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Found 23 results

  1. I made a video comparing parkour animations that I made before with real parkour! Have fun ?
  2. I made just parkour and freerunning minecraft animation! It is an animation without a story. But it will be visually enjoyable. Have fun!
  3. sorry I read the reply that the picture is not visible, so I uploaded it again. How about now?
  4. Hello! Although not yet finished, I have released a trailer for people who are curious about the current situation. Recently, more and more viewers who want my videos are getting more and more. I'll do my best.
  5. I've done a lot of work on post production. It's not much, but I wanted to show it.
  6. Hello, my viewers, did you see the POV animation that you uploaded last time? This time, I made it out a POV. After watching the video again, I think a lot of it needs to be improved. Anyway, keep i will make more realistic animations. Please cheer for me.
  7. I bring a new POV Parkour animation after a long time. Recommend use earphone for listen realistic sound! I will also upload a third person point of view video soon
  8. Hi, I bring a timelapse video today showing my animation process! Of course, I used more editing programs for our later work. But I forgot to record it. I'll record everything next time!
  9. I was create a showreel for subscribe my channel. I can't reading and writing EN little, so don't know possible a promoting mine. you can watch very realistic moving at my video, more than another parkour animation. i have a very little imator career. so i was lack of technic for creating. anyway, plz watching my video.
  10. I'm shaking more rust off. I'm getting closer to not being skrub level anymore. inb4 why the amination squad intro
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