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Found 23 results

  1. Due to the amount of reflective surfaces eating my PC's RAM and crashing, i couldn't render this in 4K
  2. So... i maded this rig, it's just like a fox, a humanoid fox... a furry.. or something like that, for now, it have tons and tons of giltches everywhere, because it's fully done on MineImator, i didn't use ModelBench, i will try to "repair" that's glitches, for make it downloadable for you guys, of course, if you want Here an example https://ibb.co/LnMLtLs
  3. What do you think? it'll be amazing if you Critique or give opinions!
  4. LavaFoxy rig Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x6s1v18vpwudsaj/LavaFoxy.zip/file Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClsGkd79t2CJYEaWmGFdlog
  5. Made this render to show my two original gone animatronics, inspired by @Jnick(although he says ew they not gone), I also made Gone C h i c a, but it doesn't fit in this theme. Please put out CC, cause I am having a hard time perfecting renders from these buggy shadows btw if you guys think why i do fad renders today is cause they give me ideas, while non-fad ones are difficult to build together, so yeah ?
  6. If you remember rock bands from the early 2000s, you'd understand the title without needing an explanation. Corner Street was a band name I came up with when I was talking with an old friend. =P Guitar and Drums by @CoLahaust, rubble by @SKIBBZ, ACM 3.0 by @SoundsDotZip. Feat. @Hagus (I hope I tagged those right goodnight)
  7. This is a fox resting. It's made to celebrate the launch of the fox. ------------------------- It's my first activity at the forum. Nice to meet you. ?
  8. Yay, its been forever since I made any kind of actual post, so here is a nightmare for some of you. Haha. ? I use this Fox model for my own characters, but I made a generic orange version to share what I've made almost two years ago. I like my Foxes with proportionate tails, ears, and mouth. Because Foxes aren't completely flat faced, that would be Anime. And they need their iconic big bushy tails. ?
  9. I don't play guitar, nor am I learning it... yet... But I did make a super awesome wallpaper! None of this was edited, the only things that weren't in the original are the borders and watermark. Use it as you like. Just don't claim it as yours. Guitar Rig by @MusicalPixelDroid
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------- Nicholas P. Wilde Rig V1 ([ONLY] Community Build Compatible) ------------------------------------------------------------- Download Link: V1 Features: * Custom lip-sync and expressions! [featuring SFR Facial Rig by SKIBBZ] * * Bendable and movable fingers, hands, feet and more! * * Detailed rig! * ------------------------------------------------------------- Next V2 Features: [ if possible ] *Less messy rig* * Exaggerated expressions and others* * Detailed Nick's shirt * * More proportionate* * With Judy Hopps V1 * [if possible] ------------------------------------------------------------- * Showcase Video * [Soon] * Animation Test * ------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback and Suggestions are appreciated!
  11. credit: SKIBBZ for the fox rig
  12. unedited edited credits: @Piegon99 for the weapons SKIBBZ for the fox rig
  13. a wallpaper of my new OC Evals Foxe, take a picture it'll last longer. He will be updated throughout time. right steve. He just spawned.
  14. Furry/Anthro Rig , Coming Soon..... Features: Tail Hands With Fingers Canine Nozzle Eyebrows Pupils Eyelids This will be my first rig yet, And also my first topic since I'm new here. Please leave suggestions if you have any. criticism is respectfully accepted. Thank You in advance for replying to my first topic. Rig Inspired By: Kihira's Tail Mod Skibbz's Hand Rig My fursona
  15. Episode 7 of my Rig Timelapses series! Enjoy! Download Rig: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ncbs6i6w0rj202/Fox+Rig.zip
  16. Heyy guys, here is my latest animation. This one asks the question, What does the fox say. Enjoy Fox rig by me Shotgun Rig by PixelAllu Schematic by The Amazing The Amazing Frossa
  17. Heyy guys, this is a wallpaper of a rig I have almost completed It has moveable; jaw eyelids eyes ears and tail
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