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Found 229 results

  1. Hello so recently I created this Minecraft animation and thought i would share it with you and get some feedback. I know its not the best and it is a quick little animation but thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gV_rBiZCWU
  2. hi. i am working on a a minecraft parody about living in a castle and all mid-age. i just started working on it (today) but i am working pretty fast so it will be ready pretty soon. it may not be amazing mine-imator creation (in the skills level) but the idea will be clear enogh to be funny. the video using giant castle map me and my friends builded. becuse the map is big i make the video in parts depends on the part in the castle the correct scene need. someone know how i can make them to 1 video it would be great.
  3. Hello i just made a Neo (from the Matrix) dodging bullets in Minecraft! Here is the video. I hope you like it! (if not please don't hate, i just started)
  4. Well here it is, this is a little animation I made with a facial rig that I made as well. Hope you like it and if anyone asks I will post the rig. (The Villager uses a slightly simpler rig that took about 5 seconds where as the player took nearly an hour to make and perfect it) Please subscribe to TheCasmicStudios ---> Click Here to Subscribe and Join the Crew!
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