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  1. UPDATE (1.1) There Is Some Other Things Added For You To Check Out! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Download Video Download Witherstorm Zilla
  2. Yes, the Naga. The guy that hisses and falls apart as you hit it. One of the bosses from twilight forest (a mod for Minecraft that I own no rights to). It is fully animate-able. Download Dancing?
  3. I have finished my mighty Skeletron rig (FINALY). It looks a little ugly, i tried. DOWNLOAD >>> https://www.mediafire.com/#myfiles <<< Aslo, i know than Wall of flesh is a pillar. And remember, tell me what shall i do next! [no moon lords or ocrams] don't claim as yours no credit needed if it used in animation or art.
  4. And now, natural progression. SPOILER ALERT! That's right. In an effort sort of dedicated to @Bisharp, feast your eyes apon... Master Shadow! Master Edge! Master Beast! Master Giant! And finally... ...Master Core! As a rig pack of all five forms of the Master Core boss from Super Smash Brothers for 3DS, there should be plenty of animation potential and lots of content in this one download right here below this text! I hope you can make it back alive...
  5. Download Ah, the Titan Wither... As if fighting a normal Wither wasn't enough, now we have a boss of a boss to deal with! This is an animatable mob I made on Modelbench. All five heads can individually move and the torso can bend (But Really is 5 heads better than 3?)
  6. Sorry i had to XD anyways here is a rig of the boss of the Just Shapes and Beats of Berzerk Studios made in Mine Imator of David's Stuff. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_il4a0XHfMAqN9plpk4ogrp7-6pl9jZl
  7. I created a hydra. I realized a forgot to texture the tongue so i'm just gonna say it's like a cottonmouth snake. I still think it look awesome. Well that looks scary
  8. I spent two days on this. So, please share your thoughts. And you'll probably want to see un-edited: Feel free to use it. just don't claim it as yours, K? Thanks, Bye. Foxtrot, Out.
  9. Hey Guys, Chris has discovered his new Ancient Power. ( Related to my OC ) How does it looks? and also Long time no see old friend ( God of Titan's )
  10. Made Brain of Cthulhu, another boss of terarria. I maked this by AnimationOwl's request. Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/ln46eevi058a338/Brain+of+cthulhu.rar
  11. You can leave some request in the comments I will eventually get to them. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o5tstssh62g6cgg/Demon+Dragon.zip
  12. Rytaur

    Tarantula Boss Rig

    Here is the Tarantula Boss. You may notice it also resembles another giant spider boss from another game. Also i made it sooner than i thought i would. http://www.mediafire.com/download/xvtt79vpwz9d3gd/Tarantula+Boss+Rig.zip
  13. Here is the mutant creeper http://www.mediafire.com/download/3d6k6kubd3a2vdw/mutant+creeper+rig.zip #Nightmare Fuel Clean view Dem Teeth though Also the tongue was inspired by a deku baba tongue from twilight princess. Claw Sweep Attack It's mostly going to do a bite attack like in the mod.
  14. Rytaur

    Antlion Overlord

    The Antlion Overlord rig. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ol8ad1gv2ames75/The+Overlord.zip
  15. Here is a mutant creeper animation attack test.
  16. Rytaur

    Fire Ant Queen Rig

    Something i decided to create. I didn't it make it like a real life one. http://www.mediafire.com/download/b9i3twntbd8bb0p/Fire+ant+queen+rig.zip
  17. I created an attack animation for one of my creations. Warning for headphone users.
  18. Rytaur

    Cthulhu Rig

    I created the almighty Cthulhu. http://www.mediafire.com/download/quzyf7i6nxuy1dh/Cthulhu+Rig+by+Rytaur.zip
  19. Hi this is my rig, Flocon the snow king this is winter now and i wanna do something big and huge and umm... white? don't ask me how i naming this CUZ this name is OK i guess... Flocon and Steve More Pic DOWNLOAD MEGA - Here
  20. I did a rig of terraria's first boss what player will need to beat, the Eye of cthulhu! Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jcy7ej448vw98jk/Eye+of+cthulhu+rig.rar [haters go away]
  21. This is my 2nd art! Its Aether cuz that's my favorite mod. And remember that im beginner.
  22. My first art what have i did, so, it includes only mine rigs. Hope you like it!
  23. Hello guys! i just made a new rig its the wither rig. I am going to try to keep updating it aslong as the file does not get corrupt. Pics: Overall Mouths can close and shut same for left and right head Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/80xxgv3pjyi043u/Wither%20Rig.zip?dl=0 Now be a good
  24. To play make a post below with the following things, also if you wanna be considerate use spoilers 1. Pre-battle Quote 2. Wallpaper of your character in the location you want to battle 3. Youtube vid of the song that plays during the battle Example/Mine:
  25. Bumomo! Bumomomomo Bumo, Bumomomo Bumomomomomomomomo Bumo Bumomo Bumomomo Bumo Bumomomo Bumomomo. Bumomo Bumo Bumo, Bumomomo Bumomo Bumo Bumomomo Bumo! Translation: Hey guys! So recently, I've become a Megaman fan and I wanted to make some Megaman themed rigs. Here's the first one, Yellow Devil! Download the yellow bellied bringer of bumo http://www.datafilehost.com/d/c1f3ff93
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