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Found 18 results

  1. my very first model from a while, i think im gonna create pubg stuff ? Samples : DOWNLOAD :
  2. Hey guys, here are some updated rigs along with a couple new ones. YOU NEED THE COMMUNITY VERSION IN ORDER TO USE!!! Individual Pics: Do Give Credit! Downloads: Updated M4A1 Updated Vest (contains a basic rig) and MICH2000 Helmet with Anvis-9 Night Vision Goggles
  3. The Official Merkimations' Turtle Shell Helmet Rig Hello There! I'm Merk, and this is my turtle shell helmet rig modeled and after the Official Minecraft Turtle Shell Helmet from the 1.13 update. I have not seen any turtle shell helmet rig in the Mine-imator community. Thus, I decided to make one myself. Warning!!! If you do use this rig or any part of it, then you all I require is for you to give the creator, me, full credit. Link to the archive download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ejt4su5jj3f674/Merkimations_Turtle_Shell_Helmet_Rig.rar/file
  4. Hey there! I've decided that my character should have a thing that will make him unique. I made 3 things as the potential tools Felix would have. The one that will win in the poll will be the official one my character will have Because it should make my OC unique, I've been trying to make them as original as possible. Also, because Felix loves mining, the tools' theme also is mining (mainly). These tools are: A miner helmet with a flashlight. Helpful when exploring caves. Also protects the head. A laser that shoots a green beam that penetrates everything but indestructible blocks and mirrors within 3 (or 5? Haven't decided that yet...) blocks. Useful in many situations. A simple magic cube that works as an ore detector - when it detects an ore within 3 blocks from it, it magnetizes to it and changes the color according to the ore type. Some renders: Downloads: Miner Helmet || Cutting Laser || Ore Finder
  5. HI EVERYBODY, if you're reading this, you probably are interested in my packs medieval rigs! In 4K Sword's Axe's Helmet's Shield's Picture's:
  6. A timelaspe of a rig I used for my video, Trial of a Timelord: https://youtu.be/en9FbXiKhh4 but I forgot to export it as a .object file! So, five months later, I finally made an official timelaspe of the helmet. I'm glad I did, and loved how it turned out too. the download can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/207sk0f4l1bx5ga/Gallifreyan_Guard_Helm.zip/file
  7. I absoluetly love how this tured out; a Gallifreyan Guard helmet. Ready for Battle! Back Top On head Referance
  8. this is only the helmet the rest of the set is coming soon no credit required but would be appreciated helmet on player plain helmet --link-- http://www.mediafire.com/file/bcg318bbmdmoi6e/tim_helmet_rig.zip
  9. Hello, all! Welcome to my medieval armoury! There are now peasants' tools available to arm your expendable cannon-fodder with! Swords and blades The longsword The broadsword The Hand-and-Half Shortsword/long dagger Hatchet Polearms The average spear The short spear The pike The poleaxe/halberd Ranged weapons The longbow The crossbow Armour The cuirass The heater shield Bowl helmet Kettle helmet Great helmet Leather cap Leather coif Viking helmet Artillery Catapult Weapons of the later ages The cavalry sabre The musket NEW! Farm tools DOWNLOAD ALL Instructions! (or mode d'emploi for you Frenchies) Only import the .object file into the program, not the .mprog! Well then, why, is the .mprog in the download? ...Good question
  10. This download includes: One Static M1935 Stahlhelm Stahlhelm features: Movable Strap Download Link Make sure when applying to a character, to turn "Hat" off. Please do not redistribute without credit.
  11. Hi, i made this cause i like the Dead Space Armor and Weapons so im making the armor and weapons. Hope you like it! Features: Helmet! Full Armor! Custom Textures! Planned features: More Details! Weapons. Download: Images:
  12. ._. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3qDXKtjF1k&feature=youtu.be its kinda weird dunno why
  13. My first ever rig No pic, no click : And download if you want (it's a .object) : Helmet+Steve
  14. Hey guys, I am new to the forums, but I thought I could share this wallpaper I made with all of you! Dropbox Link Preview: (From Imgur)
  15. Yo supo Well >w> to the point Pict I remade it from ÜberKiller's Old Armor Hope you like it >=3 -Kevlar & Helmet- [108.24KB]
  16. I'm not the best with detailed rigs but here is what I got: IMAGE: DOWNLOAD: I was inspired by this: I probably won't update this.
  17. well... this is my last rig in 0.7 demo Q_Q say goodbye #wat so~~ here's some pict =Download= Hit That +1 Button QwQ
  18. Well guys, I recently posted a question on how to have 3D armor in Mine-Imator Animations and thanks to David's answer, I did some research and here's what I found : There are two ways to have them : Easy way : Download this skin : +Diamond : http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/681125/diamond/ + Gold : http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/657282/simple-armor/ + Iron : http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/681147/iron/ - To have the Helmet : put everything (not the "All" option) on Alpha 0% except for the Head - To have the Chestplate : put everything (not the "All" option) on Alpha 0% except for the body - To have the boots : put everything (not the "All" option) on Alpha 0% except for the legs Hard way : Change your texture pack and make them yourself and turn them into schematics and import them into Mine-Imator. But I highly recommend using the first way
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