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Found 9 results

  1. So For the Educational video about solar system, I can't Upload it because Don't know why Mine-Imator Start Crashing, and It did, but it's stutter video. So This is That I can make so far. I need to Fix this problem next years or what, I don't know. So here is the picture: I got this Render Idea From NASI YouTube Channel. It's a Indonesia Astronomical Information Channel. And This Is Remake in Mine-Imator. So what do you guys think?
  2. Waiffle

    Saturn model

    Hello! this is my second model! this time the pivot offset is correct, you can rotate the ring and the planet however you want! DOWNLOAD THE MODEL BY CLICKING THIS LINK! (MediaFire) ( you can use in any way you want, just please dont claim it as yours :3)
  3. Hey everyone! So i have decided to take a rather different aproach with mine-imator and i am making... AN ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM So, How are you going to do this porky? Well, I will show you a slight look into the first and possibly most complex planet, Saturn! Any suggestions? Please leave them below! Ok thanks! And btw, If you are going to tell me how to improve, Do not just put "Thiz zuks. kiw yourselv plz" Because i really don't have the time to question how that person even got out of the womb alive.
  4. Testing Saturn ring's shadow. Nice.
  5. "Earth and Moon" "Marbles" "Prince and Princess" "Trailing Battle" Working on the new set!
  6. "Against the Dying of the Light" "Behind the Light" "Mars" These are my atmospheric tests V.1 They're rough atmospheres, built with few spheres colored and adjust alpha. Mars' gigantic shadow is a glitch.
  7. Back to Mine-imator. I feel that I like those planets so I align them and they response quite well... Mercury is the first planet from the sun and it's small mass make it likely to be thrown out by Jupiter. Venus is the next one, HOT HOT HOT and brillant planet in Terran skies. 50-70 km above the surface is one of the most earth-like atmospheres known. Earth, where we are, is the third planet. It has one moon, Luna. Mars is the fourth planet, the most earth-like planet in Sol System. Not to cruel, it's nice, only to watch out for some radiations. Two tiny moons orbiting. Jupiter
  8. guys. right now i will be making a mineimator animation with planets. but i will need some people to participate in the animation. i will let any number participate. but when i think it could be too much work, i will remove somebody. you can start now!
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