive if you want to know how to use these models. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Downloads go to my page Proceed to Episode 2
  9. Credit if you use
  10. Ever wanted to be rich and do ilegal things in Mine-Imator?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Well, now you can by downloading the money rig pack!! FEATURES: Cash: Wad of cash: A penny!: A bag full of money: And of course, glasses, because when we are talking about money, we cannot forget about glasses to look cool: DOWNLOAD! If you use this, credit me by providing a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosbgoNhK9b1urHEjRaZo9A
  11. Here is a rig pack of cuboid sonic screwdrivers from the 2nd Doctor all the way to the 12th! Words can not express how happy I am! All inspired by @Skjold Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ngz112p4hln9uc6/Cuboid_Sonic_Screwdrivers.zip
  12. Download the latest version Version "0.1 Beta", 2016/5/23: Added Structure Blocks(With different variants), Magma Block, Bone Block, Nether Wart Block, and Red Nether Brick. Added 'Husk', 'Polar Bear'(Scale is weird and limbs don't bend, WIP.), and 'Stray' mob rigs. Added Item Sheet that will contain new items, currently only has the "Structure Void" item.
  13. Portal 2 Companion Cube Rig Pack Includes: Download The Companion Cubes Here
  14. Download :https://mega.nz/#!IJ9DGbyR!NZY6z052idBgCXMTt9hRX_-9jQZETo-hgAxzwP0Pqz8 This is my first,small Rig Pack. Feel free to give criticism.
  15. Kwixcraft - Sign Rig Pack Stop Sign Crosswalk Sign Radioactive Sign Railroad Crossing Sign Route 66 Sign Wolf Crossing Sign Kwixcraft Sign Rig Pack Download Property of Kwixcraft You are free to use the contents of this file For any purpose commercial or not Proper Credit Must Be Provided! https://www.youtube.com/c/Kwixcraft Also, If you decide to use these rigs. I'd love to see what you guys and gals use this for. So post them here!
  16. Hey everyone! I just wanted the MC Usernames of the following youtubers as I am creating a story mode-style face rig for them: DanTDM TrueMU CaptainSparklez Logdotzip UnspeakableGaming(This won't be a story mode-style one) IDeactivateMC MumboJumbo Grian ItsMooseCraft Stampy P.S. Add any others you can think of. These are the ones I watch the most. Add your own usernames if u want and I'll create a story-mode style one for you too. Oh, and btw, making this may take a long while so please be patient. The ones which are in bold are necessary.
  17. If you use them PLEASE CREDIT ME!! Hey Guys!! Its me BoltedJames Again! Today I'm Bring you a Mob Rig Pack!! So Ya Whats New? -Added Skeleton -Pigman -IronGolem -Creeper -Endermen -ZombiePigman -Skeleton More Will Be Added Soon!! Mobs Left to do: IronGolem Creeper Endermen Zombie Pigman Zombie Sketelton Spider Ghast Cow Pig Chicken Squid Ocelot Wolf Lama ECT. Comment If there is one that i should next!! And If its not on the list tell me!! (Make Sure Its An Vanilla Minecraft Mob) I Might Update Some Of them!! And If so it will say! If you use them PLEASE CREDIT ME!!
  18. Hello guys, Jovan here. I have created a new rig pack that I will hope you enjoy! It's the warrior rig pack! Please give me suggestions for other warriors to do. Pic: Download <---
  19. It took me 3 days to do all of them, actually to me, they were always not much used and explored in the original game, but now, my problem (and the others, I think) are over! Now I can do an animation with them to explore more of them now! Remember that they are meant to be simple. and a warning: Many of the rigs to access facial expression or other objects, you need to go in the timeline because they are locked or are not visible. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I Think people don't know much about this game....soo....i will just post some images here in the Spoiler. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ XCOM 2 PACK RIG'S! - - - Advents: Aliens: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed the Rigs and the Game too. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ADVENTS AND ALIENS :D ____________________________________________________________________ Q: do you will create the Rulers like this one? A: AFTER ALL THE WORK I DONE WITH THIS PACK?
  20. hello there! am back with another pack, this time, THE FACIAL RIG EDITION!! i've been working in my personal rig by like a week and tested it by months, i think it isn't advanced but complicated, so i wanted to show some examples on how modifying it, not just to make it fit with your character, to make more characters too without having to know much than reskining, so, lets start! i also have to mention that i have taken the more used skins (according to a website) so it would be a tutorial and a joke at the same time, so, prepared? LET'S GO! first of, CAPTAIN 'MURICA: THE COWBOY: THE ROBOT CREEPER: THE CRAZY BIKINI GUY: THE MAGIC PLANT: THE STEREOTYPICAL GIRL: THE SUPERPIG; THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL DUDE: Well, that's all. see you later GAMERS AND FREAKS THE DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qto4mtbksy8si4q/BBruce7815's+crazy+rig+pack+-Facial+Rig+Edition!-.zip
  21. Realistic rig pack volume 1 This pack includes: * 1 type of grass * 2 types of trees * 2 types of bushes * 1 type of rock * 1 type of log * 1 stone brick wall * water++ Water++ Water++ is a combination of 3 features to create the perfect water object for Mine-imator. (I won't spoil anything more) How to use water++ Simply import the .object file, place it and adjust it to find the perfect spot for it. These settings must be applied in "Project properties>background". Wind speed: 15% Wind strength: 0.50% By recoloring the water++ folder, the color of the water will change but not the reflection. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ve3j5zypua0e5p2/Realistic+terrain+pack+V1.zip
  22. The rig pack is planned to be released tomorrow, and will be frequently updated as more snapshots come out with more additions to the game. ;D
  23. Images: http://imgur.com/a/Mhco3 BEHOLD, THE NOOB RIG PACK COLLECTION THING! This Rig Pack includes a Noob Rig, a 'special' Noob Rig, a collection of Noob Weapons (Including a Warhammer, a Spear, a Sword, a Greatsword, a Battleaxe and a Staff), and even comes with the Noob Islands .mproj! (Look at the images to see what it looks like) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/45ecqgss190426m/Noob_Collection.zip The 'special' Noob is called the Newb, King of all Noobs, he is so derpy that he is indestructible... He is also the 2nd member of the 'Heroes of Minecraftia' Here is a video of when the Holy Knight first met the Newb... (That gigantic 'Magma Noob' is not included in the Rig Pack) I made this when I didn't know about Rigs, Keyframe Transitions or this forum... It is old
  24. Mine-imator 1.9 Rig Pack [Beta] Version 0.1 Beta Check out the Trailer below! Changelog: Download! http://bit.ly/1LUME0j Please give credit, I put a lot of hard work and effort to make this pack possible.
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