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Found 25 results

  1. Aayush Saji


    To me Help me hit 350 + subscribers by Subscribing to me Sharing my videos to other (so that they subscribe) Asking for anything once you subscribe (the things I could possibly do) Featuring me to your channels Once you subscribe to me you can Do not send the things made by me and claim it is yours. It is copyright How to get the models
  2. What is Dot-Array?: This Dot-Array is an MMD (MikuMikuDance) model transformation project based on the DotArray program for Mine-Imator. Most of the model designs were created by other users for the MMD program, the public character designs were transferred to Mine-Imator through this project that was formerly called "Pixeloid" (2014). These models can be used and edited with total freedom, as long as they are NOT commercialized and try to make money with it. (this includes paid links like adfly). For more information, read the Terms of Use. _____________________________________________________ ~ These models are from the community, for the community ~ Therefore, they must be free for everyone! Diva Models Anime Models Game Models All models are made on Modelbench 1.1.4., The extension of each file is ".mimodel" together with its respective texture file. _____________________________________________________ The following list shows the models that still need to be make (possibly it make during the year 2021 and 2022). Upcoming Models List: In case there is any problem, bug or suggestion that you want to mention, leave a comment in this post. _____________________________________________________ Terms of Use Credits _____________________________________________________ Dot-Array for Mine-Imator is a non-profit project made by Annie-Mienai 2014 - 2021, Logo made by Annie-Mienai based on the Mine-Imator brand created by Voxy.
  3. Another Rig made by me, One I just absoloutely had to do... Pac-Man from Pixels!! Now, To start out with, This isn't a Big, Does everything rig. It has 2 joints, one for the upper jaw, one for the lower jaw. Simple to use... It has some lights floating around it, causing it to glow as well. Allright, enough chat. One to some images! Not bad, Eh? The stats are just the usual, I might release it if I get enough people that want it, more rigs on the way, blah blah blah, If you want to suggest a rig, let me know!
  4. It's a little past 1:00 and the game was supposed to end two hours ago. From left to right: @Hagus, @Slime, @MYSELF3200, @-StickyMations-, @Foxtrot0806, @OzFalcon. Rigs and models by: @mbanders Also, super big mega thank you to @MYSELF3200 for being nice and rendering this.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/LhJq5 Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rrjlb5rj3br2dyh/Meat+Boy+Rig.object Tell me if I did a good job or not
  6. I spent two days on this. So, please share your thoughts. And you'll probably want to see un-edited: Feel free to use it. just don't claim it as yours, K? Thanks, Bye. Foxtrot, Out.
  7. Just decided to post an old animation I made, has many views, has a story and its long. I admit the animation wasn't too fancy. I make way better animations in my free time now but this one seems to be the most successful. Enjoy! ^^Animation
  8. Mortal Kombat WOW im just gonna say this IM BAD AT THIS MI FORUMS I Keep trying to do collabs and i keep messing up Im gonna learn more about the forums before i post im a big dum dum
  9. don't ya remember i said i was going to do a comic? f#ck it!! i'll do a comic anyways, but not about the story i created, the comic i will create for sure is going to be called: Hunger Diaries about steve in the hunger games, my friends and i would appear there, i'll need skins so if you want you can appear as a background character here's the photo
  10. Parkour like a boss! Sorry about the little glitch in editing. I use Movie Maker since I don't have anything better. It does this from time to time
  11. I am making a Minecraft hunger games animation, but I just need people, Fill out the form Below (Copy and Paste to your reply ) Skin (Where is it Located?): Characteristics: Weapons (Custom textures if needed): Skill: Would you team?:
  12. Hi, please find here my new video. (or visit my very new channel -> HERE) Thanks! (And for ever special thanks to David!)
