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  1. The SVD (СВД; Russian: Снайперская Винтовка Драгунова, romanized: Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, lit. 'Dragunov Sniper Rifle'), GRAU index 6V1,[2] is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle/sniper rifle[3] chambered in the 7.62×54mmR cartridge, developed in the Soviet Union. Made in : Blockbench Like pls I will post download link tomorrow
  2. BulBash

    PKM (RIG)

    The PKM was designed to replace the SGM and RP-46 machine guns that were previously in Soviet service. The weapon remains in use as a front-line infantry and vehicle-mounted weapon with Russia's armed forces and has also been exported extensively and produced in several other countries under license.
  3. a HK417A2 battle rifle animation. This gun model is a variant of HK417, with Sand and Tan colors applied. Sounds from Call of Duty, YouTube, and other sources. Some sounds were edited with audacity. For more information, go to YouTube.
  4. The Browning Automatic Rifle was a select-fire machine gun that was designed by John Browning, who was known for their many other designs and influences in the firearms industry, and was used by the United States of America for half of the 20th Century. It was fed with a 20-round .30-06 Magazine, and could fire up to 600 rounds per minute. Initially designed for a marching-fire strategy made to accommodate automatic developments during the First World War, it would instead be used in various other applications such as trench-clearing, squad support fire, or for crimes outside of war altogether. Unlike other late automatic weapons that narrowly missed use in the war, such as the Thompson Submachine Gun, the BAR managed to see some use during the last moments of WW1. However, the war would end a few months after its arrival in Europe, and the BAR would see use elsewhere, whether as foreign variants used by other countries or for organized crime within the US. During the interwar period, however, the US would continuously revise the BAR's design without John Browning, eventually resulting in the M1918A2. This variant was often outfitted with a bipod, stock rest, and eventually a carry handle, intended to be used as a light machine gun for squad support by this point in time. It also had an internal rate reducer that could cut the firerate down to 400 rounds per minute if needed. This variant would see extensive use by the US during the Second World War, and eventually the Korean War. By the time that the US intervened in the Vietnam War, it already sought to replace the BAR with newer alternatives such as the failed M14 rifle, and ultimately, the more somewhat more successful M16 assault rifle and M60 light machine gun. By the 21st Century, the BAR would be phased out entirely from military service. Some additional features: Click here to download!
  5. The M1891 Mosin-Nagant rifle is possibly one of the most prolific bolt-action rifles in the world, being instantly recognizable in both name and look to many. It's popularity rose from its significant usage by Russians throughout half of the 20th Century, and its roles during the world wars as both a front-line infantry weapon and sniper rifle. Its design originates from multiple firearms being trialed by the Russian Empire, with its lead designers being Sergei Mosin, who was rising in the Russian military, and the Nagant Brothers, who were originally based in Belgium. During the trials, Mosin incorporated details and features from other rifles in his design, which was ultimately accepted as the 3-Line Rifle. However, Léon Nagant initiated a legal dispute with Mosin's design, which ultimately led to Russia compensating Nagant and the rifle being known as the M1891 Mosin-Nagant outside of Russia. It was fed with smokeless 7.62x54r ammunition, was often loaded with 5-round Stripper Clips, and allowed the attachment of a socket bayonet. Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, the Mosin-Nagant's first main use would be in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, which turned out to be a catastrophic failure for the Russian Empire. Shortly thereafter, Russia would become heavily involved with the outbreak of the First World War, and suffered severe and tragic losses while being directly fought by all of the Central Powers combined. Unfortunately, the Mosin-Nagant itself proved to be an ineffective rifle in combat, Due to weak war preparations, poorly-trained infantry, ineffective logistics, and ridiculously bad coordination, Russia performed so badly during WW1 that they practically ran out of Mosin-Nagant rifles halfway through the war, ultimately depending on Entente exported rifles while shifting weapon production to the United States of America. Eventually, the Russian Revolution forced Russia's surrender in 1917, and would eventually overthrow the government. The instated Soviet Union eventually took over production of the Mosin-Nagant, and made several modifications during the interwar period. One variant, the M91/30, became the rifle's most iconic variant to date, being based off of a previous Dragoon (cavalry) variant, and would see greater use in the Second World War than it did during WW1. During WW2, Russia lost even greater amounts of land than Russia did during WW1 as a result of Operation Barbarossa, seeing greater shortages than in WW1. However, Russia maintained production of the Mosin-Nagant, and managed to rebound from its weakest state unlike its previous leadership. During the war, the Mosin-Nagant was often outfitted with a new, but incredibly effective attachment known as a magnifying scope. The PU Scope was not the first optical scope used on Mosin-Nagant rifles, although its the most recognizable. It could magnify targets up to 3.5x, and perfected the rifle's long-reaching capabilities. Many marksmen and snipers used this scope during WW2, and managed to make a name for themselves with it. Overall, despite being often unreliable or unpredictable as a result of manufacturing quality, the Mosin-Nagant managed to maintain a somewhat unexpected reputation, being loved AND hated by many throughout the century. Click here to download! Scope Disclaimer:
