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  1. Image: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Andr-taking-a-pumpkin-752999932 Video:
  2. Hey guys! GFjournalmaker.devianart.com is making a comic, so I wanted to post this! Why? I'm friends with him.
  3. Welp, a good friend of mine, MarioMineZ posted the first chapter of a story and I made a promo wallpaper for it, so without further ado...
  4. Credit to: AkmalZonia EndahGurl TheLamyral For skins...
  5. I use Herobrine skin, EnderGirl skin and DualWorldsAnimation 3D Ore Rigs... Old Version: New Version (Light fix)
  6. First of all: If you want some nice animating, you won't find it here (I think, I dunno, though) This is a test animation, to test... you know... what's in the video's description Here's my reaction (And EnderGirl's) when I got banned on Noff: And don't forget to forget the music (Wait, what? ) Starring: Me EnderGirl Mammoth Aslein (try to find him) If you also want to know if her reactions were just like this, ask her (She might say something less... exagerated)
  7. Fighting for the queen ENGLAND!! ENDERGIRL ENDERSCULPTOR Cyber
  8. Now that I make a wallpaper with the skin, it's actually kinda cute... Take a guess on who made the chibi skin.
  9. First 1.0.0 wallpaper! High-fives, everyone!
  10. Decided to make two versions of this: Version 1: Version 2: (Credit to AwesomeShah and Zuexs for their facial rigs!)
  11. We all have our lazy days... (The quote above is from a certain manga. Can you name it?)
  12. This is actually how I act when I find someone IRL who plays Minecraft.
  13. Okay, let me get this cleared up first: I'll be posting things for AlexTheGreat now. (He left the forums. 'Nuff said.) Yes, he made this wallpaper. And he wants to say something for you guys: 'Thanks for the support for the past 5 months.' Also, he SPECIFICALLY said that he doesn't want any rep for this. I can give you proof if you need it. So here's the wallpaper!
  14. Dun dun daaa.... Try and guess who the mysterious person is.
  15. I think I've gone off the deep end here...
  16. I got bored and made this.
  17. So that Evolution wallpaper turned out into a comic series... wut. Part 1: Part 2:
  18. (This is somewhat of a sequel to the Evolution wallpaper. If you haven't seen it yet, )
  19. Yeah... Another comic... (Warning: Big)
  20. Just a random wallpaper Creepjohnycreep made for me. Thx! (I recommend giving him the rep)
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