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  1. Hello guys, I'm making a new rig for now, it is minecraft story mode rig pack. The rig I had complete at here were Zombie Pigman, Villagers (I'll make Nurm later), Jesse (season 1, 2, & my own creation (Admin Jesse)), and the hardest rig at here (for me), Axel. I hope it'll be a good rig pack. If you have any rig suggestions for me to make please tell me, I'll make it if I can.
  2. Fryz Glaive Fear not the darkness but, welcome its embrace Made using : MI pre release #2 Dont ask about the size! its a Glaive ?? Download Link:? if you have problem using my rigs just comment below have fun! oink!
  3. ?Pork Armor? The power of one texture The rig is still on testing I made the rig using one texture one and I also put extrusion in a cool way Texture? Front view? Back view? Miner Type mode:? ?Also slightly supports new 3 bends in the body? Coming soon:? I hope you all like it Oink!
  4. ?Fryzzle's Katana? The first to apologize is the bravest The first to forgive is the strongest The first to forget is the happiest DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/96ra6w84o485g1a/Fryzkatana_version2.rar/file
  5. Hey this is my first work on mine-imator i hope you like it https://imgur.com/eRucKSw
  6. 'Tis a pig rig! Enjoy. Features Moveable ears Functional eyes Organized hiearchy Mouth squeezed under the snout Download here You'll most likely have to use the textures in the download and replace the objects in the scene with the textures, primarily the ears and the skin itself. Thanks for trying out my rig, or at the very least looking at it! Suggest things to add or to be improved
  7. FryzMobile FryzGTZ 9000 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works A simple car made by: Fryzzle the Pork I hope you all like but the rig is not so 100% perfect Warning! the rig is kind of laggy sorry Download Link: FryzMobile: Unavailable ( fixing soon) Have fun!
  8. ELEMENT ANIMATION RIG PACK NOW HERE!!! THIS RIG PACK JUST FOR MINE-IMATOR (COMMUNITY BUILD) 1.0.2 My name is Yanuar Mohendra, I'm from Indonesia, And I'm sorry if my english bad :u This is my first mine-imator rig pack XD. I make this rig by myself, I'm so tired :v Facial Rig I used in it is KOC's and Dr.Nexil's facial rig: Rigs that inside it: Steve Rig Alex Rig Villager Rig Creeper Rig Goerge the Pig Rig Enderman Rig Zombie Rig Spider Rig Ender Dragon Rig If you use this rig, don't forget to credit me (Yanuar Mohendra), KoC, Dr.Nexil, & the Element Animation (if needed). If you want it, download it at: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dc9jgit3itpdi1m/Element+Animation+Minecraft+rig+pack+by.+Yanuar+Mohendra.zip
  9. Hello there friends I was rigging some things up, and decided to make a basic animal rig for some animals. Animals included: Chicken, Sheep, Wolf, Ocelot, Pig, Rabbit. They all have working eyes. https://www.mediafire.com/?m9781e4s1z88snb Wolf Chicken. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig, Ocelot, Will update these when I have the time. UPDATES FOR NEXT: -Will all have mouths with teeth, and tongue. -Wolf, Ocelot, and Rabbit will have claws while the chicken will have webbed feet. -Noses will be most certainly boopable. -Horses, cows, and squids will be done rigged. Thanks for reading if you liked, a 1+ would be appreciated Open to suggestions and constructive criticism.
  10. For some reason, I got feedback on a different website and people disliked this. Just want your opinion. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Credit - Skibbz' Scenery Pack
  11. hello everybody, this is my first, story animation, expect bad animation/walking
  12. iiBerry_

    Pig Rig v1

    Hey guys! Today, I'm releasing my pig rig (V1). Enjoy! download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q7bz7hyq92kjtbh/AAD7vpN0mR0QGvOVlNkHuQXfa?dl=0
  13. lifecraft


    This is my first rig ever. I hope that it can be useful in any way possible. no credit is required but would be appreciated pig front pig back ---download rig--- http://www.mediafire.com/file/fwiikh087pvve8a/pig_rig.zip note: the eyes of the rig were not made by me, i simply added the eyes to the pig. original eye rig here.
  14. XENKO

    [RIG]PIG RIG!!

    This is my frist topic(rig) the pig! 3D tail moveble eye's! and 3D ear's!! http://www.mediafire.com/download/ora85pb0nichkgo/pig-made_by_XENKO.zip DOWNLOAD
  15. I'm just gonna get to it. Rules: 1. Animation must be atleast 10 Seconds long 1 Minute Max 2. You Must use a pig You may use custom textures 3. No swearing, Blood & gore or Sexual content. Violence is allowed but just no blood or like death unless its a hunting animation. 4. You must have a watermark or name in one corner of the screen. 5. You must PM me your entries. 6. When the Animation ends please make text saying To Be Continued. 7. You are allowed to use sound but not music 8. Your finshed product should be 1080p. MP4 and 60 FPS 9. All entries must be in before the 10th of June. 10. Do what ever you like as long it follows the rules No example has been provided because the video would not load. Entrys completed
  16. UPDATE! Hi guys. This is my first original rig. This pig was made for my own Minecraft video MineAnimalWorld All content you can edit is put here: Update log: New version! Pic: Old versions (Forgive me to use simply Chinese language pack, but something still can be read, right?) Pics (old versions): Download:New Version! Video link may be added later!
  17. So, this is a first person perspective test, it can be used as a wallpaper, This was made pretty quickly, but it looks okay nonetheless. Here it is!
  18. By no edits, I mean all was done in mine-imator. I know its not that impressive but I'm a little rusty (And yes that is expose to be magic) [spolier]
  19. Introducing tditdatdwt's Pig Rig (0.1) ! Introducing.. the majestic.. beautiful Pig Rig™! Now what does it contain..? Well.. it contains movable eyelids, movable pupils, a movable snout and movable ears (which have also been "3D-ified"). - Using this should be fairly simple, click on the pupils and move them, click on the snout and rotate it, click on the ears and rotate them, click slightly above or below the eye to open/close the eyelid. Of course for all you 0.7 DEMO "noobs" we have you covered too! Just go to the timeline and everything should be nicely labeled! Please don't ask for nipples, thanks. - Now with that out of the way you can proceed to the download! Leave a like if you.. like. ^^^^^ DOWNLOAD! Old topic:
  20. Ever wondered what life was like inside those small little pokeballs? Not much, I guess... (4K) All (except for the pig of course) is created by me.
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