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Found 6 results

  1. Hellooo, blingirl here! I've been using this rig for a while, but never released it. It isn't THAT good... but anyway. This is a rig for Kaneki, from Tokyo Ghoul. The skin is made by me, and is based form the first few seconds of the 1st opening. Here are the images and the file download (comment if it doesn't work, first time doing something like this) Link: The kaneki rig .object file Kaneki Skin (you may edit)
  2. Yo guys so just kidding hello there everyone this is my first rig as you may know the second season of tokyo ghoul ended and I was so sad so I took all my spare time to create this prototype for tokyo ghoul tentacles I will only show you two types others will come soon Here are the pictures On the right is me with kaneki's kagune On the left is my best friend with a scorpion kagune tell me if you like it and want more http://i.imgur.com/tnjJVKx.png?1 Thank you and dont forget to keep on gaming BAIIII
  3. Hello there guys I was thinking on making different colours and shapes to different kagunes like the one I posted yesterday What do you think only use one for everyone or make a new every week which looked like the original one you tell me what you think guys thanks
  4. Hello guys I am currently working on the second set of kagune for tokyo ghoul tell me which koukaku is better P.S. koukaku is the hand kagune is this one better number 1 http://i.imgur.com/NsoNOr9.png or this one number 2 http://i.imgur.com/VCue4x3.png comment below any ways thanks and bye!!!
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