  6. 2 sized Brownells BRN-180 upper receiver upper receiver, stock & magzine are fully made in modelbench download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rf60ne1xohti1pd/BRN180.z1p/file
  7. The Steyr M95 is a straight-pull bolt action rifle that was primarily used by Austria-Hungary until its collapse following the first world war, and used subsequently by a few nations, including those that were originally part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was initially chambered in 8×50mmR Mannlicher, feeding from a 5-round enbloc clip, which is fully inserted into the gun before closing the chamber. It also had the novelty of having a straight-pull bolt, removing two steps from the process of recycling the weapon. When the rifle reached its final round, it would eject the empty clip through the bottom, in a similar, albeit quiet fashion comparable to the later M1 Garand. The M95 would be used the most during the first world war, as Austria-Hungary, one of the major empires in the Central Powers, primarily fought against the Russian Empire and Kingdom of Italy while employing this rifle in standard service. Following the first world war, and the subsequent collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, many countries that either made up Austria-Hungary (including Austria and Hungary) would develop later variants of the M95, most still using the enbloc mechanism in different calibers. Click here for download!
  8. The Vetterli-Vitali is an Italian rifle that was in use from the 1870s until the end of the First World War. Having seen many revisions throughout its lifetime, it would ultimately see use alongside the Carcano rifle, a much more popular (and possibly infamous) design that was also used by Italy during WW1. This model is based off of the M1870/87 variant, which had a 4-round 10.4x47R magazine, which intriguingly, was fed by a large charger that was inserted directly into the chamber. This loading charger was very different to stripper clips, which would become the world standard during its time in service. The design wouldn't see many further improvements in Italy until 1915, when the rifle was rechambered for 6.5x52mm Carcano, the standard service caliber at the time, as a result of Italy's sudden entry into WW1. It replaced the magazine to accommodate 6-round enbloc clips, which were used by the Carcano rifle itself. I might model this variant soon. Download here!
  9. The Gewehr 98 was a rifle designed by the Mauser manufacturer in Germany, and had been designed back in 1895 for international use. Its biggest user was the German Empire itself, having finally adopted a variant in 1898. During WW1, it was chambered in 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser) and was a very accurate platform for its time. It saw many changes throughout its lifespan, and evolved into several different variants to fit new tasks, such, but not limited to. Karabiner-98a its only ACTUAL carbine variant Karabiner-98b full length rifle disguised as a carbine to bypass the Treaty of Versailles after Germany had lost the war Karabiner-98k still a disguised rifle, but slightly shortened, hence the 'kurz' designation And from there, several variants for numerous countries all over the world One of the main criticisms of the G98 was its confusing distance adjustments, which resulted in its distinctive 'rollercoaster' sights. Although this isn't an issue for experienced shooters, and was a strangely common technique in that specific area (i.e. any Mannlicher rifle that isn't an M95), it can result in sight clarity issues, and make it harder for users to see their target. Many exported variants completely changed it, going for the more accessible 'ladder' sights, but the German military still chose to go with it regardless. Notice the distinctly obtuse 'rollercoaster' sights You may download it here for 0 francs
  10. with lever; hammer; 1 bullet; reloading system; RIG ; https://www.mediafire.com/file/yi6c31ce5rr2fje/Reapting_Rifle_Henry.rar/file
  11. Oh look, another M4A1 rig... my 5th one... maybe I'll start doing other models... As is typical for me, many different parts that are used for normal operation can be manipulated- i.e. the trigger, magazine release, fire selector, stock, rear iron sight, etc. Should hopefully perform somewhat better than my previous. Let me know if it needs more tweaking. Alternatively you can snoop around for less intensive models; this was more of a personal use thing anyways. Pics: Download: Mediafire Folder for Models
  12. German prototype caseless ammunition rifle. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY *** Download go to my page *edit: KRAUT SPACE MAGIC
  13. This is my second gun rig, and I think it looks great. The Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk. III (SMLE Mk III) saw extensive use during both World Wars (In the form of a later variant in the Second World War), and used to be standard issue in the British Empire. It can hold up to ten .303 British rounds, and although it was fed via magazine (which is also detachable, though not in this rig), they were generally loaded from the top using stripper clips (Now has one!), or even just round by round individually. It proved to be effective in trench warfare. Images: Tutorial: In the Body section there is a Moving Parts section. In that, there is a Main Bolt section. In that, there is a rotating bolt section. 1. Rotate the Rotating Bolt section -45 on the X axis 2. Pull the Main Bolt backwards 3. (Add bullet physics or reload) 4. Push Main Bolt Forwards (Along the way, push the cocking piece back slightly) 5. Rotate Rotating Bolt back to original position 6. Pull trigger (duh) 7. Make Cocking Piece fly forward 8. Repeat Also before I forget, here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i0em4vii9gc12fj/SMLE_Mk_III.miobject/file Was looking at the rig again and decided it was a bit too thicc.
  14. Bat Rax

