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  1. Download Dont have to credit Credits and other --V--
  2. SoundsDotZip Facial Rig Version 1 Hey guys, I made a new facial rig and this is my best one so far! It works similarly to other facial rigs, with some additions. Pros: - Smooth curved mouth (easy to use) - Smooth eyelids - Organised - Easy recolouring Cons: - Stuff can clip if used incorrectly - It looks best on flat shaded skin colours Important: When scaling the base model up with the face on it, select whatever you need to select on the base + the "Top/Bottom Teeth Origin" parts. They have inherit scale off, this way the teeth look better when opening the m
  3. Hey guys, just made a ghast rig. It includes : - moveable teeth - moveable eyes - moveable eyebrows - moveable eyelids - back panels so when you open the mouth or eyes, you dont see through the head! Here's a little demonstration of what it can do : When you guys use it, please give me credit, thanks Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?mc18p0cci24xmij
  4. nrtcb


    hi this is my second rig its a facial rig with cool eyes but no bendable eyebrows and mouth but they will be added in the next version note: there is a mouth but its something like minecraft story mode pictures: download: DOWNLOAD
  5. Last update: 24.02.2018 This is a pack of 3 rigs I've done for some users. I upload them here to demonstrate the features of the rig that can't be shown with my skin. From left: Clockwork Toto (no account on the forums, the contact via Discord), me, MrTaiwan (again, no account here, the contact via Discord server). Download, as always: http://www117.zippyshare.com/v/0rxtLqBJ/file.html Link doesn't work? Let me know and I'll reupload the rig. Features: Ability for reskinning (I described it below), Mouth with teeth and tongue (that can bend), controls
  6. Lip sync/facial expressions test thingo that i felt like randomly making whilst listening to the song, enjoy ignore that it's literally 5 seconds long
  7. <Frosty's> //Facial Rig\\ V.2 Finally, i came back for some rigs I Back With some new Features, RemovedFeatures, Updates, and BugFixes >>UPDATES<< - Easier to bend the mouth - Updated where to select the mouth - Added Both bend and Right and left bending options (Example : Both bend is to make the left and right bend at the same time, and for the Right and left option is for you can bend it at the diffrent time) - Easier Eyebrows bends & controls >>REMOVED FEATURES<< - Girls Facial ri
  8. So, Chono and I made a new Official Character Rig. Includes: by Chono: Extrusions (collars, shoes, hair) Modification of skin Neck Eyes by me: Mouth (separate download available here) Extrusion and eyes fixes I think @Chono! should post this topic, he made more than me and upvotes should go to him, but he told me that I should post it to the forums How it looks: Download Let me know if you use the rig, thank you (And of course, credit Chono)
  9. A simple mouth rig with teeth, bendable tongue and expressions. Can be smiled or frown. Two simple renders: Download >>> http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/UmmazccH/file.html <<< If the link doesn't work, let me know, I'll reupload the rig. I'll be glad if someone put the rig on another hosting, where the rig will stay more than a month. Let me know when the rig is used
  10. jakubg1

    Facial Rig v1.0

    EDIT: An update is available, check it out: ________________________________________________ (quote from "Introduce yourself!" topic) So yeah... Here it is: Please note that in the image above there is a small mistake: this is not Official Character yet. Why? See below I don't really wanted to create the rig, but because of problem that has been described above I was "forced" to make this. The idea was to combine @Nimi 's eyes, and @-StickyMations- 's mouth, but I thought that creating own rig will be easier. Every cube I added myself, no copying and p
  11. Hey guys! Today, i'm releasing V2 of my minecraft facial rig, this time, you can make it smile or frown, and I added fingers! download (Download all the files): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydzu60vo5r1zckg/AADq4uU8Hn7_7_zDMPy4wOfva?dl=0
  12. Hey guys! Right now, I'm releasing my facial rig, version with fingers coming out tomorrow! download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o706fz2t8injikl/AABXsJd0FroitNxmTiM-MkdFa?dl=0
  13. **Before posting any replies, know I have not seen any other BENDABLE alpha rigs. I am not the first to create an alpha rig, but to my knowledge, I am the first to make it bend** Hello! I have not been sure whether or not to post this, but here it is! I have created a bendable alpha rig, and I hope you like it. There are some glitches, and if you need a video to help fix them, please let me know! But, once again, here it is! Pictures: Being an alpha rig, you only need to remove the mouth and eyes on a skin. I have included the Steve skin seen here in the file, ju
  14. Download Link Removed and spoilered entire topic, Don't claim others rigs as your own again, thank you. - Emunator
  15. this is probably my best rig Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/4pdt98rhea8ff23/]ahnadvanced_rig.zip pictures: for some reason i do not know how to post images so plz leave cmment down below ho to btw go chck out my CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_xjIrQYCooGQw0Y8VuExw
  16. Hi all I got bored so I was thinking of making a facial rig and I made this I know you can't see it a bit but reply in the comments this if you want your own facial rig. IGN: (yourname) Skin: (Your skin) How many eyes do yo have in your skin?: (eyes) (Max is probably 4 idk?) Do you want a mouth (yes or no?) Do you want fingers (yes or no?) Do you want pupils? (yes or no) Do you want teeth? (yes or no) Here is an example: IGN: Example Skin: Its by my user How many eyes do yo have in your skin?: 2 Do you want a mouth ye
  17. Can you make it so like in blender you can move Eyebrows, Eyelids, Mouth? Just a idea It would also be very Usefull thanks!
  18. Hey guys! New animation! Tell me what you think!
  19. Landy

    landys facial rig

    its 3.0, it uses fingers from chasetheboss69s zombie rig pic: http://imgur.com/MbOaNSx download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqllhrtalx0yekw/landy%20rig%203.0.rar?dl=0
  20. Hello! Thank you for choosing to view/download 'Cosokin's Advanced Facial Rig v1 for Mine-imator 1.0.0'. As the title may be slightly confusing, I have changed my name from Cosokin to Winterin. This rig is slightly advanced, therefore if you don't have a very good knowledge of the features of Mine-imator and how to navigate around, you should probably learn it better before downloading. Since this is version 1, it is of course very limited with the Features, but I will be adding a lot more in the near future. DISCLAIMER: Before anyone starts saying "Oh my gosh you stole this from _______
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTfCCgk5dN4&list=UU41541J64Uco7ypgvUv-wnQ Hei everyone. Just going to share my new animation here. what do you all think about my lipsync and facial rig? please tell me. Scenery and the rig are made by me. Dont forget to click the like button and subscribe my channel. Its free though Thank you!
  22. Hello MineImator Forums! This is my first rig, and it's a facial I just wanted to start with something simple so I present to you, Glowstoned Rig! If anyone in the comments can help me with download links, that would be awesome, I'm planning on making more! Features: +3D moveable eye +Eyebrow +Better sleeves +Better hood Thanks for viewing!
  23. screenshots v v download
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