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Found 3 results

  1. NOTE: A new rig pack is in the works! Instead of being a rig pack, it's a weapon pack! ALL WEAPONS ARE NOW FINISHED. RELEASING NOVEMBER 23, 2022 12:00 AM EST UPDATE 6: THE FINAL UPDATE PATCH NOTES: ALL WEAPONS FINISHED; READY FOR OFFICIAL RELEASE (11/22/2022) - Netherite Sword (AV) - Netherite Greataxe (Yellow version in item sheet) - Giant Netherite Axe - Netherite Spear - Centranos' Sword - Netherite Knife - Samantha - Red-Steel Axe - Demoniac Voltage Reaver (Broken) - Ender Glaive (Glows) - Obsidian Sledgehammer (Glows) - EnderSlayer Scythe (Glows) - Exterminator's Battleaxe (Steve's aspects version included) - Fire Staff (Glows) - Flanker's Hooked Sword - Jade Sword - Darkness' Sword - Clow's Sword - Enchanter's Shovel - Pink Sword - Tony (Evolved) - Giant Wooden Axe - Netherite Shield - Jessica (Evolved) - Gem Shield - Ender Aegis (Has expansion frames and can glow)
  2. If you saw the previous post i made about a walk cycle, i bring to you, The Annoying villagers run cycle re-animated on mine imator! i recommend you to speed up the video! Below the run cycle video you'll be able to see the walk cycle i made since i thought it would be nice to merge these beauties! These two animations are literally the best i have to offer! They use linear transitions! (Yeah linear can be a really good transition if you use it well, unlike monster school animators COUGH COUGH) Edit: Run Cycle Glitched at the end sorry for that
  3. First off i'm taking the risk to post this wallpaper because some people tell me its not good enough... and i fear my rep will go down since i have kind off been going up and would like it to stay like it is. I've put my best in it, and i hope you enjoy it! Without any more further ado, here's the wallpaper! CC along with any advice would be useful, thanks!
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