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Found 21 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm making a new rig for now, it is minecraft story mode rig pack. The rig I had complete at here were Zombie Pigman, Villagers (I'll make Nurm later), Jesse (season 1, 2, & my own creation (Admin Jesse)), and the hardest rig at here (for me), Axel. I hope it'll be a good rig pack. If you have any rig suggestions for me to make please tell me, I'll make it if I can.
  2. IIMMM BEEEECK!!!!!!!! Its been a while you all probably(Dont care)thought I was dead but ive been spending some time trying to improve my rigging skills(watching por....nevermind) and what rig do i decide to make as a comeback a ddlc rigpack i might be just teensy bit late on making a ddlc rigpack(ddlc release date: 9/22/17)but anyways(note that its still a W.I.P and will not be released until all the characeters are finishied)I will show what I have finished at the moment and I will release the rig once all the characters are finished(didnt I just cover that)heres the pic that is all, now when I finish the rigpack I need your help to decide whether I should post a download link or not and a way you can tell me is by commenting a picture of your character giving a thumbs up(or flipping me off I dont care)and put text that says YESSS(make sure it has three s"s if it has one more or one less I'll get triggered) Random stranger:"umm question" Demonwarrior42:"yes Random stranger" Random stranger:"why dont you just make a poll" Demonwarrior42:"because im too FU#%ING LAZY!!!!" Demonwarrior42:"thank you for your question"
  3. So I did not add any post-effects to this wallpaper, the bloom was achieved by overlapping two images. one that had depth of field and one that dint. I put the non-bloom one for those that prefer that. BLOOM NON-BLOOM Also don't hesitate to leave any criticisms or suggestions for me. For those that want it trust me you don't (The Timeline is a mess) EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THIS WAS MADE WITH MI-COMMUNITY BUILD It really did help on the foliage!
  4. Here is the Teaser for Episode 5. I figured you guys might want to know that this still exists... Enjoy! Stay tuned and GET HYPED!!!
  5. Extreme Delivery [Minecraft Animation] By: Crated Animations Sometimes you may think about delivery, how they come, how they show up, how they do the work, and most of all, how fast they deliver... This animation shows what would happen if the packages were Instantly deliveried to the others, well almost instantly deliveried... I hope you'll enjoy this animation! It took me a while to create ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzbvwl5oUbc Please subscribe to our channel to be one of the first to see this animation, and also check out our older videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2cuZIrd4CD5UBMJN7DyHw
  6. Unnatural Survival NOTE : Yaranaika again..... My project How about Attack on yaranaika? After I finish some unnatural survival story and I have enough object on the screen (city,High way,building,car in 2100)
  7. Well yeah. some of you know i needed a team for my movie and my series. well now i got one. and we're gonna start the movie (i don't really know when it'll be out) but i know it will with the help of: TheGoldenAnimations Deminu and Me So this is the wallpaper: so yeah cya!
  8. Good day to you my good fellows, TheManOfTheAsylum here and today I bring you an updated a rig that The Glorious David showed us in one of his update thingies. I plan on adding any other capes that you suggest, so comment on what you'd like me to make! Pics: Download Link: Demo Version V1.0 Make Sure To Give Me Credit If Used In One Of Your Animations!
  9. Heya! Well.. as you remember.. this animation I'm currently working on: This is was a scene from the animation and I though it was lookin cool.. so it's a wallpaper/teaser now
  10. Looking good so far right? All I have to finish is the mouth... and find a way to delete that damn floating pixel ;-;
  11. Can't tell you the story yet. But here's a mini trailer to have a little info about what the people look like and where they are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mVtEE7boGY&feature=youtu.be
  12. No need to explain things here... oh yeah, I'm testing a new signature format though, well, enjoy the show!
  13. The trailer for our coming KUBE Trailer! http://youtu.be/F6DedhbOHEw Also reuploaded on my main channel! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE ORIGINAL KUBE CHANNEL! Official Channel upload: http://youtu.be/tx6yzKPiWT4 Main channel uploaded!
  14. Here's the Trailer of my first Minecraft Movie. I'll improve it later, but first, a little snapshot for you. Hoppe you enjoy!
  15. The following wallpaper is a promotion for a collaborative effort on a new Mine-imator original series, "Pursuit of the Adamant." What is this original series you say? "Pursuit of the Adamant" is a series based on the fanciful lives of two brothers. However, due to previous given circumstances we will give the complete synopsis the day prior to the pilot, which will broadcasted live from the MineatronOrigin Twitch channel, so be sure to follow that! Additionally, be sure to tell your friends about it so they can watch the action unfold 2014.7.7! The Pursuit of the Adamant may contain content with music by Monstercat; (so go over and tell them at press@monstercat.com that they should give us a shot); skins from Deminu, MineatronOrigin, and others; and some of the best animators including , RedcapCreations, and more! Be sure to leave a comment and give reputation so more people will learn about the action that'll unfold Cheers, MineatronOrigin Image Credits "Xeno's Weapons Item Pack [WIP]" --- " '[]' " "Tree Rig (FULL VERSION!) By kin62" --- " '[]' " "A Nuke - Animation" entry169472 --- " '[x]' "
  16. Slenderman: The Eight Page's Here a snapshot from the animation !! I hope you enjoy it!!
  17. This could be something some else and I may be working on. I keep forgetting the included stuff to posts : Has wings on the back. Facial Rigging. Teeth. More images coming soon.
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