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Found 19 results

  1. Story Behind the Scenes(FICTIONAL): In 2032,LacaMenDRY A.K.A Mohd Ilham Akbar was very happy to see his new PC Set up,after 10 Years of Suffering while using A Wonderful Legends Potato Laptop in that time. Ilham Finally can buy his Dreamed PC from his YouTube Channel Named:LacaMenDRY when in that time LMD Subscribers was almost 4M Subscribers,And the reason why He buy a new PC in 2032,Is because this STORY IS FICTIONAL,so after that,He set Up A Camera then what the camera capture is This Render: And yes there are no Good Lighting,because My Face start goes glitching,when I use Glow Ed
  2. Making process:5+ Hours. https://i.imgur.com/HpUR4er.png You know what? My wifi is too slow, that's why I have no pics on this topic, just a URL link. I have bad wifi signals. But I'm keep strong.
  3. Using another one of Salem`s cars I created this wallpaper out of an animation I'm working on. Composed with: -Modern City https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/modern-city-2121995/
  4. Greetings everyone, I am currently recruiting an animation team or individual that is capable of animating an adventurous space exploration video for my server network Hylight Network. This Minecraft server network is due to release in late June and we're trying to make our server as professional as possible. If you think you're able to animate a roughly 2minutes and 30 seconds server trailer for us within one month, please contact me via DMs on this forum or on discord (iStudLion#3414). Please include a portfolio or link(s) to your previous project(s), and the price you'll charg
  5. Just a simple wallpaper of a futuristichub city that I put together. This was rendered entirely in Mine Imator Community Build. No post post editing I know it's not the greatest but it was a fun challange to see what I could pull off with just MI. Feedback is appreciated as always
  6. Other room from the modern house: Thanks. ~ I uploaded it from my Smartphone, so i can't even change text colors etc :v
  7. < < Modern House > > By: RealProGamer125 Sorry if i don't make the Zombie Apocalypse wallpaper just cuz it's hard to make detailed buildings, background. Sorry. Whatever, enjoy! Thanks!
  8. This is a great project! The story of a mysterious organization against zombie! Has now completed a set of, on here (you may need a VPN, we can't on YouTube) As a result of our animators work temporarily can't continue to produce, so we need new animator! You need to achieve the following conditions: 1, you can do very good animation 2, you will use QQ (a Chinese chat software, you can find it in the App Store) 3,你会一点中文 (or do you have a very good translation software) If you are willing, please private chat me
  9. Hello again! Thank you for the feedback from the announcement I made, it helped me realize to change the title of the series. Yeah, it must be really bad to have an animation series based off the Channel's name! So, can YOU guys help me rename Minecraft Time? I would love to hear all the title ideas you can give me! It better be related to the theme of the series, a fantasy world set in a mix of modern and medieval...stuff(sorry, ran out of words there XD). Anyways, development is going okay... I think. I have been unable to continue making because of all the schoolwork I had to do for t
  10. Hi guys! So, I'm planning on making a new Mine-imator Series. I'm still working on a name, but I'll call it Minecraft Time for now. Its mostly a combination of Modern and Medieval times, which means that its completely normal for this to have Modern/Medieval elements. Anyways, here is one of the characters that I think I am done rigging. http://imgur.com/gallery/5ASDM Even though she is the first one that I rigged, out of all the characters, she is not the main character. Don't worry, I'll be releasing a trailer of her sometime between now and the end of the year! And once I'm done r
  11. Hi Guys! The thing is, I am planning on making my own Mine-Imator Series. It will be a bit like RWBY, but of course I am not going to plagiarize RWBY! I'm still thinking of a name, but I sort of like the name Minecraft Time. I am currently working on the character models, weapons, and other items needed for the animation. However, I have a problem. I... need your help with the cities. The story line of Minecraft Time is based on a mixture of medieval and modern times (try watching Fairy Tail, it will give you a look on what I am going for).I lack the cities and other places needed for the anim
  12. So I took my time to create a different style for my own skinning purposes and I was wondering what you guys thing is actually better to go with here. Im considering using the left skin as a replacement. So yee
  13. Ok so Ive done a couple of tv/monitor rigs before and well I guess this one will be the one of the finest ones ive done why ? well it has curves ( it actually looks like a tv this time ) and it has even more features ok so FEATURES ADDED : Custom image for display ( its not buggy this time ... )Curves ( it has a more modern look )Power button ( added the power logo )Scalable ( last tv was horrible and if you tried to scale it , it would just deform itself )Removable Stand ( yes you can remove the stand its in the folder ... )Screen light ( when you turn on a tv in real life it gives the roo
  14. Cool Modern House. You can design it. Have you got an awesome: -Sofa -Pickaxes -Axel -Texture pack. Cool Modern Custom House now download! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?xbv09jcc3wv9zg1 King of Zelda: *fart*
  15. hello everyone =w= today i has finished this rig Battle Power Armor took 2 days to create this 'w' Annddd~ The Download Battle Power Armor - By Azgreth21.zip [7.40KB] Terms of Usage
  16. I came back now with rigs that will be updated to stay with better and more detailed graphs starting with this! '' Sentry Turret (CoD MW3) V.1.0 Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ljoo9wbg3thtq7h/Sentry+Turret+%28CoD+MW3%29+V.1.0.zip Warning: This rig will update you can give tips for what you can I improve depending on the model end up doing what you said
  17. Hello all, I have created a full-body rig for you to use; a Business Suit. You don't have to provide serious credit, just a name somewhere. It includes the rig itself, some templates, and a set of sound effects. If you use any of the foley sounds, open the credits readme file for any people who require credit. That is not optional since those are not my sounds. The rig features mainly a suit character with a chest that looks like a real suit, aswell as a moving tie. This is subject to upgrade though, so stay tuned. Download HOW-TO USE YOUR OWN SKIN: If you want your own ski
  18. Hey! I made a cool Police Station! Add: -Steve Police -Police.mani Awesome! Download please! http://www.mediafire.com/?l4zzglf1jhu3fzj
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