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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! Long time no see Sorry for being missing In this render, I'm trying the AMD FidelityFX The result is not that good. But actually better than Preserve Details 2.0 by Adobe. You could get FSR using ReShade, and learn more about it in here Note: Sorry for the bush behind the character. I forgot to turn on the SSAO RadiantGI by AstrayFX Rendered with ReShade Behind the scenes
  2. Went for something fairly simple, using a Freddy rig that I just finished. Springtrap was done by the talented @Mr. Darl, so all credit for that masterpiece goes to him. Nothing too fancy, just two fuzz lumpkins standing up against a black background. Oh well.
  3. Probably overedited, but eh, without experimenting we wont get much
  4. Pure Mine imator Except some additional radial blur i added using editing program.
  5. Have i finally mastered the art of lighting? Probably not.
  6. I saw Kiepocus lightray Tut. and used it... I sucked at light rays. and posing and lighting and rigs, and etc...
  7. so i have 2 different bloom option tell me what you like 1.thereshold:0.50 offset:0.26 2.thereshold:0.61 offset:0.34 tell me what you like in the poll
  8. Here's another one. Unedited Version:
  9. Check out my previous Messing Around With Lighting: there 2 different wallpaper (DOF) tell me what you like by voting in polls Background foreground that it bye........
  10. I saw someone else with these 'series' so I tried myself. Any suggestions are welcome. This was submitted for the MI:CE splash contest.
  11. Check out my previous messing around with lighting: hmmm.... this messing around with lighting has been a series that it bye
  12. Check out my last Messing Around with Lighting: hmmm.... this is seem familiar to this: that it bye....
  13. Heya, forumers! So I was messing with lighting and I got a really nice result. Give feedback and tell me what to improve, and the slime rig is mine.
  14. Hey guys. I made some basic wallpaper just to show my newly acquired lighting skills and I decided to put my Adam Conover skin in it because why not? Enjoy! Rendered using Mine-imator 1.0.5, edited using Photoshop CC 2015. Huge thanks to @yuricraft for his lighting expertise and his fluffy clouds!
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