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  1. People in here me @Jossamations and @Fox Miner's fox girl(idk what is her name XD) spirit box by @Fox Miner face rig by @SoundsDotZip(on me) as always rate it
  2. man i haven't used mine imator for so long.. but i'm alive time for credits: fox girl by: @Fox Miner(thanks man) withered freddy by: ENDERLIGHT(yup that's right i have them ) facial rig by @SoundsDotZip(on me) map by @ShotU(and someone else but i don't remember sorry) as always rate it from 1 out 10 from now on i will rate myself 1 = not so proud(probably trash) and 10 = i'm so proud of it my rate is like 6,25 out of 10 it was meant to be also a teaser for my animation that me and her got teleported to fnaf stay tuned k?
  3. We're still a best friends until now! 2020: Kinda cringe lmao 2022: Hope you guys like it Cheers!
  4. Greetings! As people who keep up with my Twitter posts may know, I've begun a little Series of Comic-Style Renders in the classic 'Gay Furry Romance' Style (eg. Duncan and Eddie, Foxes in Love.) except in my Minecrafty Style! Thought I'd post them here, as they're my proudest renders as of lately (and I like watching people get mad over me being a gay, non binary furry haha) Comic 1 "Staring 'Problem'": Comic 2 "One man's trash": If you're interested in seeing more of my content & comics, Follow my Twitter below! Thanks for viewing! Lapis Model Base Soon? stay mad and keep crying abt me being a furry, you chuds. hi @.tditdatdwt :3
  5. https://i0.hdslb.com/bfs/album/4aa573a804a606ad85cbb6ab3cb08a62dd7b75cc.png here is the image link! let me know if it works
  6. What a tiring adventure! how about we rest in this dungeon? Created with mineimator 1.2.7 Edited with medibang paint Character name: Rizqiwolfblue WhiteWolf Time renders : 187 seconds Recipes 100+ spotlight 100+ pointlight spotlight Pointlight in every bright area UwU
  7. So... i maded this rig, it's just like a fox, a humanoid fox... a furry.. or something like that, for now, it have tons and tons of giltches everywhere, because it's fully done on MineImator, i didn't use ModelBench, i will try to "repair" that's glitches, for make it downloadable for you guys, of course, if you want Here an example https://ibb.co/LnMLtLs
  8. Introducing..... THE FURRY/ANTHRO RIG! Features: Facial Animation: Eyelids Pupils Eyebrows Nozzle w/ Tongue (Capable For Lipsync) Body Features: Hands w/ Fingers Tail w/ Joints Please Read This: Whenever you use my rig, please credit me and send a link to your video in this topic. I would love to see your work . If you want me to add your own skin to the rig, I would love to help you . Just send me your skin and reference. (It should be canine anthro skin) I would love to hear all your suggestions, Criticism is fully respected to improve the rig from time to time. For those who do not have Image Editing Softwares, I recommend Downloading MCSKIN3D For those who have questions, I would be happy to answer them for you. Thank you for replying to this topic in advance. * = edit Upcoming Updates: Adding Different Species: Avian, Scalies, etc. Adding Different Kinds Of Tails Adding Different Kinds Of Ears * Adding the nose * Adding the ears *Fixing the tail Download The Rig Here
  9. Heyo! This is the official public release of my fursona rig! Please note that nothing nsfw should be made of this rig. If anyone has made anything nsfw and you stumble across it, please dm me and I'll take care of it. This rig uses Ken's recent eye rig and cubic ralsei's furry edit of skibbz SFR rig, ears are by Fray. Images (tounge rig not included) https://imgur.com/W19wVHw https://imgur.com/lZ8K56o Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/91c9mkal83vdbr4/FursonaAnt_V3.zip Any Hateful or rude comments will be reported. Thank you for coming.
  10. First, I was just kidding about the furry joke and ALSO I got the idea from "NoneToon" in a pinterest post that led to their tumblr: https://nonetoon.tumblr.com/post/185485158737/been-in-an-equal-minecraft-and-animal-crossing here's the fox. Basically steve with a extended tail and the normal fox's ear/mouth. https://imgur.com/a/xxHLory https://imgur.com/3VWQy2e (farmer hat/clothes test, PLEASE tell me if it's good, I don't actually know how this looks) the illama. I might change the texture/model later. https://imgur.com/aQ7oiud things I have to make: the rabbit, polar bear, sheep, cow, wolf, cat/ocelot, chicken/parrot , pig, (maaaaybe) fish and turtle villagers. profession/biome types. (also, some villagers type like butcher won't be in the animals that don't eat meat like sheep, rabbits, cows, etc) the hostile and zombies, by hostiles I mean that foxes, wolfs, basically all the ones that eat meat/attacks sheeps, etc in game have a version that looks like a caveman (I actually just want to see how a caveman design would be) and the actual zombie form of all villagers pillagers: crazy foxes (the original concept from some else), angry wolfs and the killer rabbit. (villagers wolfs are neutral like normal wolfs but pillagers wolf are hostile all the time) Wandering Traders Steve AND Alex type models if someone has any ideas you would want to see or critism about this project you can just type it.
  11. something hot after the coldness hehe
  12. What do you think? it'll be amazing if you Critique or give opinions!
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