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  1. Iani

    Warden Pack

    This is V2 of my Warden rig, I made this rig even crazier than the previous rig The feature: The minus of this rig: Some keyframe preview: You can download it here!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/r7fyt9had28bvl8/Warden_rig.zip/file You dont have to credit me ok:)
  2. Seen a lot of renders with campfires, so I figured I'd try and improve the campfire animation by adding lighting & some particles. Used only mine-imator assets & resources found within mine-imator. Very interchangeable coloring and particles to your liking! Download:https://www.mediafire.com/file/27hmqztb9y5ja2w/Campfire_Rig.zip/file
  3. Hey guys its Hax4ever, I made a cave story singularity. Its cool if you are a cave story fan but it is baisic as crud. https://www.mediafire.com/?t2pmg794c730n9b
  4. UMA4 Is not ready To be released Because There's A Few Problems that A Little bit Hard to be fixed, Or Even Impossible To Be Fixed. The Car Isn't Perfectly Ready Yet, So Need few Months to be Released. The Editing Is Not Good enough, Because I am editing it on Windows Video Editor Software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Is On My First laptop that is Coma Right now, So yeah. Inspired By:Skibzz. Edited With:Windows Video Editor. Like Always Stay Creative!
  5. LacaMenDRY

    Breaking Terrain.

    How to Make a Breaking Terrain Using Particle effects, And 2 Scenery, 1 is the original, and 2 is the destroyed scenery. How to? I already watch SharpWind tutorials. But The scenery that I want to Destroy is Tony Stark Mansion, because I am working on Hi-Tech Full movie film projectright now. The scene that I need to do is when Tony Stark Mansion Was Destroyed by Mandarin Helicopter. I can do all of that, but The breaking Terrain. How?
  6. I have no idea for description... And yeah, download here http://www.mediafire.com/file/izh1tx2kepny8dh/Fireflies+Remake.rar
  7. Enderman Particle How to Use Step 1 Step 2 Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/e4sitkdkyo4id9p/EndermanParticle.rar
  8. Use if you want an object to fall and make dust around it https://www.mediafire.com/?ma5y1mafb95vawn sorry for no image ill insert them when i can
  9. Another rapidly made test animation, this time, testing the "Background" feature, the "Texture" box in the Frame option and custom particles.
  10. Hello , so i've been searching for some cool gun rigs and i haven't found that much ( some of them i liked ) Also , i want a muzzleflash and smoke particle please Weapon request list ( only 1 is needed if possible pls ) : Sniper rifle : L96 Assault rifle : M4A1 ( AR15 ) It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a particle and one of those gun rigs please ( P.S. i need something a little bit detailed ) Thank you
  11. Spark Particle Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/fgsw77wx2c8tqqq/Spark_Particle.rar Please subscribe my youtube channel for new Particle.
  12. Rain Particle http://www.mediafire.com/download/ahmh8gnk5ms498u/Rain_Particles.rar Please subscribe my youtube channel for new Particle.
  13. Cześć. How to create your own particles for mine-imator Do you need to download an additional program for this. The latest version now uses .miparticle and it does not work anymore. Particle
  14. Hello Mine-imator forums! This is my first post and I hope you all enjoy it, This is an advanced torch rig that I put together as you can probably tell, That uses multiple lights for a more realistic lighting effect and 3D particles for better looking fire! It also has a 3D torch head under the particles, Which you can use if you wish by disabling the particles. It also has easy to use wind effects, Simply select the folder titled "Wind Effect" and rotate it! You can also increase the wind strength by increasing "Force" in the particle creator, Under the "Particles" tab. Here are some pictures of the rig: If you have any questions about usage, Just ask in the comments! I would appreciate credit to my YouTube channel if you use this rig for a project, Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClhYGvi-HEpiCuvRUJB3Fxw Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l6dmna2kfauy10j/Torch.rar (Please note: The file is a .rar archive and requires WinRar to extract) If there is any issue downloading it or viewing pictures, Please let me know in the comments =)
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! After a longtime Its my first post Heart Rain particles! ok.enough talking....... let me show you a pic about the Heart rain particles: download link:{media fire} Tap Me to start download! to download yourself from mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2mlpjur6j6n1zm/Heart+rain+particles.rar good luck.bye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ahhh........ forgot that........ this particle is for you and your lovely christmas !
  16. So I recently found out how to use 3D cube particles... so I made this:
  17. Don't you hate those 2 dimensional boring explosions? Well, prepare to never use those again. I have made an explosion rig way better than the crappy vanilla texture. Here's a pic: here's the download link: P.S. This is my first rig, so plz don't harsh on me. P.P.S. I want credit if you use my rig for your animation and post it on youtube. And if you can, send me the video. That's not required, but it's a personal preference.
  18. Breaking block particle Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/1wngw6hsqnt4fwc/Breaking+block+particle.rar
  19. So I was just messing around with some particles and coobes, and this was the result. How did I doooo?
  20. just a short 2 second long puff of green smoke
  21. I noticed this b4, but my animation seems to be too fast for the particle creator. I managed to sorta.. fix it, by slowing down the animation speed. But that makes the rest look bad. I also tried spawning more particles @ once. But that doesnt seem to work, cuz MI spawns the particles every few millisecondes instead of always..... ...which makes high speed animation (like this one) look really bad. slowing the animation speed down to 10 seems to fix it, but there are 4 particle creators there. (i thought there whould be way more fire) i hope this is a bug & will be fixed. if not, and i am just derping.... let me know how i can fix this. thx
  22. Enderman Particle! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9c6A7tgcvc How to install the particle to mine-imator: 1.Go to your program folder directory(Default is C:\\program files\mine-imator) 2.Go to the folder "Particles" 3.Paste the downloaded file into that folder 4.Open mine-imator and you'll find the particle in the library (in the workbench->particles) 5.Make a nice animation After that you'll just need to go to the library and you'll find it there
  23. As you can expect it is a metal slug explotion download link https://www.mediafire.com/?ma5y1mafb95vawn sorry for no image ill insert when i can
  24. No explination here https://www.mediafire.com/?ma5y1mafb95vawn sorry for no image ill insert when i can
  25. I don't know if it's same in America, but in Europe, Friday 13th can be unlucky or lucky. Thingies Coin texture: made by me. Scenery made by StuffByDavid
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