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Found 8 results

  1. Sticky has set on a spiritual journey to gather all the infinity stones in order to eliminate half of the forum members to bring balance to the website. The forum's finest heroes, developers, veterans, newbies and members of all types must set aside their differences and join forces in the forum's most ambitious crossover event to stop this imminent threat! MASSIVE THANKS to EVERYONE who were so kind to share their skins and character rigs for me to use in this wallpaper, this includes @BaconSandwich, @BoltedJames, @BBruce7815, @Che3syPlayz, @Rollo, @EthanForeverAlone, @Jake_28, @KaryuGraphics, @mbanders, @MachineGunInc, @MYSELF3200, @Nimi (I love you magneficent bastard), @Pigeon_, @9redwoods, @Skjold, @Swift, @tditdatdwt, @YoshiHunter, and fellow discord buddies Gabe, Hozq and Tug the Fox. And oh what the hell I'm gonna thank @david for giving us Mine-Imator. 23 People in a wallpaper heh? Total pain in the butt to ask one for one permission to use their character and pose them afterwards, but hot damn it was worth it. For the occasion I wanted to make a different type of "more-than-one-member-wallpaper", because since I saw that these types of wallpapers often include only people who are in a certain group/server/team, I wanted to include a large variety of forum members themselves to represent how diverse the community is. All the rigging styles, all skin styles, everything clashing together in one wallpaper. Thank you all very much! V V Get your own Infinity Gauntlet rig down here! V V DOWNLOAD No need to credit for the rig, enjoy it. Don't claim as your own. Thank you, everyone.
  2. rig coming, when it's ready... What is the different with v1? - Bigger thanos - Fingers added - Glowing Infinity Stones (not like in the picture below, that was edited by photoshop xD) - Gauntlet power effect added For support me for mooooooaaaare, please subscribe my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra (c) Yanuar Mohendra (ShinyGHASTTear), allright reserved V:
  3. It's Hulkbuster. That's it. Download -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/hyrllgo3b0klmk1/HulkBuster.miobject/file
  4. Thanks for the love you showed me when I came to this forum for the first time! Today, I am back with a new render especially when the buzz is really high about Avengers : Endgame BTW, Somebody thinks there should have been Captain Marvel in this render too? - ? Creepster Studios
  5. this is a real WIP, soon im gonna add cars, a bus (thanks @EnderSculptor) Spider-Man is played by @OzFalcon and enjoy! (The web swinging took forever )
  6. Here is a poster i made for Foreign Affairs (Discord Server) https://discord.gg/3Xkmkp < Expires in a day It has 13 members in it (originally was supposed to have 16 but i ran out of room) Here are all 13 members: @Jake_28 (Spider-Man) @KaryuGraphics (Star-Lord) @mbanders (Thor) @-StickyMations- (Captain America) @Slime (Iron Man) @CaptainClipy (Groot - No Skin because that it wouldnt look good) @Rollo (Bucky Barnes) @Nerdinq (Doctor Strange) @Swift (Rocket Raccon) @MYSELF3200 (Mantis - No Skin) @OzFalcon (Black Panther - No Skin) @EnderSculptor (Drax) @tditdatdwt (GOD) Here is the poster with names: (This is for an upcoming project: Avengers Infinity War Deaths) Tell me what i can fix!
  7. Hello, so i have new rig inspired by Avengers: Infinity War's Super Villain, Thanos. Rig for Mine-Imator 1.1.4 Hope you like my rig Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vry2bl3d57ad692/Thanos rig v1 by. Yanuar Mohendra.zip Respect the author by subs his youtube channel :'v : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra If you have something to ask, comment below...
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