    [PUBG] AWM

    A Fully Functional Sniper Rifle From Pubg ? Samples : DOWNLOAD :
  15. Because for Soviet Union! Movable parts. DOWNLOAD
  16. FA DICE Presents: Steve Has A Gun 2 (a sequel to Steve Has A Gun) Additional info: Rigs made by @crustyjpeg. This wallpaper is a parody of @-StickyMations- animation "Steve Has A Gun" . It's a great animation and I totally suggest checking Sticky out. He's a cool dude. :3 FA is a real thing, and it is owned by the legendary dad @Rollo! It's a fun little server to hang out in and I get most of my inspiration from there! Come join us!
  17. Image I'm using: (Airsoft M4A1, Actual rig will not have orange tip) In render So far... (Quick Note: Looks like something out of Fortnite, or possibly Roblox...) The way I imported the image was by importing it the normal way, resizing it to the amount of height/width in the image (1280 x 478), dividing the individual height/width scales a few times until plausible (Believe me, it's enormous if not scaled down), before finally creating and mixing blocks in order to fill in said image. Quick Question: Is this method, if even legal, allowed? I haven't ever heard of anyone else using a method similar to this. THE RIG HAS BEEN FINISHED, CLICK ON LINK TO SEE FINAL PRODUCT
  18. On a WIP post, I also explained how I make my rigs. You may see said post here... Without further ado, here's a showcase of the rig: Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfohifsxzm31wyh/M4A1.miobject?dl=0
  19. AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel) Voxel is boring. So, im back to Item Sheet Method but with Modelbench -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Gun Spec] Damage : Medium Bullet : .300 Black Out Fire Rate : 800 RPM Wieght : 2.8 Kg Category : PWD Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Info] *Made with Item Sheet and Modelbench (.mimodel) *Iron Sight can be Rotate if you Add some Attachment *The Stock can be extended *Low Laggness if you Duplicate the Model *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>>>>>> Download Here <<<<<<<< ?Upvote or Comment for more Rig?
  20. Bastard Rifle fits in apocalypse like world. Bastard Rifle uses 7.62×39mm [AK-47's ammo] and hold around 30 to 31 bullets per mag. Bastard rifle is direct upgrade of Bastard Gun. Bastard Rifle jams less and more accurate and heat up is lessened but it lacks fire rate and has higher recoil than bastard gun. Also bullet it uses is around uncommon Wallpaper of Bastard Rifle https://www.mediafire.com/view/sqf2jc9biep9vid/bastard_rifle_wallpaper.png/file Download here https://www.mediafire.com/file/hy7aom4hgd8q0le/Bastard_Rifle.miobject/file and Follow me on MI forum and subscribe me on Youtube aaaand upvote this post . Thank you
  21. Bastard Rifle fits in apocalypse like world. Bastard Rifle uses 7.62×39mm [AK-47's ammo] and hold around 30 to 31 bullets per mag. Bastard rifle is direct upgrade of Bastard Gun. Bastard Rifle jams less and more accurate and heat up is lessened but it lacks fire rate and has higher recoil than bastard gun. Also bullet it uses is around uncommon Wallpaper of Bastard Rifle https://www.mediafire.com/view/sqf2jc9biep9vid/bastard_rifle_wallpaper.png/file Download here https://www.mediafire.com/file/hy7aom4hgd8q0le/Bastard_Rifle.miobject/file and Follow me on MI forum and subscribe me on Youtube aaaand upvote this post . Thank you
  22. Hi guys I hope you like my work You saw this on PUBG or BF4 Yes this is Groza I will upload a lot of my work in the future DOWNLOAD
  23. Heya! I made another rig. Yeah, I know it's the same 'ol AR-type rifle (an M4A1 in this case), but I just love them. Just as how AK's are to CodyBI, AR's are my specializations. Sorry if I don't go too detailed with this post. I'm kinda feeling lazy after making another one, having it corrupted, remaking it, letting it lie around 80% complete, finishing it, then going to school the morning after. I'm thinking of making another common gun next. Any suggestions? Gallery Video Demo Notes: The Z and X folders switched places XP. Downloads Here's the download: DOWNLOAD HERE Lagging too much? Try using this placeholder first, then replace it with the original. DOWNLOAD HERE
  24. KuroHwan

    HK233 RIG

    http:// https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hUSlJ7qO1elDqoAbR2BgqbuZQ9T1NbAx/view?usp=sharing
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