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  1. I'd like to celebrate 100 subs on my youtube channel by releasing this "big pack" REvO-4: Das Automodell. This pack wouldn't be released without your support, thank you to all of you who always supports my work. So what's in this pack? Well, so many vehicles! scroll down or watch full showcase: here we go... First Release 2021, July 30: Albatross Laysan Class-C | custom sedan Albatross Laysan Class-D | custom pickup Albatross Laysan Class-A | custom limousine VAZ-2107 Lada Riva Albatross Grand Laysan II | custom Rolls-Roys Cullinan Albat
  2. Albatross Laysan Class-B A station wagon car variant based from Albatross Laysan Class-C. Model only, some parts cannot be animated. Always credit me if used. *** Modification and redistribution without my permission is not allowed! (aka Steal). Such actions may result in download link become unavailable (stopped) for public download. *** Download go to my page or see my land vehicle pack, more than 20 vehicles including trucks!
  3. le pickup lvl. 30 Boss Model only, some parts cannot be animated. Will be a part of REvO-4: Das Automodell pack. The next generation of the Laysan car family, the Grand Laysan II Carrier is a medium-duty pickup version of the Grand Laysan II SUV, having a stronger chassis and higher ground clearance than the Grand Laysan II SUV. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** where download. go to my page to download.
  4. yes, Brazilian Lombargine, Hofstetter Turbo (custom)
  5. Model only, some parts cannot be animated. American hauler truck by Peterbilt, also known as Optimus Prime from Transformers movie. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  6. I made some cars and other vehicles recently, I'm planning to make a vehicle pack "REvO-4: Das Automodell" and share it to you guys, what do you think? planned vehicles for REvO-4: Das Automodell custom build AvtoVAZ VAZ-2107 Lada Riva has been released long time ago but I'd like to include it in this pack Albatross Laysan Class-C | custom build actually this car also been released some time ago Albatross Laysan Class-A | custom build limousine Albatross Grand Laysan II | custom build RR Cullinan Alb
  7. Model only, some parts cannot be animated. Custom car model, based from RR cars. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  8. inspired from NFS Heat loading screen Albatross Grand Laysan II, custom build RR Cullinan SUV if this render hurts ur eyes, then im sorry
  9. Cars Industrials Combat Vehicles I just bored after finished that Laysan car.
  10. Here's the long awaited (I hope) MDV pack! Here's pics of the vehicles: American truck: European truck: Bus: Family car: Pick-up: Sedan: SUV: Trailer: US Citern trailer: EU Citern trailer: Requested ones: 1980 chevy van (requested by @Ethaniel) : Beetle (requested by @9redwoods) : Volkswagen van (requested by @Dr. Nexil) : Muscle car (requested by @Slime) :
  11. So with some Improvements On the Car, This time I need to tell ya guys about the car. This car is take the place From. Between Presents, And Future Theme. So that's why This Car looks like more futuristic, but the shape of it Is more like a classical Car for example is DeLorean. So here it is: And One last thing is I got an Idea To make My Own Car Company named Ustica in the future,If I luck enough. So know I know why UMA4 Is not MA4. That because This is the first car I ever Design With my own creativity Ideas, And Yeah I put the name from Ustica into MA4 Is to remember if thi
  12. UMA4 Is not ready To be released Because There's A Few Problems that A Little bit Hard to be fixed, Or Even Impossible To Be Fixed. The Car Isn't Perfectly Ready Yet, So Need few Months to be Released. The Editing Is Not Good enough, Because I am editing it on Windows Video Editor Software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Is On My First laptop that is Coma Right now, So yeah. Inspired By:Skibzz. Edited With:Windows Video Editor. Like Always Stay Creative!
  13. so My last post about photo Realistic car render doesn't get into that showcase Tab, so I don't know what I can do more with MI. Seems that I am Boring to do stuff that I already do. And about the Poll. No one wants to vote the poll. Don't know why, but This is my Last Post of January I think. So here it is: So guys. I know you will ignore it, Cuz Of course nothing SPECIAL WITH THIS RENDER. I just randomly post this, because I don't know What can I do with MI. Like Always, Don't forget to breathing while you eat. ADIOS.
  14. Using another one of Salem`s cars I created this wallpaper out of an animation I'm working on. Composed with: -Modern City https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/modern-city-2121995/
  15. watch and download, blin. music: BLYAT SONATA I WANT THIS, BLYAT
  16. Here are my car models. Does anyone need a car model for their animation? I will make almost every car model.
  17. *HARD BASS INTENSIFIES Everything is animatable, blin. Babushka gonna love this. Download, join my Discord server blyat.
  18. Exterior model is finished and so the exterior of the Time Machine mod.
  19. I found this rig on my deep side of my SDD, and I remaked it lmao Click Here to get this old friend
  20. Everything can be animated, even the pair of windshield wipers and door windows. Update, 04/10/2020 UltraSlav mod. Life of Boris
  21. An old and broken Victoria LTD laid dormant in the outside world in New York, with hope of being repaired or salvaged to be freed from its pain. Credits goes to: @Salem for his Vic LTD original model, but later I textured some more and modified a bit. Letters are my work too. @mbanders for his trash bin rig. Pretty neat. Please feel free to put CC on this render so I would improve in a better way. yeah the hand is glowing idk why ;-; hood also popped out before cuz old and broke
  22. "Officer Ken on hot pursuit. Went into Highway 101, through north-west perimeter. Advancing toward the targe-wait, he stopped. -KSSSSH- Going to investigate. -clickclack- Approaching the vehicle... FREEZE! -KSSSSH- Dead. Something mauled his thro-god..it can't be a bear, or a wolf. He's messed up. Very bad. Need backup now. -KSSSH- Found some prints. Looks like wolf, but it's so..odd. Ah, backup's comin-what the hell? -KSSSH- Something's behind the car. Antlers, could be a deer. But it's big. Real big. Backup now. NOW! Oh no, no no no no..help. HELP HELP! -screaming and a THUD-" Credits:
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