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Found 5 results

  1. Hey! After the release of the new version Mine Imator 1.2.3 developer changed standard textures grass, leaves etc. How to return old textures? Please help! When loading other textures packs program crashes....
  2. So, I figured out that the new Mine-imator doesn't use the old block sheet... And, I'm figuring a way to animate water, lava, etc... in a new resource pack, but you can only add one texture in one object! The thing is, I'm using a resource pack and trying to change the textures of the scenery, but it has a river, and I can't find a way to change the river texture because the new block sheet doesn't contain water and it can't be animated even if it was in there. P.S. it's 128*128 so Mine-imator crashes
  3. Shaders Pack - Resource Default Shaders "Beta Version (Try to Leave The Beta)" Compatible only with Mine-imator Demo Version 0.7 Download Now!!! Test Now!!! Shaders Test 1 Shaders Test 2 Soon improve Skin, Blocks and plants with shadow: Soon compatible with Schematics: Pixel Shadows vs Smooth Shadows: Download Demo and Advances: Advance of Plants: Shader imator Demo 1 Demonstration of Shadows: Shader imator Demo 2 Demonstration: Realistic Sky: List of Process: First Released (V. 0.1) • Is not compatible with Schemat
  4. Hey guys! I've recently been playing around with the 1.0 Demo version of the program, and have been having a lot of trouble trying to add a texture/resource pack to my animation. The texture pack works fine in Minecraft itself, but as soon as I try to import the texture into the program Windows tells me the program is having issues and closes it. :c Any way I could fix this?
  5. Hi! this is my first download, a chair and a dining table ("Yard table" is called in the files) INSTRUCTIONS: Set the scale... Chair Scale: 0.05 Dining Table Scale: 0.06 Picture: Food not included Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ii54ivckkadm6zf/Chair_and_Yard_table.rar
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