  13. This rig was made by me, And is being used by me and MadManVisuals. ==============================================================================================
  14. Hey guys ! I just made a animation of herobrine and Dark Mage fighting also it is my first animation so dont be rude See ya
  15. rules! and help! RULES! rule n.1 Dont Put Caps Every Single Word rule n.2 if you feel like swearing i will shoot a pea at your face rule n.3 dont make situations where people are just stuck (you can make it a spell but it has to have some kind of de-activation) rule n.3 if you make an undefeateble spell it has to have de-activation or time limit HALP! help section things! ask me! (also if its a help question do a post like this) (help) can u halp un tis? if from the roleplay dont put (form) or (help) just do your normal post! your character! you will have to do something like this (a form or whatever its called since im mexican i cant spell inglish very well) oh this is my form (yes you can make a custom character) ===================================================================== (form) name= Nobly-Pea personality= fun, its hard to lose patience (optional) type= plant (if not a type that can have gender dont put anything) gender= male plant (optional) magic= same as nobly (will be introduced somewhere) gameverse= pvz-verse customized? (if its made by yourself or a modified character)) modified character (optional) what does your character say sometimes?=oh no!,dont worry i have a plan(t) RUUUUUUUUUUUN!, and other many stuff (optional) aditional notes= nobly-pea had way to hard times when 3 years dont be rude to him (optional)(recomended)(you can do stuff like depending) damage details= his pea will make you extremely cold and it will hurt too much Age=6 ====================================================================================================== uh also i 10 years IRL so i dont have much time sometimes if i post before 8:00 AM i have time if not.... i will probably post after 12:19 or 1:02 also dont make me shoot a chilling hurtfull pea
  16. Hello guys I am Xdroin and today I made a rig of the xbox one but I don't know much about copyright so I made a parody name the xblock one (sorry if it is bad this is my first rig but I think it turned out good) images http://imgur.com/a/cqlA#0 download http://www.mediafire.com/download/a77cemrmemi4kai/xblock+one.zip The imgur link doesn't work so paste it in your search bar I couldn't get it working The download works now sorry for all this Im very new to the forums
  17. Sorry, I accidentally deleted it. Hey, so i'm sorry this looks a little lazily done. The reason for that is I had limited time to make this. Not Days, merely hours to make this, and I couldn't do it! So here is what I have so far, please like if you to see the full video in widescreen and full HD
  18. That's all! If you would like to your skin was in the animation-please enter something like: Nickname?: Skin?: Die?: Weapons and armor (without the 'VERY EPIC ARMOR' ): It's'a me-Mario! No secret message here ^ Accepted: ThePortable a.k.a Bruno Popboy8 a.k.a Pop matthalex108 a.k.a matthalex1881 Projectanimaions a.k.a Project Allemn89 AzoeGamer MisturieDood a.k.a Mist The Tan James a.k.a James TheLamyral a.k.a Lamyral MCWarrior a.k.a M. C. Warrior Caeden117 a.k.a Caeden EndahGurl a.k.a EnderGirl
  19. I need someone to make me a item sheet full of items players would use in the survival games (knives, spears, swords,..etc) I cant make items that good so can u plz help me out if you do u can be in one of my animations. Thnx for Reading
  20. Hey guys, Alec here. So, I'll just cut to the chase (who says that anymore?) - I'm making a Hunger Games animation (hunger games in servers, not real hunger games) and I need your support. I need an arena, a forest one is more like it 11 other skins, 12 people will be in the animation, but i need 11 skins because i'm including me So, yeah. If you could send me any of those, message me on my YouTube and Email. YouTube: EpicHomiMC / ANARStuff , youtube.com/user/EpicHomieMC email: alecricaforte@gmail.com thanks! -Alec
  21. If Video Games where in Minecraft [http://youtu.be/8Z-wgS0kV_k] Thx for watching!! Any idea's for an other movie?? Say it!!! In your comment!
  22. Decided to try my hand at making a Halo skin, and decided on making one for Jorge-052, my favorite member of Noble Team. It isn't exactly realistic, the colors are all single hued because i was using Skin-Craft, so i couldn't really do much for it, sorry if that bugs you, i don't mind it very much... But anyways, here it is! I'll be open to requests, if you're really interested, probably wont be, but you know, in case you are. Word of warning that i may not always have time to do a request, so please try to be patient if you do make one. Oh, and thanks for taking the time to read this, if you did! EDIT: Made another real quick, Kat-b320! couldn't get the robotic arm, due to skin-craft going with symmetrical editing, but oh well. EDITAGAIN: i'll now be using this for halo skins in general, and i'll constantly be adding skins to this post! like this one!: a red EOD spartan, based on the Halo 3 design! You can edit it in skin-craft to change the colors, if you want. NEW SKIN! Fan of ODSTs? Here you go! its not perfect, but i tried..
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