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  1. I'm so proud of this animation :,,3 I spent almost a week on making it perfect (all MI) Well, Loya becomes a great dancer in the future, not only of Shuffle, she really likes breakdancing too >:3 Well, hope you like it as much as I do! Rate pwssss
  2. WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE BY ME?!?! (Cuz nobody gives me anything) Btw if ya want any of the rigs I make.... Just ask and ill most likely give them to you... (But I doubt anybody would want them anyway)
  3. Grettings I wanted to share with you some pictures of a simple character I made in Modelbench: Looks like a normal skeleton with a diferent skin and some new parts, but it, or she has 117 shapes and 55 animable parts. I wanted to make it look like a Blender skeleton rig I found, I don't remember the name of the Blender add-on (was it MCprep?) Amyway, I'll share some pictures and more information. -She has a 3D torax, spine and neck. -Three fingers (I didn't want to make more because I don't like changing the scale of the pixels) -She doesn't have bend in elbows and knees. Just in every part of the hair, in wrists, ankles, in the neck, in the hood, and in those little threads that hang from her clothes. Every spinal vertebra is an individual part because I wanted to make her look like this: - Arms don't have bends too, they're just 2 diferent parts. Using less cuantity of bends and more individual parts for me is better at animation; it's harder to animate but better because It give me more posibilities. Anyway, I usually have problems making bends in Modelbench, and I don't like making a lot of bends neither ... Well, hope you like it. I'd like suggestions, I still think that something is missing on this Character... This will help me a lot. Oh, I forgot to tell you that this character has a couple. I'm going to show you right know a random picture of him: I already post the second picture where he appears but it was just to show him to you. The girl's name is Ash and the boy's one is Ax. They have a very long and complex story, I'll probably tell you about it later. I'll show you too a random animation I made with them, later, on another post. bye , sorry for my English...
  4. well technically its me because i just liked the mask and deleted what my skin used to have on its head and put a mask on it with a scar and now i made it a minimator model and everyone says its dream but before i put the mask on no one would even think of dream looking at it so what does that say about the dream community huh? anyways here it is New Image Link https://imgur.com/a/lULhabV Updated Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1szKSzucIscNoQTZFnw3ilC6ZzFYE5t0z/view Previous download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IlxZgjSJIWK82aClOIaYbP9nRcPN9GJ_/view Update Log: added evil version of dominocreeper added 3d sleeve part where it used to just be the 2d minecraft rendered version made a completely new part for changing the color of eyes and scar (if your into that) same thing that you can just edit the main skin if you want old download (if you want to bend the arms the 3d sleeve doesnt work yet) https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Xk7Rt1DApnEc5KuKGk3hJ5DvMlfQsOR/view
  5. This is an test render I made for a rig I made for a friend. Id say I'm ok at modeling... (I'm still alive btw) (If you even cared)
  6. This is a model I made trying to get better at ModelBench... I think I did ok... Here is what it looks like in ModelBench... Please let me know what you think... (Please)
  7. Hey everyone, this is my own character rig, It is not so good but this was my first rig ever! Take a look please... OVERALL LOOK (BASIC VERSION) 3D SHOES AND HAIR (ALSO OTHER EXTRUTIONS) OVERALL LOOK (ADVANCED VERSION) FINGERS REALISTIC FEET NOTE:- All features in 'Advanced Version' and 'Basic Version' are same except for "shoes" and "fingers". Comment for download link...! As said, this is my first rig and not that good. Also, the textures are simple as I am not an expert of that. Suggest me some ways to improve it! *_|...|_* Thanks For Visiting *_|...|_*
  8. Hey Wazup! And yeah, this is my first modelbench rig Call him EMO. emo is an Pet AI mini robot with personality and ideas. (be careful with him ) Here's The DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hbv72r9da4vtfk2/EMO_rig.rar/file Make sure to give me a credit if you want to use it on your videos and posts.. no stealing, ask me before reposting or something like that. HAPPY Yay!! ANGRY Grrrrrrrr!! SAD Awwww ? SLEEPING Shhhhhhhhh Emo also hates to get picked up.. Emo, vector, and cozmo are more like the same. they get angry or cry, so don't pick' em up :DDDDD
  9. This was an adaptation to this render: So I decided to challenge Myself to make a narrative animation based on one of My existing render in a day, and here's the result.
  10. I think we should have a new button in the "Library" section. This button will delete ALL the stuff in the library that has a usage count of 0. Recently one of my Mineimator projects has been OVERLOADED with textures, and there's about 1000000 stuff in my Library that has a usage count of 0. Please, make a button so I can easily remove EVERY texture with a usage count of 0. Please I'm begging you, add this.
  11. Hello, after a lot of time and effort I finally finished this wallpaper, I hope to do more like this in the future. This is made 100% in Mine-Imator. Enjoy! Day Version: Night Version: Proof it's Mine-Imator: Credits: Everything by me. Thanks for viewing!
  12. captainblue999

    MY RIG

  13. FryzMobile FryzGTZ 9000 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works A simple car made by: Fryzzle the Pork I hope you all like but the rig is not so 100% perfect Warning! the rig is kind of laggy sorry Download Link: FryzMobile: Unavailable ( fixing soon) Have fun!
  14. Fryz BikePhantom XT99 The technology we use Impresses no one The Experience you create with it Is everything Created by Fryzzle the Pork: a fast made rig /simple tricycle Oink Oink Oink I made this rig today so its not so great but still its a pleasure to share this to you all guys hope you guys like it Have fun! OinK! Download link: FryzBike: http://shrink8.com/OGmj
  15. Hi, I'm new here and I want to show you the rig I'm working on! Note that this is a work in progress! This rig needs some work. I was thinking that the Mine-imator community could help. So if you can, here is what I need help with! *A facial rig Here are some pictures! https://imgur.com/kef4CL7 https://imgur.com/HcgBuSd https://imgur.com/SbEabNP Here is the download link. Works with latest version of mine-imator! http://www.mediafire.com/file/m1yq8clz37ax55l/Player+V.1.2.miobject Message me on discord if the download expires and you want to download it! Discord server: https://discord.gg/NemetnJ
  16. I've been on Mine Imator Discord a lot, but I haven't posted anything here yet, until today.(I love being dramatic.) Have any questions? Just ask.(I'm not sure how that works on MI Forums yet lol.) Please tell me what you think of it, what I can improve ect. And follow please. It really help me get famous (with the ladies) lol.
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