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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! I don't know How to do it. I wanted to make a black glowing sphere in mineimator...
  2. this is just a glow test tell me what to fix and yea i dont have anything to say have a nice day XD
  3. I have been working on this model for awhile now and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The rig was originally supposed to have a "raver" kinda look to it but ended up turning into a toxic variation of my character. This "green stuff" is infestation from my character but glows green, otherwise it's a brownish tan color. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: It took me an hour just to pose the model.
  4. His Eyes glow dats about it Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/owvfupw79ft1du9/Herobrine.miobject/file
  5. This was all made within an hour because they're tests; so there may still be some problems.
  6. A new force has affected some unique people... And they fight each other to gain more of this power. Barrels made by: SKIBBZ That's all i have to say. You can give critisicm,i'm not that noob anymore. But please,don't downvote just beacause of a tiny little wrong detail.
  7. So, I found out that people are using these effects called volumetric lighting. I then tried to do some of these speshal efootz. (Josh The Stupad's stupad moment)
  8. so i used skibbz facial rig v.2 idk if i got his name right and Mine Imator Tutorial - Selective glow tutorial by Kiepocu Studios helpful tutorials so here it is. Reply back or don't i don't know.
  9. What about a "Glowing Effect" Like in Mine-Imator Community Build & Edition? ?
  10. I made a simple wallpaper, with the shot of Ashu my Original Character. (I know, nothing special. Just glowing eyes and that shade dark thing. Wew.)
  11. Hey guys. Glow is a feature that's been suggested quite a lot, and that was even considered to be added in 1.0.0, but... unfortunately, this isn't the case. However, with the source code being available for everyone, I managed to come up with a hypothetical method that, according to David, could potentially work. But since I have no coding experience, I was thinking that some experienced coder out here could do it. My method is based on what Mine-imator uses to render depth of field. Basically, the program will take the initial frame and create a blur passe by duplicating the frame and diverging those duplicates and merging them together. Then, it uses a depth map to restrict the blur effect to a particular zone, defined by the DoF settings: For glow effects, I'm thinking about using something similar. Basically, it'd involve having a passe of the object that has the glow effect enabled that'd be tinted based on the color the player uses. That passe would then be blurred using the same method as used by DoF, by diverging a bunch of duplicates. Finally, the resulting glow passe would be merged with the initial render passe to create the final rendered image. c: This is the most efficient way to do it I could think about, it doesn't seem too difficult to implement, as this is based on an existing feature, and it wouldn't be much laggier than depth of field! So, if there's anyone who can code, maybe you could give it a try?
  12. hey, back with a how to! end result: first, get a NEON colour, only neon works. then, set the brightness up to 100%. enjoy!
  13. GryphonKingBros

    Glowing Skins

    I was toying around with Mine-Imator and while trying to create a creepy scene with a giant spider, I found something in Minecraft that wasn't in Mine-Imator: Glowing Red Eyes. In the dark, spiders have the red eyes on their skin glowing in the dark and are clearly visible to the player. (Go to a dark area and spawn a spider if you don't know this.) Its a very minor problem, but the possibilities you could do with the glowing eyes onto other skins is a great idea. Imagine the possibilities: Glowing creeper eyes? Glowing herobrine eyes? Glowing redstone? Glowing characters??? Its a simple thing to give some skins a glowing eye effect, but it could go further than that. If the problem is I have an older version of Mine-Imator and spiders do have glowing red eyes please correct me, but besides that what do you guys think about the glowing skins concept?
  14. Add the ability to make models glow using post processing and for it to admit light. Add a render option that makes it look like the actual game. Add the ability to change the Opacity of a model. Please add these, it would make a lot of things easier and/or look better.
  15. Hey guys! Today I have something a little different. This time I have added a glow effect to glowstone using paint.net Please leave any feedback you might have! Here it is!
  16. Hey everyone! I made some glowy lava and a neat heat distortion effect using Photoshop. I might do a tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy! c: Here's the unedited version if you wanna see the difference.
  17. I liked the looks of this image: And thus made this image: They aren't really the same, although you get the general idea. I like that I was able to make the hand, chest piece, and eyes glow. Didn't take too long. I was just sitting around and made it in about an hour and a half. Thoughts?
  18. yo guys Azgreth here well, i think i put too many effects >w> sorry if my editing skills is so bad m( _ _)m and here da wallpaper
  19. sup bruh? yeah QwQ testing my skills on photoshop TwT sorry for the non HD-ness TwT Critics and Comments are appreciated
  20. Just finished making this for my Minecraft "The Staircase" horror map video... all done in mine-imator v0.6.2 except for the text and the glow on herobrine's eyes which were done in Photoshop CS6 Here's the video if you want to check it out: (It is a bit of an older video on our channel so I apologize for the quality)
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