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Found 14 results

  1. i being want to use the new features really bad, but i have to wait. i was thinking that can you download "beta" version of mine imator? That the question, if so how?. Thank for your time ;D.
  2. One thing I would really like to be seen I mine-imator would be the addition to be able to turn on the following 1. Better Grass 2. Custom Shaders(Works Like Texture Packs) 3. Connected Textures(Such as Grass) 4. Custom Biomes 5. Beta/Alpha Features like the classic Steve/Beast Boy Creatures >Here 6. Beta Grass(Could Be found under Biomes) 7. More Advanced Settings(This is Odd) and possibility of a few other things...
  3. Rig the dragon, still in beta, but can look if curious
  4. I was bored so I remade the beta screenshot of Mine-imator in 1.1.2.
  5. Hi! Im from Russia and have weird load Mine-imator and weird problem start 1 i`m have launch problem https://prnt.sc/hh5n60 start 2 Show problem and close https://prnt.sc/hh5ojy ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 11:23:38 mineimator_version: 1.1.0 PRE-RELEASE 3 11:23:38 gm_runtime: 11:23:38 YYC: yes 11:23:38 working_directory: C:\Users\rskur\Mine-imator\ 11:23:38 file_directory: C:\Users\rskur\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 11:23:38 OS: Windows 11:23:38 os_version: 655360 11:23:38 os_is_network_connected: yes 11:23:38 os_get_language: ru 11:23:38 os_get_region: RU 11:23:38 USERDOMAIN: DESKTOP-2PO8I6E 11:23:38 USERNAME: rskur 11:23:38 USERPROFILE: C:\Users\rskur 11:23:38 APPDATA: C:\Users\rskur\AppData\Roaming 11:23:38 NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 8 11:23:38 PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 11:23:38 PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 11:23:38 PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 11:23:38 PROCESSOR_REVISION: 2a07 11:23:38 video_adapter_subsysid: 374476867 11:23:38 udid: 4d32a689-0b08-48e3-8dd4-b08099f87079 11:23:38 video_adapter_vendorid: 4318 11:23:38 video_d3d11_context: 0494C96C 11:23:38 video_d3d11_device: 0494C21C 11:23:38 video_adapter_deviceid: 4184 11:23:38 video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 2197159936 11:23:38 video_adapter_revision: 161 11:23:39 video_adapter_description: NVIDIA GeForce 610M 11:23:39 video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 11:23:39 video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 2097741824 11:23:39 Old log found 11:23:39 Library startup 11:23:39 Data\file.dll 11:23:39 Data\movie.dll 11:23:39 Movie init 11:23:39 Data\texture.dll 11:23:39 Data\window.dll 11:23:43 Open URL: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/forum/51-mine-imator-issues-and-bugs/ 11:23:43 Open URL: C:\Users\rskur\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\log_previous.txt 11:23:43 working_directory: C:\Users\rskur\Mine-imator\ 11:23:43 Trying to save files 11:23:43 surface_save OK 11:23:43 texture_create OK 11:23:43 file_delete_lib OK 11:23:43 Create vertex format 11:23:43 Shader init 11:23:43 shaders_are_supported: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 11:23:43 shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes start 3 Work! Wait... Nope https://prnt.sc/hh5nkb https://prnt.sc/hh5obp Could it be because of the launch from my video card (Nvidea 610m 2GaBen)?
  6. Shaders Pack - Resource Default Shaders "Beta Version (Try to Leave The Beta)" Compatible only with Mine-imator Demo Version 0.7 Download Now!!! Test Now!!! Shaders Test 1 Shaders Test 2 Soon improve Skin, Blocks and plants with shadow: Soon compatible with Schematics: Pixel Shadows vs Smooth Shadows: Download Demo and Advances: Advance of Plants: Shader imator Demo 1 Demonstration of Shadows: Shader imator Demo 2 Demonstration: Realistic Sky: List of Process: First Released (V. 0.1) • Is not compatible with Schematics. • It does not support all blocks. • Contains many texture bugs. • Only has texture Minecraft Alpha. • The shadows are uncustomized. • Contains no tutorial or instructions for use. Working for version 1.0 with the help of Warning: • Only works with ATI graphics card or higher. (if you no have an ATI graphics card or higher, the Shaders Pack may cause lag or causes screen freeze, which would have to restart your computer) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Pixels Pack - "Beta Version" Compatible with Mine-imator Demo Version 0.7 and the Beta 0.6.2 Normal Pack: Picture: Download Beta and Editor!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?z1622j6x0yat0o7 Blender Pack: Picture: Download Beta!!! https://www.mediafire.com/?p7snrc2tt01s6cz Cinema 4D Pack: Picture: Coming Soon!!! MineworksAnimations Pack: Picture: Coming Soon!!!
  7. NOTE I make this in Internet cafe and there have too many people. I get voice from Google translate,but I don't voice it by myself. Sorry if some spelling wrong, I not very well in ENG .In my creation I will put ENG sub latter.
  8. I'm creating this HUGE pack of objects that are normally mesh in games. It's basically like furniture, trees, shapes, and random every day objects. Suggestions are highly appreciated. This is gonna be a big project :) Pic Download:
  9. I'v added 2 legs,a machine gun chain and "eyelids/eyebrows"
  10. Version for Mine-imator 1.0.0 Demo 3!!! More images: Rig in English and New Texture: Tasted in Mine-imator 0.6.2: message ... do not ask me tutorial (as you use the Rig) I say this because I speak Spanish, and most would understand not the rig is in Spanish ... * any error of the Rig (opening error, or of texture), comment here or ask the creator of Mine-imator. For version 9: ??? Downloads: Version 8: Only for Version for Mine-imator 1.0.0 Demo 3: Deviantart Download (in the description) Information: -New Texture. -Emotions System More Advanced (eyebrows, lips, mouth and tongue) -More Detailed Nose (like relief) -Special Lighting Effect on the Skin (similar to Blender) -Skin Change System More Complex. -All parts were translated into English. -Herobrine was added. (no eyes) Version 6: Version 2 "Preview 2": Version 2 "Preview 1": First release: Simple Rig here (by Me): For version 2: Downloads: For Mine-imator 1.0.0 Demo: For Mine-imator 0.7 Demo and 0.6 Beta: ------------------------------------------------------------- and .... a surprise .... seek their bugs and improvements!!!! -----------------------------------------
  11. A mini cooper rig! this took me a while! special thanks to Kris Firebolt for a TONNE of help and guidance! Pics: DOWNLOAD plans: Better rotations Better back area Textures More features! UPDATE V.0.02 Fixed back area Updated wheels Updated doors UPDATE ADDED V0.02! NOTE: IT NEEDS TO BE RESIZED TO ABOUT 0.09 BUT YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO ANYTHING TO FIT NEEDS
  12. CYaNiTY


    I've heard about 0.7 and i've seen it being used... now where can i download it?
  13. Hello here one of my rigs i have be working on. It a ZombiePigMan Rig it in Beta reminder if you have any problems tell me. This works for 0.6 and 0.7 Demo Pictures How to: Eyelid: To move any eyelid go to scale then remove simple scaling then go to z scale then scale how long you want Download: V 0.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/kk1814af6sj25gd/Zombie_Pigman_Rig.zip Updates: V 0.1 Just came out Enjoy my Rig and im out -MiddleAgesGuy
  14. hello good as they are this is the v0.2 of my fingers rig I added him nothing more update mouth teeth eyebrows and more LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/?2ayske1e1h1fcp2 screenshothttp://imgur.com/WFaPEJB&H1NCh8N:
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