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Found 4 results

  1. I took an old poster save of mine and decided to tweak/update it a little bit, this is the end result: Made in MI, edited in Photoshop. Things to note that I dislike about this poster: The original wallpaper is old, I only tweaked some small details, this whole wallpaper is 2 years old by now The building could've been better detailed There could've been more props around (corpses, weaponry, etc) The characters involved could've made more sense, the engineer was a joke but it feels out of place. I could've worked more around lighting, I didn't because I wan
  2. Return of the Legends Thumbnail! I made this thumbnail for a friend of mine, who's posting a minecraft music video "Return of the Legends" (his name is KingApdo, for those who're asking) Programs used: Mine-Imator, Adobe Photoshop Time spent: 3 hours Nerves lost: all lol Here's the "in the making" also: https://gyazo.com/adfd8fee23287e0dccafe01472f3a78d.gif
  3. I just wanna kick it of with a 'glimmering' return! - I do have to note that it depends on if I find the time and motivation to keep making things now.. I hope I do!! -
  4. First wallpaper i made with 1.0.0 Return of my Powers
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