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Found 14 results

  1. All I want is some player animations that are true to Minecraft. So basically just the simple non-realistic movements that the player can do like the hitting animation or the sneaking animation. I want somthing as close as possible to real default Minecraft. Thanks!
  2. So You Know How You Have Those Buttons That Make A Walk An Run Between Two Keyframes? Now I Would Like That But Able To Use Custom Animations I Think It Would Make Mi That Much More Easy
  3. Found this in an old Folder, I remember trying to experiment with the 3D look, Didnt make it very far but I guess its pretty to look at { Credits } 3D Outdoor assets ( Grass and flowers ) by @SKIBBZ
  4. Nate133

    Mini Outdoor Pool

    I was just bored, So here's a simplistic pool! Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6UNUXeNCFffQVFZOEpxcHhGeVE Credits: Water texture from: Texture pack Halcyon Days: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1245215-32x-halcyon-days-resource-pack-1-1-1-7-x-support
  5. idk if this has been done before but i wanna try it out oh, and lastly *clears throat* NO RIGS
  6. Trying to figure out what to add to this, but here's a "show off of my Russian Conscript and AT gun"
  7. Add the ability to make models glow using post processing and for it to admit light. Add a render option that makes it look like the actual game. Add the ability to change the Opacity of a model. Please add these, it would make a lot of things easier and/or look better.
  8. Hello Guys! In this time, i'm here for show to you my own new RIGs! Only 2 Handed Swords, i will make more soon and i will post for you. 0.1 Update Notes -Added 3D Objects -Huge Size -Strong Collors Video Default 2 Handed Sword 3D View Ender 2 Handed Sword 3D View Download Default 2 Handed Sword Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/?5r998nvd59fm44x Ender 2 Handed Sword Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/?3sy78ey97eh6j1d Coming on v0.2 -Elemental Swords(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Etc...) [Maybe]-Shields [Maybe]-One Handed Swords [Maybe]-Battle Axes(cuts by one side) [Maybe]-Battle War Axes(cuts by 2 sides)
  9. Hello! A project I'm working on requires as close to a seamless transition from PixelCam captured movement to an animation as possible. The showcases and how-to content here are great, but they all lean toward fancier effects. What I'm after is for the viewer not to immediately know they're no longer watching machinima. Then, as the scene develops, more complex effects ensue. Does anyone know of some work I can look at and study? A tutorial would be wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath. Cheers! Lich
  10. Make it so that you can set presets for animations and poses. Daz3d has this feature and it makes it really nice if you have a pose or animation that you use a lot to be able to just click the preset and have your pose or animation right there. It would make it more fun and make the animating a lot faster. Also in addition to the walking animation also make a running animation. And make it able to set to parent other than at the beginning. That way you can pick up a sword or something halfway through and be able to hold it from there. That way if you do that, the sword or whatever won't move with the arm when you go to pick it up.
  11. I made a topic before discussing this bug when it happened (and redownloaded 0.7) but, this time when it occurred (when I was building a set and just had one animation part done) I decided to close the box showing the error. However all my Mineimator added items/objects/characters etc. remained in the same position with the same characteristics as I had edited them. Not losing all hope I looked at the scenery and bob's your uncle there was no schematic loaded! So I just loaded the schematic that I had imported via the world importer (which thankfully saves the schematic) and everything was back to normal. So if you run into this bug/glitch even now or the future, see if closing the error box allows your entities to remain and reload the schematic
  12. This is my first official Mine-Imator animation, take note that it has many mistakes and bad camera movements. By the time I made this animation I did not know how to get rid of the black bars on the sides, but I know how to do that now.
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